Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)

The Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Massachusetts Institute of Technology was founded in 1861 as a private research university in Cambridge, Massachusetts. Its Motto in Latin is Mens et Manus and in English is Mind and Hand. Its founder’s name was William Barton Rogers.

It was established for the purpose of incrementing industrialization in the United States. Massachusetts Institute of Technology accepted polytechnic university model instructions in applied science and engineering. In 1859, a suggestion was submitted to the Massachusetts General Court for the approval of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology but the suggestion failed.

About Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Rogers graduate of William and Mary wanted to establish an institution of modern technology and advanced science. In 1863, Massachusetts established Massachusetts Agricultural College. In 1865, MITs first class was arranged in the Mercantile Building in Boston. MIT was casually called Boston Tech.

In the 19th century, different programs such as marine, electrical, and sanitary engineering were introduced. In 1917, the Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court put a decision to the end of the merger scheme. MIT administration crossed the Charles River.

Eastman contributed $20 million to MIT. In 1930, Karl Taylor Compton and Vannevar Bush highlighted the importance of physics and chemistry subjects. During World War II, MITs participation in military science rose. In 1941, Vice President Vannevar Bush was appointed as the head of the Office of Scientific Research.

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MIT’s area is about 166 acres. Its campuses are divided almost in half by Massachusetts Avenue. Harvard Bridge is the closest bridge to MIT. MITs on-campus nuclear reactor is a powerful nuclear reactor. In 1999, Bill Gates contributed US$20 million to the purpose of building a laboratory named the William H. Gates Building, and its model was designed by Frank Gehry.

Massachusetts Institute of Technology is a research university with a lot of enrollments in professional degrees.

MITs Undergraduates Programs

  • Mathematics
  • Physics
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Electrical Engineering
  • Computer Science

Margaret Macvicar established an undergraduate research opportunities program to enable undergraduates to cooperate with researchers. MITs library system contains five subject libraries

  • Barker
  • Dewey
  • Hayden
  • Lewis
  • Rotch

In 1934, MIT was selected for the Association of American Universities. In the period 2018 to 2019, MIT enrolled 4,602 undergraduates and 6,972 graduate students. MIT alumni have won 41 Nobel prizes. Massachusetts Institute of Technology gives tough times to its students to grow them mentally. Personally, I like it very much because of its system.

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  • Bachelors
  • Masters
  • MBA

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University Information

Massachusetts Institute of Technology is situated in Cambridge, Massachusetts. It has a total of 11,858 students out of which 3,627 are international students.

Ranking and Rating

Massachusetts Institute of Technology is the top university in Cambridge, United States. It is ranked # 1 in the QS World University Rankings 2024.

Campus Location

Massachusetts Institute of Technology is situated in the United States. Many people come here to visit and to get admission.


  • Reception
  • Place Decided
  • Book Issue
  • Author name for searching books
  • Study

Students Hostels

  • Boys Hostels
  • Girls Hostels


  • Faculty of Commerce
  • Faculty of Science
  • Faculty of Arts

Students Enrolled

Years Total Number Of  Students
2015-2016 11,331
2016-2017 11,376
2017-2018 11,466
2018-2019 11,574
2019-2020 11,520
2020-2021 11,254
2021-2022 11,932
2022-2023 11,858

Faculty Members

Faculty Members: #16,237 


  • Physics Laboratory
  • Chemistry Laboratory
  • Biochemistry Laboratory
  • Nursing Laboratory
  • Computer Laboratory

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77 Massachusetts Ave Cambridge, 02139 MA, United States.

Phone No

+1 617-258-9344.


FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

What is MIT ranked in the world?

It is ranked # 1 in the QS World University Rankings 2024.

How can I get a 100% scholarship at MIT?

MIT gives scholarships to its students by considering the following factors

  • Number of people in the family
  • Permanent residence
  • Taxes paid
  • Total parent income from all sources
  • Unreimbursed medical expenses

Does MIT give scholarships to international students?

Yes, of course, because MIT has the same policy to give scholarships to all its students from all over the world.

What GPA do you need to go to MIT?

MIT required a GPA of 3.9 out of 4.0.

Is MIT hard to go into?

Yes because MIT is the most highly competitive university in the world.

What are the fees of MIT in rupees?

The fee of MIT in rupees in rupees is almost 47.09 lakhs.

What are the fees of MIT for international students?

The fees of MIT for international students in the academic year 2022-2023 is almost $79,850.

Does MIT require SAT?

Yes, MIT required its applicants to submit their SAT  scores.

How much are the MIT application fees?

The MITs application fee is almost $75.

Is MIT public or private?

Yes MIT is a private research university in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

How many Pakistani students are at MIT?

There are almost 23 Pakistani students at MIT.

How can I get admission to MIT from Pakistan?

The eligibility criteria to get admission in MIT is

  • It is necessary that MIT students have good scores in SAT
  • All the students have to submit 5 short essays

Which university offers MIT in Pakistan?

  • King Edward Medical University
  • The University of Lahore
  • The Superior University
  • Ripah International University, Faisalabad
  • Armed Forces Postgraduate Medical Institute

What is the female percentage at MIT?

The female percentage at MIT is about 48.

How long is one semester at MIT?

One semester at MIT is around about 15 to 17 weeks.

How many international students does MIT accept?

MIT accepts almost 3,465 international students.

Which subjects are best at MIT?

  • Engineering and Technology
  • Natural Sciences

What is the age limit at MIT?

There is no age limit for getting admission in MIT.

How do I apply for MIT?

You can apply in MIT by the following steps

  • Create a MyMit Account and start your application.
  • Complete the online application.
  • Submit your secondary school report and standardized test scores.
  • Ask two teachers to fill out your evaluations.
  • Set up and complete the interview.

What is the salary of MIT students?

The salary of MIT students is around about 124,2133 USD.


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