How to Make Studying Fun: Enjoy The Process of Studying

Enjoy The Process of Studying

Even the biggest fans of learning can get bored with assignments and lectures and have to resort to different strategies to stay focused. In this article, you can read about ways to make studying more fun.

Sooner or later, no matter how much we like learning new things, we get bored. Sometimes, we don’t like some subjects just because we deem them impractical, unnecessary, or just simply boring. But hating them doesn’t help you pass your tests and get your credits in the slightest.

That’s why, instead of watching Most Anticipated Netflix Series we end up brooding over our textbooks and burning the midnight oil.

Find Yourself Some Good Company

For some people, it can be hard to do something alone. To stay more invested in whatever they have to do, they need some supervision or company. Don’t be shy; join a study group or even start your own so you can learn things together.

It’s much funnier and faster, trust me. Besides, it can become a good opportunity to spend time with your friends and socialize with your groupmates.

Use Games

Whatever boring thing you need to learn, there’s always a way to turn it into a game! Turn your study sessions into a dazzling game using apps or online tools that sprinkle some magical game elements.

There are various platforms you can find on the net to make the studying process more interactive and entertaining. My personal favorite is Kahoot!, but feel free to google similar platforms to find the one that suits your needs the most.

Combine Studying With Your Hobbies

If you can’t study when you don’t feel like it, you can try incorporating pieces of whatever you need to learn into something you like doing. Are you having a History test on Friday but can’t make yourself read your textbooks? Get some popcorn and go watch a documentary on this topic.

You can also invite someone to join to keep you company or even make it a date, killing two birds with one stone, so to speak. If you want to learn a language and enjoy reading, just pick a book you like and read it in your target language to boost your skills.

If reading isn’t your cup of tea, but you need to catch up on some Spanish, play your favorite game in Spanish, or watch some Spanish-dubbed shows. Improvise!

Use Alternative Ways To Learn

As much as you can feel tempted just to give up and ask someone on to do your homework for you, there are other ways to kindle a spark of interest and fun. Sometimes, it just happens that a standard approach doesn’t work for you, so you need to find something else.

To determine what works best for you, try different study techniques, such as the Feynman Technique, Cornell Method, or SQ3R method. And if you are a fan of Sherlock BBC, you’ve probably already heard of The Memory Palace technique people use for memorizing. Why not try something like that?

Find the Right Soundtrack

Did you know that some studies suggest that certain types of music can aid memory retention? If it helps you remember information, studying becomes a more enjoyable and effective process. To keep yourself entertained while still focusing on your studies, you can use the magic of music.

It’s way more pleasant and fun to study something while enjoying your favorite tunes. You can compile an epic playlist of your own or find a plethora of them on YouTube. It would help if you also took breaks to dance or sing along to the best bangers. This will help you feel less bored and make studying much more pleasant.

Use Flashcards

Create flashcards by jotting down essential concepts. They encourage active recall, a powerful learning strategy where you actively retrieve information from your memory. The process of recalling information helps strengthen neural connections and improves long-term retention, so write questions on one side and put the answers on the other.

This way, you’ll be able to test yourself and memorize better. You can also turn it into a game, earning points for the correct answers. Just think of some rewards to treat yourself.

Create Mind Maps

Mind maps help you get your ideas together neatly and creatively. They’re not just for organizing, though – they’re awesome for brainstorming, too! You can let your thoughts flow and make connections between ideas in a creative way. Start with a central theme in the middle of the page.

It could be a single word or a snazzy image that sums up the main idea. Then, shoot out branches from the center, each one representing a key subtopic or idea connected to the main theme. Throw in some quick keywords or short phrases to label each branch. Keep it short and clear, just enough to capture what each subtopic is about.

And here’s the fun part, jazz it up with colors, symbols, and images! Make it visually appealing, and it’ll stick in your memory better. Different colors can even stand for different types of info. It’s like organizing your thoughts in a way that’s not just practical but also looks pretty cool.

Remember, we all dance to our beat, so customize these suggestions to fit your learning style. Find that perfect balance that keeps you entertained, motivated, and productive.

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