Negative Words That Start With M

Negative Words That Start With M

If you’re looking for a list of negative words that start with M, you’re at the right place! Negative word vocabulary is integral to language, as it facilitates us to show our negative expression of unfavorable emotions, actions, and ideas.

From insult to avarice, many negative words that begin with M can be used to describe experiences or concepts with a negative connotation accurately.

There are lexicons sure to be the perfect negative words starting with M to get your point across, whether it’s articulating aggression, apprehension, animosity, or aversion.

50+ List of Negative Words That Start With M With Definition

  • Macabre: Gruesome, horrifying, ghastly.
  • Mad: Insane, irrational, frenzied.
  • Madden: Irritate, enrage, infuriate.
  • Maddening: Frustrating, infuriating, exasperating.
  • Maddeningly: Extremely annoying, maddening, vexing.
  • Madder: Angrier, crazier, more intense.
  • Madly: Insanely, wildly, recklessly.
  • Madman: Lunatic, insane person, fanatic.
  • Madness: Insanity, craziness, derangement.
  • Maladjusted: Unfit, unsuitable, disturbed.
  • Maladjustment: Disruption, imbalance, misalignment.
  • Malady: Ailment, illness, disease.
  • Malaise: Discomfort, unease, lethargy.
  • Malcontent: Dissatisfied, discontented, disgruntled.
  • Malcontented: Unhappy, dissatisfied, discontented.
  • Maledict: Curse, damn, condemn.
  • Malevolence: Malice, hatred, spite.
  • Malevolent: Evil, malicious, maleficent.
  • Malevolently: Maliciously, spitefully, vindictively.
  • Malice: Spite, hatred, hostility.
  • Malicious: Malevolent, spiteful, wicked.
  • Maliciously: Spitefully, vindictively, nastily.
  • Maliciousness: Malevolence, spite, hostility.
  • Malign: Harmful, evil, malevolent.
  • Malignant: Deadly, cancerous, malicious.
  • Malodorous: Foul-smelling, stinky, unpleasant.
  • Maltreatment: Abuse, mistreatment, cruelty.
  • Mangle: Damage, destroy, mutilate.
  • Mangled: Damaged, mutilated, disfigured.
  • Mangles: Damages, mutilates, distorts.
  • Mangling: Damaging, mutilating, distorting.
  • Mania: Obsession, frenzy, madness.
  • Maniac: Lunatic, psychotic, madman.
  • Maniacal: Crazy, insane, frenzied.
  • Manic: Hyperactive, frenzied, agitated.
  • Manipulate: Control, influence, maneuver.
  • Manipulation: Control, influence, handling.
  • Manipulative: Deceptive, scheming, cunning.
  • Manipulators: Deceivers, schemers, controllers.
  • Mar: Spoil, damage, impair.
  • Marginal: Insignificant, minor, negligible.
  • Marginally: Slightly, minimally, scarcely.
  • Martyrdom: Suffering, sacrifice, selflessness.
  • Martyrdom-Seeking: Seeking sacrifice, self-destructive, extreme.
  • Mashed: Crushed, pulverized, smashed.
  • Massacre: Slaughter, carnage, butchery.
  • Massacres: Slaughters, carnages, atrocities.
  • Matte: Dull, flat, lackluster.
  • Mawkish: Sentimental, sappy, overly emotional.
  • Mawkishly: Overly sentimental, cloyingly, sappily.

List of Negative M-words with Definition

  • Mawkishness: Sentimentality, sappiness, emotional excess.
  • Meager: Scanty, insufficient, sparse.
  • Meaningless: Purposeless, senseless, futile.
  • Meanness: Cruelty, nastiness, unkindness.
  • Measly: Paltry, pitiful, insignificant.
  • Meddle: Interfere, intrude, intervene.
  • Meddlesome: Interfering, intrusive, nosy.
  • Mediocre: Average, ordinary, unremarkable.
  • Mediocrity: Ordinariness, averageness, lack of excellence.
  • Melancholy: Sorrowful, gloomy, despondent.
  • Melodramatic: Theatrical, exaggerated, overemotional.
  • Melodramatically: Theatrically, exaggeratedly, emotionally.
  • Meltdown: Collapse, breakdown, crisis.
  • Menace: Threat, danger, intimidation.
  • Menacing: Threatening, ominous, intimidating.
  • Menacingly: Threateningly, ominously, frighteningly.
  • Mendacious: False, deceitful, dishonest.
  • Mendacity: Deceit, falsehood, dishonesty.
  • Menial: Lowly, humble, degrading.
  • Merciless: Ruthless, pitiless, unforgiving.
  • Mercilessly: Ruthlessly, pitilessly, unrelentingly.
  • Mess: Disorder, chaos, confusion.
  • Messed: Disorganized, confused, disturbed.
  • Messes: Disarray, chaos, clutter.
  • Messing: Disordering, confusing, disturbing.
  • Messy: Disorganized, untidy, chaotic.
  • Midget: Dwarf, small person, diminutive.
  • Miff: Offense, annoyance, irritation.
  • Militancy: Aggressiveness, belligerence, combativeness.
  • Mindless: Senseless, thoughtless, foolishly.
  • Mindlessly: Unthinkingly, foolishly, senselessly.
  • Mirage: Illusion, hallucination, false hope.
  • Mire: Quagmire, swamp, muddy ground.
  • Misalign: Displace, distort, misplace.
  • Misaligned: Crooked, skewed, not aligned.
  • Misaligns: Distorts, displaces, misplaces.
  • Misapprehend: Misunderstand, misinterpret, misconstrue.
  • Misbecome: Look unattractive, be unbecoming, not suit.
  • Misbecoming: Unattractive, unseemly, inappropriate.
  • Misbegotten: Illegitimate, poorly conceived, badly planned.
  • Misbehave: Act improperly, misconduct, transgress.
  • Misbehavior: Improper conduct, misconduct, misdeed.
  • Miscalculate: Misjudge, mismeasure, underestimate.
  • Miscalculation: Mistake, error, misjudgment.
  • Miscellaneous: Mixed, assorted, varied.
  • Mischief: Naughty behavior, wrongdoing, troublemaking.
  • Mischievous: Playful, naughty, prankish.
  • Mischievously: Playfully, naughtily, with mischief.
  • Misconception: Misunderstanding, fallacy, misbelief.
  • Misconceptions: Misunderstandings, fallacies, misbeliefs.

