5 SEO Strategies That Will Boost Your Website Organic Traffic

5 SEO Strategies That Will Boost Your Website Organic Traffic

Probably you have built a new website or have a website with low traffic and are looking for ways to increase organic traffic on your website. To ensure your website gets high organic traffic, it must rank higher on Google searches. In fact, it should rank on the first page. It is so because most users click only on the result of the first page and rarely open the second search page.

Top SEO Strategies You Must Know

To rank higher on a search page, the best way is to boost your website SEO. Implementing effective SEO techniques will help you boost your website page rank and increase organic traffic. It is a long process that requires patience and consistency in implementing the strategies. Although numerous SEO strategies exist, you must pick the best to produce good results. This article lists five effective SEO strategies to boost your website organic ranking.

Create Unique And Original Content

Unique and original content refers to any content, including text, images, or videos, that never been created before. It plays a crucial role in your website ranking and increasing website credibility. Moreover, it helps build links, establishes authority, receives more social shares and comments, and is used by media websites and influencers. To create original content, follow these tips;

Analyze Your Target Audience: Without knowing what your audience requires, there is no point in creating content. So, you must first analyze the audience data using tools like Google Analytics that give in-depth details of your audience behavior. In addition, do keyword research using tools like keyword planner to know your audience search intent.

Add Images, Videos, and Creatives: Adding visually appealing elements informational, such as images, videos, graphics to your content can significantly boost its originality. This makes your content look unique and increases readers engagement.

Leverage Your Style And Experience: Creating content in your style that is relevant to your audience can also make your content unique. Adding your subject knowledge aids its originality. You can also hire an SEO agency to create content specific to your niche.

Build Quality Backlinks

Backlinks are one of the essential aspects of the SEO strategy. They demonstrate to the search engines that your website is authentic with high credibility, especially if other high authority domains are linking to it.

But what is backlinking, and how does it affect your site ranking on search engines?

Backlinking is the process of building backlinks that direct from another website to your website. These quality backlinks improve your site visibility and authority resulting in a higher ranking on search engines. This translates to more traffic coming to your website. Usually, the more backlinks your website has the better it ranks. The quality of the backlinks matters because a spam or irrelevant backlink can negatively impact your website score.

How do you build quality backlinks?

Use Google Search:

Search a website on Google related to your niche that may be willing to link to your content.

Analyze Competitor Backlink:

Using different tools, analyze the competitor website to find sites that are linking to them.

Check Industry Directories:

Find niche-specific sites or industry-specific directories for listing your website.

Use Social Media:

Leverage the power of social media to connect with influencers and websites to get a backlink.

Create a Responsive Website Design

Your website responsive design is essential in improving user experience and Google search ranking. A responsive web design means creating web pages that render well across different screen sizes and orientations of devices. For example, if a user opens a website on a mobile device, the website should align with the mobile screen size and user requirements. Having a responsive website has many benefits that is given below:

Google Prioritize Responsive Website:

Google algorithm is more inclined towards ranking sites with a responsive design to fit user needs.

Improves Usability:

Responsive web design makes your website more accessible and easier to navigate.

Provide Better Customer Experience:

With web design that modifies per the need of the user and device leads to better customer experience.

Improve Page Speed:

Responsive websites load faster on a particular device as it designed for a specific device.

Use Relevant Keywords In your Content:

You must use relevant keywords to rank higher on the search engine and get more organic traffic on your website. First, thoroughly research using tools like keyword planner, Uber Suggest, and Google Search. While researching keywords, look for the ones that are more relevant to your niche and have sufficient search volume.

Then make a list of keywords that include different types, such as long tail keywords, short keywords, etc. Use all these keywords in your content to make it more search specific. Remember to avoid stuffing keywords in your content.

Optimize Your Website Loading Speed

Website loading speed refers to how quickly a browser can load fully functional web pages of a particular website. The website speed defines how long a user will hang on to it. The better the website speed, the better the engagement of the user. This helps your website rank higher on the search engine. It speeds up the conversion rate for ecommerce stores.


Implementing effective SEO strategies is the best way to improve your website search ranking and increase organic traffic. These strategies include link building, optimizing website speed, using keywords and many more. But before implementing these strategies, thoroughly analyze your website and audience to pick a relevant strategy.

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