Negative Words That Start With P

List of Negative Words That Start With P

If you’re looking for a list of negative words that start with P, you’re at the right place! Negative word vocabulary is integral to language, as it facilitates us to show our negative expression of unfavorable emotions, actions, and ideas.

From insult to avarice, many negative words that begin with P can be used to describe experiences or concepts with a negative connotation accurately.

Whether it’s articulating aggression, apprehension, hatred, or aversion, there are lexicons sure to be the perfect negative words starting with P to get your point across.

50+ List of Negative Words Starting With P (With Definition)

  • Pain – Physical or mental suffering
  • Painful – Causing distress or agony
  • Painfully – In a manner causing pain
  • Pains – Efforts or exertions
  • Pale – Lacking color or brightness
  • Pales – Becomes less intense
  • Paltry – Insignificant or trivial
  • Pan – To criticize severely
  • Pandemonium – Wild uproar or chaos
  • Pander – Indulge immoral desires
  • Pandering – Gratifying base desires
  • Panders – Satisfies unworthy needs
  • Panic – Sudden overwhelming fear
  • Panicked – Thrown into sudden fear
  • Panicking – Experiencing panic
  • Panicky – Prone to sudden panic
  • Paradoxical – Seemingly contradictory
  • Paradoxically – In a paradoxical manner
  • Paralyzed – Unable to move or act
  • Paranoia – Irrational distrust or fear
  • Paranoid – Exhibiting extreme distrust
  • Parasite – Organism living off another
  • Pariah – Social outcast or reject
  • Parody – Imitation for comic effect
  • Partiality – Bias or favoritism
  • Partisan – Strong supporter of a cause
  • Partisans – Members of a political group
  • Passive – Inactive or submissive
  • Passiveness – Tendency to be passive
  • Pathetic – Arousing pity or sadness
  • Pathetically – In a pitiful manner
  • Patronize – Treat condescendingly
  • Paucity – Scarcity or lack of quantity
  • Pauper – Extremely poor person
  • Paupers – People living in poverty
  • Payback – Retribution or revenge
  • Peculiar – Odd or strange
  • Peculiarly – In a peculiar manner
  • Pedantic – Overly concerned with details
  • Peeled – Stripped or removed outer layer
  • Peeve – Annoyance or irritation
  • Peeved – Annoyed or irritated
  • Peevish – Easily irritated or annoyed
  • Peevishly – In an irritable manner
  • Penalize – Impose a penalty on
  • Penalty – Punishment for an offense
  • Perfidious – Deceitful or treacherous
  • Perfunctory – Done without enthusiasm
  • Peril – Serious and immediate danger
  • Perilous – Full of danger or risk

List of Negative P-words with Definition

  • Perilously – In a dangerous manner
  • Perish – Die or come to an end
  • Pernicious – Harmful or destructive
  • Perplex – Puzzle or confuse deeply
  • Perplexed – Confused or bewildered
  • Perplexing – Causing confusion
  • Perplexity – State of being puzzled
  • Persecute – Harass or oppress unjustly
  • Persecution – Unjust treatment or harassment
  • Pertinacious – Stubbornly persistent
  • Pertinaciously – With determination and persistence
  • Pertinacity – Quality of being persistent
  • Perturb – Disturb or unsettle
  • Perturbed – Anxious or disturbed
  • Pervasive – Spread throughout
  • Perverse – Stubbornly contrary
  • Perversely – In a stubbornly contrary manner
  • Perversion – Distortion or corruption
  • Perversity – Stubbornness or contrariness
  • Pervert – Corrupt or distort
  • Perverted – Deviated from normal behavior
  • Perverts – Individuals who deviate
  • Pessimism – Negative outlook or belief
  • Pessimistic – Tending to see the worst
  • Pessimistically – In a negative manner
  • Pest – Annoying or harmful organism
  • Pestilent – Destructively harmful or deadly
  • Petrified – Turned to stone; terrified
  • Petrify – Change into stone; paralyze
  • Pettifog – Engage in legal trickery
  • Petty – Trivial or insignificant
  • Phobia – Irrational fear or aversion
  • Phobic – Having an irrational fear
  • Phony – Fake or fraudulent
  • Picket – Protest or blockade
  • Picketed – Participated in a picket
  • Picketing – Protesting by forming a line
  • Pickets – Individuals forming a blockade
  • Picky – Selective or fussy
  • Pig – Contemptible or greedy person
  • Pigs – Collective term for swine
  • Pillage – Plunder or loot
  • Pillory – Publicly criticize or ridicule
  • Pimple – Small, inflamed skin swelling
  • Pinch – Squeeze or compress tightly
  • Pique – Resentment or wounded pride
  • Pitiable – Deserving of pity
  • Pitiful – Evoking sympathy or compassion
  • Pitifully – In a manner deserving pity
  • Pitiless – Without compassion or mercy

