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Here only high quality guest posts are accepted with a permanent do-follow backlink. Write for us & submit your quality content now!

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Please read below articles writing guidelines carefully before submitting a guest post.

Articles We Approve

  1. Write High-quality content that should be original and not plagiarized from any other sources.
  2. Articles should be relevant and subject matter to the platform’s audience.
  3. Keep in mind the target length of your article should be 700 to 2000 words or more.
  4. Start writing your featured article at around 1000 words.
  5. Once your guest post is approved, it will be published maximum in 12 – 24 hours.
  6. Only one Do Follow link will be acceptable.
  7. Write clearly and concisely, easy to read, and free of grammatical errors.
  8. Use proper sentence structure and formatting to make the article easy to read.
  9. Use proper subheadings, bullet points, and internal links, and also add featured images relevant to the content.
  10. Don’t forget to write an optimized meta description and title of your content.
  11. Please note, write short paragraphs, as Google likes short paragraphs.

Articles We Don’t Approve

  1. Plagiarized, or low-quality content.
  2. Articles should adhere to ethical guidelines, and avoid writing about sensitive or controversial topics that may be inappropriate for the website’s audience.
  3. Low word Count (less than 700 words).
  4. Long paragraphs.
  5. Avoid keyword stuffing in your guest post.
  6. Press releases and sales pitches.

Why Write For Us?

Edulikes offers the opportunity to write for us and to help you reach a targeted global audience of students, educators, scholars, and lifelong learners. Our website is committed to providing high-quality educational content, that will help individuals of all generations and backgrounds expand their knowledge and skills.

Increase visibility.

Better positioning in search results.

Flexibility to modify the content of your profile online.

Cost-effective to reach a global audience as compared to other traditional writing methods.

Overall, Writing for us can be a great way to attract more audiences. It will not only reach a targeted audience but will also help support the continued development of our website and its content.

Write For Us Trending Niches

We offer many opportunities for individuals and businesses to write for us on websites, blogs, and other online platforms. Here we listed some common categories of “write for us” opportunities:

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Overall, these are just a few illustrations of the many categories of “write for us” opportunities available. For potential opportunities, please review the website’s guidelines and submission criteria carefully to ensure that your content meets their expectations.

– Submit only quality content for publishing at email:     admin@edulikes.com

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