Manful - Definition, Meaning, Synonyms & Antonyms

Manful - Definition, Meaning, Synonyms & Antonyms

Manful meaning is an adjective describing actions or behavior that is brave, resolute, or displaying characteristics traditionally associated with masculinity.

History of the Word Manful

The term manful has a history that reflects the evolving perceptions of masculinity and courage over time.

Old English Roots

Manful can be traced back to Old English, where the word "mannful" was used to describe actions or qualities associated with males. In Old English, "mann" meant "human" or "man," and "ful" added the sense of being full of or characterized by.

Medieval Usage

It continued to be used to describe attributes like bravery, strength, and honor, which were typically associated with men.

Victorian Era

In the Victorian era, notions of masculinity and bravery underwent considerable scrutiny and change. It was used to encourage men to embody certain virtues, particularly in times of challenge.

Modern Usage

It is somewhat archaic, and its usage has declined. However, it can still be found in literature and historical texts, where it conveys the idea of resolute and gallant behavior, irrespective of gender.

English (Manful As Adjective)


Manful originates from Old English "mannful," combining "mann" (man) and "ful" (full of).


Pronounced as: /ˈmæn.fəl/ (MAN-fuhl)

Forms of Manful

Degree Form
Comparative More manful
Superlative Most manful
Adverb Manfully
Noun Manfulness

Derived Terms

  • Manful effort
  • Manful determination
  • Manful courage
  • Manful response

Translations of Manful

  • Manful meaning in Hindi: पुरुषात्मक (Puruṣātmak)
  • Urdu: مردانہ (Mardana)
  • Spanish: Varonil
  • French: Viril
  • German: Männlich
  • Russian: Мужественный (Muzhestvennyy)
  • Arabic: ذكوري (Thakuri)
  • Chinese (Simplified): 男子气概的 (Nánzǐ qìgài de)
  • Japanese: 男らしい (Otoko-rashii)
  • Portuguese: Masculino


  • Brave
  • courageous
  • gallant
  • resolute
  • valiant


  • Cowardly
  • timid
  • fearful
  • weak
  • hesitant

Example Sentences

  • He displayed a manful effort in facing the adversity.
  • Her manful courage inspired those around her.
  • Their manful response to the crisis earned respect.

FAQs (People May Also Ask)

What does manful mean?

Manful is an adjective describing actions or behavior characterized by bravery, courage, or qualities associated with traditional masculinity.

Can manful be used to describe women's actions?

While traditionally associated with men, "manful" can be used to describe courageous or resolute actions by individuals of any gender.

What are some synonyms for manful?

Synonyms include brave, courageous, gallant, and valiant, all denoting acts of bravery or courage.

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