Islamic Prayer Times in Ireland

Islamic Prayer Times in Ireland

Islamic Prayer Times in Ireland differs from other countries due to its timing. Prayers are known as Salah (Salat). Also, it is known as Namaz. It is the pillar of religion and is the pathway for the believers. After praying, a Muslim feels calm and connected with Allah Almighty.

Prayers assist us to stay away from treachery and crimes. The person who does not pray remains anxious because he forgets to remember Allah Almighty. The purpose of prayers is to ensure that Muslims maintain their attachment to Allah. Also, prayers increase the closeness between humans and Allah. Muslims remain aware of the importance of faith by remembering Allah Almighty.

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About Ireland

It is an island in the North Atlantic Ocean which is located in North Western Europe. This island is also famous as the Republic of Ireland. It comprises almost 32 counties. This island is popular for its extensive range of flourishing and green fields.

Islamic Prayers

Prayers are spiritual cleansing for all the Muslims. The five basic Islamic prayers in Islam are:

  1. Fajr
  2. Dhuhr
  3. Asr
  4. Maghrib
  5. Isha

1. Fajr:

This prayer is prayed at sunrise.

2. Dhuhr:

This prayer is prayed in the afternoon.

3. Asr:

This prayer is prayed in the belated afternoon.

4. Maghrib:

This prayer is prayed after sunset.

5. Isha:

This prayer is prayed at night time.

Before praying the prayers, the five things that every Muslim must do when they come into contact with Allah through prayers are:

  • Perform wudu
  • Pray five times a day at given times
  • Face towards Kabaa
  • Perform actions such as standing, bowing, prostrating, and sitting
  • Recite in Arabic

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Rakats/Units of Prayers

Each of the prayers has numerous rakats which are:

Fajr: 4 Rakats (units)

Dhuhr: 12 Rakats (units)

Asr: 4 Rakats (units)

Maghrib: 7 Rakats (units)

Isha: 17 Rakats (units)

Islamic Prayer in Ireland

The prayer times in Ireland differ from other countries in the world. The prayer timings are set by observing the position of the Sun. These prayer times may be a little different daily.

We should know about the Islamic prayers and the method of praying these prayers. In Ireland, prayer times have great importance because it works as a reminder and attachment to Allah. The prayers also provide internal peace.

Islamic Prayer Times in Ireland

According to the Ireland, the Islamic prayer times are:

Fajr Prayer Time: 02:50 AM

Zohr Prayer Time: 01:25 PM

Asr Prayer Time: 05:50 PM

Maghrib Prayer Time: 09:52 PM

Isha Prayer Time: 11:53 PM

According to the Muslim World League (MWL) Survey


Time for (Hanbali, Maliki, Shafi) Time for (Hanafi)


02:50 AM 02:50 AM


04:59 AM 04:59 AM


01:25 PM

01:25 PM

Asr 05:50 PM

07:05 PM

Maghrib 09:52 PM

09:52 PM

Isha 11:53 PM

11:53 PM

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Nawafil Prayers in Ireland

In Ireland, there are 4 Nawafil prayers which are:

  • Tahajjud
  • Ishraq
  • Chasht
  • Awwabin

Nawafil Prayers Times in Ireland

Nawafil Prayers

Start Time End Time

Tahajjud Time

12:12 AM 02:29 AM

Ishraq Time

05:12 AM

07:59 AM

Chasht Time 07:59 AM

12:49 PM

Awwabin Time 10:08 PM

10:57 PM

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Question 1: Which food on this island is famous?

Answer: The famous foods in Ireland are:

  • Irish soda bread
  • Irish stew
  • Ulster fry
  • Colcannon mash and champ
  • Irish white pudding
  • Potato bread

Question 2: What is the main religion of this island?

Answer: The main religion of this island is Christianity.

Question 3: Which are the warmest months on this island?

Answer: The warmest months on this island are:

  1.  July
  2. August

Question 4: What is the nickname of this island?

Answer: Emerald Isle is the nickname of this island.

Question 5: Why Ireland is famous?

Answer: It is known for its:

  • Rich heritage
  • Magnificent landscapes
  • Rugged terrain

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