All American (TV Show), Full Seasons & Football Team

All American

All American is a popular American television drama series that premiered on The CW network on October 10, 2018. Created by April Blair. The show has gained a substantial fanbase due to its compelling storytelling, and character development. Also, exploration of various social and cultural issues.

Set in the fictional neighborhood of South Crenshaw in Los Angeles, California, the series interweaves themes of sports, family dynamics, racial tensions, and personal growth.

Reason to Watch All American before All American: Homecoming

Inspired by a True Story

The show finds in HBCU campuses that take inspiration from his experiences of moving from a rough neighborhood to a more affluent one to play high school football.

Cultural Representation

The series places a strong emphasis on cultural diversity and representation. It addresses the challenges and opportunities faced by characters from different ethnic and socioeconomic backgrounds.

High School Football

Football is a central theme of the show. The characters’ lives revolve around the sport, reflecting the importance of sports in American high schools.

Main Characters

The main protagonist, Spencer James, is portrayed by Daniel Ezra. Spencer is a talented football player who transferred from South Crenshaw High to the more upscale Beverly Hills High. The show follows his journey as he navigates the challenges of fitting in and excelling in his new environment.

Family Dynamics

The series explores complex family relationships. Spencer’s interactions with his mother, brother, and other family members are integral to the storyline.

Friendships and Rivalries

The show delves into friendships formed on and off the football field. It also highlights rivalries between schools and individuals, adding drama to the narrative.

Social Issues

All American: Homecoming tackles various social issues such as racial discrimination, economic disparities, gang violence, and cultural identity. The characters’ experiences shed light on these pressing matters.

Critical Acclaim

The show has received praise for its engaging storytelling and diverse cast. It has been lauded for addressing real-world issues in a thought-provoking manner.

Viewership and Ratings

Over the seasons, “All American” has maintained a solid viewership and has garnered a dedicated fanbase. Its ratings on platforms like Rotten Tomatoes and IMDb reflect its popularity.

Awards and Nominations

The series has been nominated for and has won awards in various categories. These accolades highlight the show’s impact on both audiences and critics.


The show features a well-curated soundtrack that enhances the emotional impact of various scenes. The music reflects the characters’ experiences and feelings.

Love and Relationships

Romantic relationships are explored alongside other themes. The characters’ personal lives contribute to their overall development.

Character Growth

Throughout the series, characters evolve and mature as they face challenges, make tough decisions, and learn from their experiences.

Inspiration for Youth

All American( TV Series) serves as an inspiration for young viewers by showcasing the importance of determination, hard work, and resilience in achieving their goals.

Positive Reception

The show has been praised for its realistic portrayal of high school life, capturing the struggles and triumphs of teenagers.

Online Presence

The show’s online presence is significant, with active fan discussions, fan art, and social media engagement.

Crossover with “Riverdale”

All American shares a universe with another CW show, “Riverdale,” and has had crossover episodes, expanding the fictional universe of both series.

Exploration of Identity

Characters often grapple with questions of self-identity, leading to introspection and personal growth arcs.

All American Series Info

Plot and Setting

“All American” follows the story of Spencer James, a talented high school football player from South Crenshaw, a disadvantaged neighborhood in Los Angeles. After impressing scouts, Spencer is recruited to play for the prestigious Beverly Hills High School football team.

The show explores the challenges Spencer faces as he navigates the contrasting worlds of South Crenshaw and Beverly Hills, dealing with race, class, friendship, and relationships.

Main Characters

  • Spencer James (played by Daniel Ezra)
  • Billy Baker (played by Taye Diggs)
  • Olivia Baker (played by Samantha Logan)
  • Jordan Baker (played by Michael Evans Behling)
  • Coop (played by Bre-Z)


The show delves into several themes including racial and socio-economic disparities, identity, family dynamics, the pursuit of dreams, and the challenges faced by young athletes.


