Islamic Prayer Times in Scotland

Islamic Prayer Times in Scotland

Islamic prayer times in Scotland are a little bit different from other countries according to their timings. Prayers are known as Salah (Salat). Also, it is known as Namaz.  All prayers end with a statement that means peace be upon you.

This word originates from the root word Sila which means to connect or join. It is a particular form of adoration and is the 2nd significant pillar of Islam after the shahada. Salah builds a strong defense against evils that live around us. It is said in the Holy Quran that, certainly, Salah keeps you away from vulgarness and evil. That’s why; the prayers are described as remembrance of Allah Almighty.

About Scotland

This country is part of the United Kingdom. It is the house of the oldest trees in Europe and has almost 790 Islands. This country is also known as the land of cakes.

It has a large quantity of natural resources from fertile land suitable for agriculture from oil to gas. Often, it is referred to as the most beautiful country in the world. It has many beautiful places to visit like wild beaches, romantic castles and many more.

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Islamic Prayers

Prayers are a kind of spiritual cleansing for the Muslims. There are basic five Islamic prayers which are:

  1. Fajr
  2. Dhuhr
  3. Asr
  4. Maghrib
  5. Isha

1. Fajr:

This prayer is prayed at dawn. It has 4 Rakats.

2. Dhuhr:

This prayer is prayed in the afternoon. It has 12 Rakats.

3. Asr:

This prayer is prayed in the late afternoon. It has 4 Rakats.

4. Maghrib:

This prayer is prayed after sunset. It has 7 Rakats.

5. Isha:

This prayer is at night time. It has 17 Rakats.

Islamic Prayer in Scotland

The prayer times in Scotland are different from other countries in the world. The prayer timing in Islam is decided by seeing the position of the Sun. Adherence and devotion to the fixed prayer times is a part of the faith for Muslims in Scotland.

These prayer times may be different daily. All Muslims need to know how many Islamic prayers are in Islam. And what is the timing of these prayers? This information is compulsory for Muslims so that they can easily do their prayers daily.

In Scotland, prayer times have endless importance in Islam which serves as a reminder of faith and attachment to Allah. It is very significant for Muslims as it fosters a direct connection with Allah. The prayers give religious obedience to the Muslims and also provide them with internal peace.

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Islamic Prayer Times in Scotland

Praying the prayers at the exact times maintains the religious routine among the daily activities. The Islamic prayer times according to the timing of the Scotland are:

Fajr Prayer Time: 02:32 AM

Dhuhr Prayer Time: 01:11 PM

Asr Prayer Time: 05:40 PM

Maghrib Prayer Time: 09:49 PM

Isha Prayer Time: 11:44 PM

According to the Muslim World League (MWL)


Time for (Hanbali, Maliki, Shafi) Time for (Hanafi)


02:32 AM 02:32 AM


04:34 AM 04:34 AM


01:11 PM

01:11 PM

Asr 05:40 PM

06:55 PM

Maghrib 09:49 PM

09:49 PM

Isha 11:44 PM

11:44 PM

Nawafil Prayers in Scotland

In Scotland, there are 4 Nawafil prayers which are known as:

  1. Tahajjud
  2. Ishraq
  3. Chasht
  4. Awwabin

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Nawafil Prayers Times in Scotland

Nawafil Prayers

Start Time End Time


10:54 PM 03:08 AM


05:30 AM

08:17 AM

Chasht 08:17 AM

12:06 PM

Awwabin 08:32 PM

09:39 PM

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q 1: Which of the cities in Scotland has the most Muslims?

Answer: The cities in Scotland which has the highest population of Muslims are:

  • Glasgow
  • Edinburgh

Q 2: When did Islam come to Scotland?

Answer: Islam came to Scotland during the 18th century.

Q 3: Mention the name of the famous Muslims in Scotland.

Answer: The famous Muslims in Scotland are:

  1. Khalid Abdalla
  2. Bashir Ahmad
  3. Tasmina Ahmed Sheikh
  4. Ali Ahmed Aslam

Q 4: How many religious schools are in Scotland?

Answer: Almost 378 denominational schools are in Scotland.

Q 5: What are the Eid prayer timings in Scotland?

Answer: The Eid prayer timings are:

  • 6:30 Am
  • 8:00 Am
  • 9:30 Am

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