Awe-inspiring – Definition, Meaning, Synonyms & Antonyms

Awe-inspiring – Definition, Meaning, Synonyms & Antonyms

An awe-inspiring meaning describes something profoundly impressive or breathtaking, evoking a deep sense of wonder and admiration.

History of the Word Awe-inspiring

Ancient Beginnings

The concept of awe-inspiring experiences dates back to ancient civilizations, where natural wonders, celestial events, and monumental structures were seen as divine and awe-inducing.

Religious and Mythological Significance

Many cultures incorporated awe-inspiring elements into their religious beliefs, emphasizing the awe-inspiring power of gods and cosmic forces.

Renaissance to Romanticism

The Renaissance and Romantic eras celebrated the sublime, with artists and writers seeking to depict the awe-inspiring aspects of nature and the human spirit.

Modern Interpretations

In the modern era, awe-inspiring meaning experiences continue to be a source of inspiration, found in various forms, from scientific discoveries to cinematic spectacles.

English (Awe-inspiring As Adjective)


Awe-inspiring combines awe, meaning profound reverence or admiration, with inspiring, indicating the capacity to motivate or stimulate.


Pronunciation of awe-inspiring:/ɔː ɪnˈspaɪrɪŋ/.


Adjective awe-inspiring
Comparative Degree awe-inspiring
Superlative Degree awe-inspiring
Adverb awe-inspiringly
Noun awe-inspiring


  • Breathtaking
  • Magnificent
  • Sublime
  • Spectacular
  • Impressive
  • Majestic
  • incredible
  • Amazing


  • Unimpressive
  • Ordinary
  • Mundane
  • Uninspiring
  • Unremarkable
  • Dull
  • Prosaic
  • Commonplace

Derived Terms

  • Awesomeness
  • Awestruck

Translations of Awe-Inspiring

  • Hindi: आदर्शनीय (ādarśnīya)
  • Urdu: متاثرکن (mutaṣirkun)
  • Spanish: impresionante
  • French: impressionnant
  • German: beeindruckend
  • Chinese (Simplified): 令人惊叹的 (lìngrén jīngtàn de)
  • Arabic: ملهم (mulhim)
  • Russian: внушающий благоговение (vnushayushchiy blagogoveniye)
  • Japanese: 素晴らしい (subarashī)
  • Italian: impressionante

Example Sentences

  • The Grand Canyon’s vastness is awe-inspiring.
  • Her talent on the piano is truly awe-inspiring.
  • The Northern Lights were an awe-inspiring sight.

FAQS (People May Also Ask)

Q: What types of experiences are considered awe-inspiring?

Ans: Natural wonders, artistic creations, and extraordinary achievements often evoke awe.

Q: Can everyday moments be awe-inspiring?

Ans: Yes, small moments of beauty or kindness can also inspire awe.

Q: Is awe-inspiring the same as beautiful or impressive?

Ans: Awe-inspiring experiences often encompass beauty and impressiveness but go beyond to create a profound sense of wonder.

Q: Can people experience awe-inspiration differently?

Ans: Yes, individual perspectives and personal histories influence how people perceive and respond to awe.

Q: Are there health benefits to experiencing awe?

Ans: Research suggests that awe can have positive effects on mental well-being, fostering a sense of purpose and interconnectedness.

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