Marked - Definition, Meaning, Synonyms & Antonym

Marked - Definition, Meaning, Synonyms & Antonym

Marked meaning is something having noticeable, distinct features or characteristics that set it apart from others.

History of the Word Marked

The word "marked" has a long history and has evolved to convey various meanings over time.

Ancient Origins

The term "marked" finds its roots in Old English and Old High German, where it originally referred to making signs or distinguishing features. In these early languages, "mark" meant a sign or token.

Middle English

In Middle English, "marked" began to take on the sense of something being labeled or noted with a sign, symbol, or distinguishing feature. This usage was often seen in the context of branding or marking livestock.

Distinctive Characteristics

As the English language continued to evolve, "marked" came to signify the presence of distinct or noticeable features that set something apart from the ordinary. For example, a "marked improvement" indicates a noticeable and significant change for the better.

Comparative and Superlative Degrees

In its adjectival form, "marked" can have comparative degrees (more marked) to indicate a greater degree of distinctiveness and superlative degrees (most marked) to signify the highest level of distinct features or characteristics.

English (Marked As Adjective)


From Middle English "marken," ultimately from Old English "mearcian," meaning "to mark" or "to note."


Pronounced as: /mɑrkt/ (mahrkt)

Marked Adjective

  • Comparative Degree: More marked
  • Superlative Degree: Most marked
  • Marked Adverb: Markedly
  • Marked Noun: Marking

Derived Terms

  • Remarkable
  • Unmarked
  • Overmarked
  • Undermarked
  • Markedly

Translations of Marked

  • Hindi: चिन्हित (Chinhit)
  • Marked meaning in Urdu: مشہود (Mashhood)
  • Spanish: Marcado
  • French: Marqué
  • German: Markiert
  • Russian: Помеченный (Pomechennyy)
  • Arabic: مميز (Mumayyiz)
  • Chinese (Simplified): 明显的 (Míngxiǎn de)
  • Japanese: 目立つ (Medatsu)
  • Portuguese: Marcado


Noticeable, distinct, prominent, clear, evident, striking, remarkable, pronounced, significant, outstanding.


Insignificant, unnoticeable, subtle, indistinct, concealed, hidden, unremarkable, ordinary, imperceptible.

Examples Sentence

  • Her talent for painting was marked by vivid colors.
  • There was a marked improvement in his health.
  • The change in weather marked the onset of winter.

FAQs about Marked

Q: What does marked improvement mean?

Ans: Marked improvement indicates a significant and noticeable enhancement or progress in a particular situation, condition, or skill.

Q: How is marked used in a sentence?

 Ans: You can use it to describe something that has noticeable or distinct features. For example, "The project showed marked success."

Q: What is the opposite of marking?

Ans: The opposite of marked is "unmarked," indicating that something lacks noticeable or distinct characteristics and is rather ordinary or inconspicuous.

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