7 Ultimate Best Tips to Maintain Weighted Blankets

Weighted Blankets

7 Tips to Maintain Weighted Blankets

Weighted Blanket

Weighted blankets are very popular. People who have issues like restless leg syndrome or trouble sleeping can use a weighted blanket for better sleep. There are so many benefits of biased cover. It is quite new to understand its use and how to take care of it. Here are some tips for better care of weighted blankets.

1. Dry Gently

It is okay that all weighted blankets are dryer-safe, but we should also be gentle with them. Some people are worried that the pellets inside the blanket will get very hot but it is just an overthinking.

These pellets were made to bear high heat intensity. However, too much exposure to high temperatures will reduce their shelf life. Ensure that when you are using a dryer it is set on cool dry or low tumble dry.

2. The Sun Dry

People who are not comfortable using dryers for such valuable things could use the sunlight to dry. It is a very safe phenomenon of drying blankets in the natural atmosphere because both lights of the sun and air protect the fabric.

Now, it is very important to remove the blanket from sunlight as soon as the blanket dries. Another useful thing about the blanket and clothes being dried in sunlight is that the sunlight kills bacteria.

3. Hanging Dry

If you are hanging the blanket for any reason it is important to take care that its shape should not be affected. The blankets need to be placed over the laundry line, not to the edge.

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4. Smart Washing

It is also important that the blanket should not be washed too much because the more you wash the blanket less it will last. Washing machine also plays a very significant role in washing.

5. No Harsh Chemical

The next point of attention is the chemical we use in drying and washing. Many numbers of chemical that is very harsh and can damage the blanket’s condition. It is very important that we should not use these harsh chemicals like fabric softeners, and dryer sheets.

All of these chemicals can decrease the overall quality and life of the blanket. Bleach could break down the isolated part of the stands inside the blanket that helps to keep it together. A weight part of the blanket is stitched inside, so an issue could create if you allow the bleach to slowly destroy your blanket. In the beginning, you feel your blanket very soft, but it slowly damages the quality of your blanket.

6. Iron No More

Now, nobody is saying that you should not press the other bedding pieces, but you do not want to press this blanket. Once more, the pellets can deal with the heat, but this heat can still affect the pellets especially if the iron is left in one specific area for a very long, an accident happens all time.

7. Stains Before Heat

Any stains on the blanket need to be treated as fast should really be expected. The longer the stain stays on the fabric, the more it difficult is to remove it. This issue only gets worse only this condition if the blanket is accidentally placed in the dryer before the stain is fully removed or treated.

The heat from a dyer can set the stain in, and that will be significantly more difficult to manage. Everyone knows that people do not normally want to use a blanket with a visible stain, and it does not matter how many times you say that blanket is clean. A weighted blanket like this one should not be retired too fast simply because it got stained. Now, People can really focus on their blanket and give it a long life.

How Heavy should be a weighted blanket?

Weighted blankets are normally from 5 to 35 pounds. As a rule of thumb, the blanket should weigh no more than 10% of your body weight.

How can you wash a weighted blanket?

Add a limited quantity of your picked cleaning answer for a spotless fabric or wipe. Cautiously smear the stain. Utilizing an alternate clean fabric with cold or warm water, tenderly smudge the region.

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