Eight Reasons Why You Should Go For TESOL As A Career



Eight Reasons Why You Should Go For TESOL As A Career

If you are passionate about learning English and empowering others through education, consider the world of TESOL as a career choice, especially if you want to work globally and get to know students from different cultural backgrounds.

Help your students achieve language proficiency by pursuing a TESOL degree. It’s time for you to improve the lives of English language learners across the globe.

Let’s see why you should become a TESOL teacher and teach this lingua franca to non-native learners.

Enter a very sought-after career

English language-teaching positions continue emerging in the United States and many other countries. Different institutions strive to hire qualified grammarians, so a TESOL degree gives you a decent competitive edge against other candidates.

It’s the right qualification to enter this booming market and land a highly sought-after job as an English teacher. And you can teach students all over the planet. Maybe, you’ll find an employment position in India, China, Turkey, or other states.

Make classrooms more inclusive

Thanks to distance learning opportunities available, you can get a TESOL degree online without going to a college in-person. Online degrees offer flexible coursework, a personal learning environment, and ample networking opportunities within your academic institution.

For instance, many individuals teaching pre-K through 12th grade want to make their classrooms more inclusive to help students who don’t have English as their dominant language. You can now do that without quitting your job!

Pursue your online master’s in TESOL from a reputable institute and teach non-native English speakers to improve their verbal/non-verbal communication skills. With a master’s degree in TESOL, you’ll land a job as an ESL instructor, assistant professor, or instructional designer for prestigious institutes.

Refine your communication skills

Working as a TESOL teacher, you can hone your soft skills and become excellent in communication. As you will spend your time using different methods to improve the English proficiency of your students, it will reflect well on your leadership acumen.

Teaching is an ideal career to build your leadership skills and bring out your hidden managerial potential. These transferable skills come in handy when switching careers and resuming your career advancement endeavors elsewhere.

Your job as an ESL teacher can be the key to unlocking many other career avenues for you in the future. So, start climbing the ladder of success by pursuing a master’s degree in TESOL.

Become a motivational educator

It may surprise you, but English can be an extremely tricky language to learn. For starters, it has a voluminous vocabulary and too many grammar rules to memorize. That’s why many foreigners lose their motivation to improve their English-speaking skills without a skilled teacher.

But a TESOL degree equips you with the right skills to motivate your students and help them enhance their English proficiency. You’ll learn different instructional methods to make learning English classes more interactive, appealing, and educational. Use your skills to uplift more deserving students.

Choose convenient teaching hours

A master’s degree in TESOL opens diverse career pathways for you, such as schools, colleges, language institutes, online platforms, embassies in the US, and other employment opportunities. With plenty of teaching options to choose from, you’ll also have a flexible work schedule awaiting you.

Many institutes hire ESL teachers to work online. You can continue teaching English to non-native students just with a laptop and a stable internet connection. TESOL teachers can easily maintain a healthy work-life balance and even pursue another job to diversify their sources of income.

Pursue a very meaningful career

You will help many students find a strong footing in the US and overcome language barriers as an ESL teacher. This career is emotionally fulfilling and financially rewarding as TESOL degree-holders in America earn more than $50,000 a year on average.

And top-earning individuals can earn a handsome $80,000 home with their impressive qualifications and outstanding experiences. Similarly, if you land a teaching position in another country, you may make even more than an average TESOL teacher makes here.

For instance, English teachers in Japan can easily earn an imposing sum of $5,000 per month. You can make $4,500 per month doing this in Qatar and Vietnam. Generally speaking; however, ESL teachers in Dubai and Abu Dhabi are the most well-paid.

Immerse yourself in new cultures

TESOL provides an amazing platform for cultural immersion by letting educators mingle with students from different ethnicities and countries who all come together toward a common goal. Whether you’re teaching English grammar to immigrants or working with students in another country, you can benefit from this unique opportunity and learn to appreciate different cultures.

While you help students speak English proficiently, they will tell you many interesting things about their customs, religions, and traditions. It helps you grow more tolerant of diversity and learn from your students’ unique perspectives.

Develop yourself professionally

A master’s degree in TESOL opens up many career avenues for professional development. As you focus on nurturing your soft skills (communication and collaboration with students), you can also seek further certifications to continue fostering yourself professionally.

As TESOL teachers constitute a close-knit community, you’ll also find plenty of networking opportunities in this field. Moreover, you may attend different seminars to meet like-minded individuals or use social media to expand your networking endeavors, getting recognition in this industry.


If you want to explore the wonders of TESOL as a lifelong profession, you’re at the right place. We highlighted many advantages of pursuing a master’s degree in TESOL and how it would be an ideal career pathway for you.

You can meet a diverse group of students by working in a sought-after sector with a flexible work environment and a healthy salary. It’s a meaningful career since you’ll be helping lots of students overcome language barriers. It’s an emotionally fulfilling and financially rewarding job!

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