Islamic Prayer Times in Cairo

Islamic Prayer Times in Cairo

Islamic Prayer Times in Cairo is a little different from other cities in Egypt. Islamic prayers are known as Salah (salat). Also, it is famous as Namaz. It is an act of communication between humans and Allah.

The prayers are planned at such times that people can do their other chores for the existence of life. Prayer at such times prevents people from being attractive and excessively focused on their instant worldly needs. These are the reminders that Allah Almighty is the Provider and fulfillment of all our needs.

About Cairo

It is the capital city of Egypt. This city is always been well-known for its tradition. It is famous as (القاهرة) in Arabic language. This is the city of a thousand minarets. It has been the main center of Arab-Islamic civilization since its foundation. It is one of the unique cities in the Islamic world which is famous for its historical places and several monuments.

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Islamic Prayer Times in Cairo

The prayer times in Cairo are a little diverse from other cities in Egypt. In Islam, the prayer timing is decisive by the location of the Sun. Adherence to the fixed prayer times is a part of the faith of the Muslims in Cairo. These times differ every day. It is fundamental for all of Muslims to know how many Islamic prayers.  What is the timing of these prayers?

This information is essential for Muslims so that they can easily perform their prayers daily. In Cairo, prayer times have deep importance in Islam which serves as a reminder of faith and devotion to Allah. It is critical for Muslims as it fosters a direct connection with Allah. The prayers provide religious discipline to the Muslims and give internal peace.

Praying five times a day symbolizes obedience and a constant revitalization of faith. The prayer times in Cairo are at particular intervals that permit Muslims to separate for a short time from world affairs reinforcing the sense of community and sharing faith, particularly during communal prayers.

Islamic Prayers

Prayers are a kind of purification for the Muslims. There are basic five Islamic prayers which are:

  1. Fajor
  2. Dhuhr
  3. Asr
  4. Magrib
  5. Isha

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This prayer is prayed at dawn. It has 4 Rakats.


This prayer is prayed at mid of the day. It has 12 Rakats.


This prayer is prayed in the afternoon. It has 4 Rakats.


This prayer is prayed at sunset. It has 7 Rakats.


This prayer is prayed at night. It has 17 Rakats.

Prayer Times in Cairo, Egypt

Praying the five Islamic prayers at accurate intervals maintains their religious routine among their daily activities. The Islamic prayer times according to the timing of the Cairo are:

Fajar Prayer Time: 04:11 AM

Dhuhur Prayer Time: 12:53 PM

Asr Prayer Time: 04:28 PM

Maghrib Prayer Time: 07:51 PM

Isha Prayer Time: 09:22 PM

Nawafil Prayers in Cairo

In Cairo, there are 4 Nawafil prayers which are:

  1. Tahajjud
  2. Ishraq
  3. Chasht
  4. Awwabin

Nawafil Prayers Times in Cairo


Start Time End Time


09:21 PM 02:24 AM


05:09 AM

07:56 AM

Chasht 07:56 AM

11:12 AM

Awwabin 07:05 PM

08:06 PM

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Egyptian General Authority of Survey


Time for (Hanbali, Maliki, Shafi) Time for (Hanafi)


04:11 AM 04:11 AM


05:55 AM 05:55 AM


12:53 PM

12:53 PM

Asr 05:44 PM

05:44 PM

Magrib 07:51 PM

07:51 PM

Isha 09:22 PM

09:22 PM

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Question 1: What is Egypt famous for?

Answer: Egypt is famous for:

  • Pyramids
  • Pharaohs
  • Mummies
  • Tombs

Question 2: Mention the name of the Cairo Mosque.

Answer: The name of the Cairo Mosque is Aḥmad ibn Ṭulun.

Question 3: Mention the number of mosques in Cairo.

Answer: There are almost 1,000+ mosques in this city.

Question 4: Which religion is considered the leading religion in Cairo?

Answer: Islam is considered as the dominant religion in Cairo.

Question 5 Which of the languages is spoken in Cairo?

Answer: Egyptian Arabic language is spoken in Cairo.

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