Bad Words That Start With M

Miscreant Miscreants Misdirection
Miser Miserable Miserableness
Miserably Miseries Miserly
Misery Misfit Misfortune
Misgiving Misgivings Misguidance
Misguide Misguided Mishandle
Mishap Misinform Misinformed
Misinterpret Misjudge Misjudgment
Mislead Misleading Misleadingly
Mismanage Mispronounce Mispronounced
Mispronounces Misread Misreading
Misrepresent Misrepresentation Miss
Missed Misses Misstatement
Mist Mistake Mistaken
Mistakenly Mistakes Mistress
Mistrust Mistrustful Mistrustfully
Mists Misunderstand Misunderstanding
Misunderstandings Misunderstood Misuse
Moan Mobster Mock
Mocked Mockeries Mockery
Mocking Mockingly Mocks
Molest Molestation Monotonous
Monotony Monster Monstrosities
Monstrosity Monstrous Monstrously
Moody Moot Mope
Morbid Morbidly Mordant
Mordantly Moribund Moron
Moronic Morons Mortification
Mortified Mortify Mortifying
Motionless Motley Mourn
Mourner Mournful Mournfully
Muddle Muddy Mudslinger
Mudslinging Mulish Multi-Polarization

Insult Words That Start With M

  • Moron
  • Muttonhead
  • Miser
  • Malingerer
  • Minion

Sad Words That Start With M

  • Melancholy
  • Mournful
  • Misery
  • Lament
  • Melancholic

Negative Words To Describe A Person Start With M

  • Malicious: Intending to harm, hurt, or cause distress to others; having ill will.
  • Manipulative: Exerting control or influence over others in a deceptive or exploitative manner.
  • Miserable: Extremely unhappy or uncomfortable; in a state of distress or suffering.
  • Moody: Prone to frequent changes in mood or temperament; often experiencing emotional fluctuations.
  • Misanthropic: Having a general dislike or distrust for humanity; avoiding social interactions.
  • Meddlesome: Intrusively interfering in the affairs or business of others; nosy.
  • Malevolent:  Wishing harm or evil upon others; having an evil or harmful nature.
  • Malcontent: Dissatisfied or discontented with current circumstances, often with a tendency to complain.
  • Mendacious: Given to lying or intentionally providing false information.
  • Malignant: Having an evil or harmful nature; often used to describe diseases that are harmful and aggressive.

Negatives Words That Starts with M (By Letter)

3 Letter Negative Words That Start With M

Word Definition
Mad Angry or furious
Mob Disorderly crowd
Mop Clean with a mop
Mud Wet, soft earth
Moo Cow’s vocalization
Mix Blend different things

4 Letter Negative Words That Start With M

Word Definition
Muck Filthy substance
Mire Boggy ground
Mute Silent
Miff Annoyance

5 Letter Negative Words That Start With M

Word Definition (3 words)
Mired Stuck or entangled
Mirth Lack of amusement
Mould Decay or deteriorate
Murky Dark and gloomy
Muted Subdued or muffled

List of Negative Words That Begin With M | Image

list of negative words that start with M


FAQs (Negative Words That Start With M)

Q: What is the meaning of malaise?

Ans: Malaise signifies a general feeling of discomfort or unease, often without a specific cause, impacting overall well-being negatively.

Q: Define malign.

Ans: Malign denotes the act of causing harm, injury, or suffering intentionally, reflecting a malevolent and harmful disposition.

Q: What does maul mean?

Ans: To maul is to viciously attack or handle roughly, resulting in severe physical harm or damage, portraying aggression and brutality.

Q: Explain morose.

Ans: Morose describes a sullen, gloomy, or ill-tempered disposition, reflecting a persistent state of sadness or discontent.

Q: What is the definition of miser?

Ans: A miser is an individual who hoards wealth excessively, often at the expense of personal well-being and social relationships, reflecting extreme greed.

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