All American TV series 2018 received generally positive reviews for its performances, storytelling, and exploration of relevant issues. It gained a dedicated fanbase and was praised for tackling important social topics within the context of a teen drama.

Real-Life Inspiration

The series is loosely based on the life of Spencer Paysinger, a former NFL linebacker. Like the character in the show, Paysinger grew up in South Central Los Angeles and attended Beverly Hills High School, where he played football.

Awards and Nominations

The show garnered nominations and awards, particularly for its portrayal of social issues and diverse representation.

Viewership and Popularity

“All American” gained popularity both on television and on streaming platforms, attracting viewers from different demographics due to its blend of sports, drama, and social commentary.


The series had a crossover episode with another CW show, “Riverdale,” further expanding its universe.

Subsequent Seasons

The success of the first season led to the renewal of the series for subsequent seasons. As of my last update in September 2021, the show had at least three seasons. However, more seasons might have been released or announced since then.

Online Streaming

“All American” is available for streaming on platforms like Netflix, making it accessible to a wider audience beyond its original TV broadcast.

All American Seasons List

Season 1 (2018-2019)

  • Number of Episodes: 16
  • Original Air Date: October 10, 2018 – March 20, 2019

Season 2 (2019-2020)

  • Number of Episodes: 16
  • Original Air Date: October 7, 2019 – March 9, 2020

Watch Season 3 (2021)

  • Number of Episodes: 19
  • Original Air Date: January 18, 2021 – July 19, 2021

Season 4 (2022)

Number of Episodes: 20

Season 5 (2023)

Number of Episodes: 20

Note: All Amerian season 6 coming soon!

All American Football Team

The All-America college football team is a prestigious honor awarded to college football players in the United States who have demonstrated exceptional skill and performance on the field during a particular season. Here is a complete overview of the All-America football team:

Selection Process

The All-America football team is selected by various organizations, publications, and committees, including the Associated Press (AP), and the American Football Coaches Association (AFCA).

Also, the Football Writers Association of America (FWAA), and The Sporting News, among others. These organizations often have their own criteria for selecting players based on their performance, statistics, and impact on the game.

Types of All-America Teams

There are several different All-America teams, including the First Team All-America, Second Team All-America, and sometimes even Third Team All-America. The distinction between these teams signifies the level of recognition and the player’s ranking within the country.

Positional Representation

All-America teams typically recognize players from various positions on the football field, including offense, defense, and special teams. Common positions include quarterback, running back, wide receiver, offensive lineman, defensive lineman, linebacker, and defensive back.

Historical Significance

The tradition of selecting All-America teams dates back to the late 19th century. Walter Camp, often referred to as the “Father of American Football,” was one of the pioneers in selecting All-America teams and played a significant role in shaping the early development of the sport.

Honorary Titles

Being selected to an All-America team is considered a prestigious honor in the world of college football. Players who receive this recognition often have it noted in their biographies and resumes as a testament to their skill and contribution to the sport.

Career Boost

Making an All-America team can significantly boost a player’s profile, visibility, and chances of progressing to the professional level, such as the National Football League (NFL). High-performing college players who receive this honor often gain attention from scouts, coaches, and fans.

Consensus and Unanimous Selections

A player can be recognized as a consensus All-American if they are selected to the First Team by a certain number of recognized selectors. If a player is chosen as a First Team All-American by all recognized selectors, they are considered a unanimous selection.

Impact on Recruiting

College football programs use the achievements of their players earning All-America honors as a recruiting tool. Players may be attracted to schools with a history of developing All-American talent, and coaches can use this achievement to showcase their program’s success.

Announcement and Awards

The selection of All-America teams is typically announced towards the end of the college football season, often after the regular season games but before the bowl games or playoffs. Players who are selected often receive physical awards or certificates to commemorate their achievements.

Continued Legacy

The tradition of selecting All-America teams continues to this day, and it remains one of the most prestigious honors a college football player can receive. The recognition celebrates their hard work, dedication, and excellence on the field.

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