Bad Words That Start With P

Word Word Word
Pitilessly Pittance Pity
Plagiarize Plague Plaything
Plea Pleas Plebeian
Plight Plot Plotters
Ploy Plunder Plunderer
Pointless Pointlessly Poison
Poisonous Poisonously Pokey
Poky Pollute Polluter
Polluters Pompous Poor
Poorer Poorest Poorly
Posturing Pout Poverty
Powerless Prate Pratfall
Prattle Precarious Precariously
Precipitate Precipitous Predatory
Predicament Prejudge Prejudice
Prejudices Prejudicial Premeditated
Preoccupy Preposterous Preposterously
Presumptuous Presumptuously Pretend
Pretense Pretentious Pretentiously
Prevaricate Pricey Pricier
Prick Prickle Prickles
Prideful Primitive Prison
Prisoner Problem Problematic
Problems Procrastinate Procrastinates
Procrastination Profane Profanity
Prohibit Prohibitive Prohibitively
Propaganda Propagandize Proprietary
Prosecute Protest Protested
Protesting Protests Protracted
Provocation Provocative Provoke
Pry Pugnacious Pugnaciously
Pugnacity Punch Punish
Punishable Punitive Punk

Insult Words That Start With P

  • Prick
  • Pompous
  • Pest
  • Puerile
  • Putz

Sad Words That Start With P

  • Painful
  • Poignant
  • Pensive
  • Pathetic
  • Plight

Negative Words To Describe A Person Start With P

  • Pompous: Displaying an exaggerated sense of self-importance; arrogant and pretentious.
  • Petulant: Easily irritated or annoyed, often over small things; childishly sulky.
  • Pernicious: Having a harmful or destructive effect, often gradually and subtly.
  • Perfidious: Deceitful and untrustworthy; betraying someone’s trust.
  • Prejudiced: Holding biased opinions or judgments against certain groups without proper reason.
  • Presumptuous: Overstepping boundaries or making assumptions without proper evidence or permission.
  • Parsimonious: Extremely frugal to the point of being stingy; unwilling to spend money.
  • Pessimistic: Having a negative outlook or expecting the worst outcome.
  • Pouty: Displaying a sullen or sulky expression; acting discontentedly.
  • Pushy: Excessively aggressive or assertive in trying to achieve one’s goals.

Negative Words That Starts With P (By Letter)

2 Letter Negative Words That Start With P

Word Definition
No Negative response
Pout Display displeasure
Pry Inquire indiscreetly
Pit Depressive feeling

3 Letter Negative Words That Start With P

Word Definition
Paltry Insignificant or small
Pique Irritation or offense
Prate Talk foolishly
Pry Inquire indiscreetly
Pug Aggressive and unrefined
Pus Infected fluid
Pout Express displeasure
Pox Infectious disease
Pit Depressingly deep hole
Pup Naïve or inexperienced

4 Letter Negative Words That Start With P

Word Definition
Pain Physical suffering
Pale Lacking color
Pity Compassionate sorrow
Poor Lacking wealth
Pout Express displeasure
Pray Request desperately
Puke Vomit forcefully

5 Letter Negative Words That Start With P

Word Definition
Pains Physical discomfort
Pale Lacking color
Panic Sudden overwhelming
Pests Annoying organisms
Petty Trivial or unimportant
Phony Fake or fraudulent
Pique Resentment or irritation
Plague Epidemic disease
Plight Unfortunate situation
Pokey Slow and tedious
Poky Cramped or confined
Prate Talk foolishly
Prick Small pointed object
Prier One who intrudes
Probs Short for problems
Pry Inquire indiscreetly
Puke Vomit or regurgitate
Punty Having unpleasant taste
Pupal In an immature stage
Purer Less contaminated
Purse Contract tightly
Pusil Lacking courage
Pylor Relating to pylorus
Pyxis Small box or container

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list of negative words that start with P


FAQs on Negative Words That Start With P

Q: What are some negative words that start with P?

Ans: Some negative words that start with P include pessimistic, petulant, pernicious, presumptuous, pouty, and pushy.

Q: How can I use negative words that start with P in a sentence?

Ans: You can use these words to describe certain situations or characteristics. For example, His pessimistic attitude affected the team’s morale She was often petulant when things didn’t go her way.

Q: What’s the importance of avoiding overly negative language?

Ans: Using overly negative language can create a hostile or unfriendly atmosphere in communication. It’s important to find a balance and use words thoughtfully to express your feelings without causing unnecessary harm.

Q: How do I choose the right words to express negativity without being hurtful?

Ans: Focus on being specific and constructive in your communication. Instead of using harsh words, describe the behavior or situation you find negative and explain its impact on you or others.

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