11 Letter Words

11 Letter Words

11-Letter For word games like Words with Friends and Scrabble, words are frequently quite helpful. You can use this list to locate the highest-scoring terms to outscore your opponent. With Word Finder by WordTips, you can sort a list of words according to the word game points you want.

11 Letter Words

Eleven Letter words are words that consist of eleven letters. There are some eleven-letter words such as Grandmother, Celebration, Imagination, Remembrance, Necessitate, Information, Grandfather, and many other words.

List of 11 Letter Words

Here are some examples of eleven-letter words:

Accelerated Acknowledge Amplifiers
Accompanied Adventurous Appreciated
Aggressively Affirmation Apprehended
Allegorical Aristocracy Atmosphere
Assertively Assumptions Backgrounds
Beneficiary Bureaucracy Brainstorms
Biologically Bittersweet Capacitated
Celebratory Chronically Commentary
Communicate Competently Conclusively
Confessions Consistently Constructed
Continually Contraption Cultivation
Deactivated Declaration Decomposing
Definitively Demonstrated Desperation
Development Discernment Disconnected
Discretionary Disposition Diversified
Dramatically Effectively Elaboration
Endangered Entertained Equilibrium
Establishing Exhilarated Experimented
Facilitated Fertilizers Frantically
Fulfillment Grandfather Grandmother
Harmoniously Imagination Incentivized
Inconsistent Incumbents Individuality
Inevitability Information Ingeniously
Innovations Inspiration Integration
Interpretation Intoxication Irresistible
Jubilantly Legislation Magnificent
Masterpiece Meaningful Necessitate
Noteworthy Overwhelming Participation
Passionately Perseverance Possibility
Prerequisites Proclamation Productivity
Progressively Prominently Propaganda
Quarantined Recognizing Recollection
Redemption Reflection Remembrance
Resiliently Resolution Satisfaction
Significance Simultaneously Spontaneous
Stabilization Strengthened Strikingly
Substantial Supplemented Sympathetically
Systematized Technically Thoughtfully
Transformation Unanticipated Unconventional
Understandable Unmistakable Unprecedented
Unquestionably Unwillingness Utilization

Uses of 11-Letter Words

11 Letter Words with A

Here are examples of eleven-letter words starting with A:

Abandonable Abandonment Abandonware
Abashedness Abbreviator Abecedarian
Abecedarium Abhominable Abidingness
Abiogenesis Abiogenetic Abiological
Abiotrophic Ablactation Ablutionary
Abnormalise Abnormality Abolishable
Abolishment Abomination Aboveground
Abracadabra Abranchiate Abridgeable
Abscondence Absentation Absenteeism
Absorptance Abstentious Abstraction
Abstractive Abstriction Abusiveness
Academician Academicise Acanthocyte
Acanthodian Acanthology Acarologist
Acarophobia Acarpellous Acatalectic
Acataleptic Acaulescent Accelerable
Accelerando Accelerator Accentuable
Accentuator Acceptation Accessional
Accessorial Accessorize Accipitrine
Acclamation Acclamatory Acclimation
Acclivitous Accommodate Accompanist
Accordatura Accordature Accountable
Accountancy Acculturate Acculturize
Accumulable Accumulator Accusatival
Acesodynous Acetanilide Acetimetric
Acetobacter Acetometric Acetylation
Achievement Achlamydate Achondritic
Achromatise Achromatism Achromatous
Acicularity Acidanthera Acidifiable
Acidimetric Acidization Acidophilic
Acidulation Acinaciform Acknowledge
Acmesthesia Acoustician Acquiescent
Acquirement Acquisition Acquisitive
Acquisitory Acquittance Acriflavine
Acrimonious Acrocarpous Acrocentric
Acrochordon Acrodontism Acromegalic
Acropolitan Acrosporous Actinodrome
Actinograph Actinolitic Actinometer
Actinometry Actinomycin Actualistic

11 Letter Words with B

Here are examples of eleven-letter words starting with B:

Bacchanalia Bacciferous Baccivorous
Bachelordom Bachelorism Bacilliform
Backbencher Backbreaker Backchannel
Backscatter Backslapper Backslidden
Backstabber Backstopper Backstretch
Backstroker Backswimmer Baconburger
Bactericide Bacteriuria Bacteroidal
Baddeleyite Bailiffship Balanceable
Baldacchino Balefulness Balistraria
Balletomane Balloonfish Balloonlike
Bambocciata Bambocciate Bandboxical
Banefulness Bankability Bannerstone
Baptizement Barbitalism Barbiturate
Barbiturism Baresthesia Bargainable
Barnstormer Baroclinity Barographic
Baronetical Barquentine Barrelhouse
Bashfulness Basidiocarp Basiliscine
Bastnaesite Batholithic Bathymetric
Bathyscaphe Bathysphere Batsmanship
Battlefield Battlefront Battleplane
Battologise Battologist Beachcomber
Beachmaster Beanshooter Beardedness
Beardtongue Bearishness Beaugregory

11 Letter Words with C

Here are examples of eleven-letter words starting with C:

Collocation Complicated Cabbagehead
Cabbagelike Cabbagetown Cackleberry
Cacodemonic Calcifugous Calcination
Calcinatory Calibration Californite
Californium Calisthenic Campanology
Campanulate Canalicular Cancelation
Cancellable Canceration Candelabrum
Candescence Candidature Candidiasis
Candleberry Candlelight Candlepower
Candlestand Candlestick Cannabidiol
Capitalness Capitulator Cappelletti
Capriccioso Caprolactam Capsulation
Captainship Captionless Captivation
Carabiniere Carabinieri Caravansary
Cardinalate Certificate Cervelliere
Cesarevitch Cetological Chaetognath
Chainstitch Chimneylike Chinoiserie
Chirography Chiromancer Choirmaster
Chokecherry Cholecystic Circularity
Circulation Circulative Coalitioner
Coarctation Coatimundis Cobblestone
Coccidiosis Coccolithic Cockleshell
Codefendant Codependent Codicillary
Codominance Coexistence Coextension
Coextensive Coextrusion Collunarium
Collutorium Cologarithm Colonelship
Combinative Combinatory Combustible
Comedogenic Comeuppance Comfortable
Comfortless Comicalness Condensable
Condensible Condimental Confabulate
Confarreate Confederacy Confederate
Conferrable Confessable Congealable
Congealment Congelation Counterfire
Counterfoil Counterfort Countryseat
Countryside Countrywide Courtliness
Coxcombical Crabbedness Cranioscopy
Crapehanger Crapshooter Crashworthy
Cravingness Creationary Creationism
Creationist Creatorship Credibility
Cremasteric Criminatory Crustaceous
Cryobiology Cryohydrate Cryosurgery
Cryotherapy Cryptogamic Cryptogenic
Cryptograph Cryptologic Cryptomonad
Cushionless Cushionlike Cuspidation
Customhouse Cyclosporin Cyclostylar
Cyclothymia Cyclothymic Cylindrical

11 Letter Words with D

Here are examples of eleven-letter words starting with D:

Dacryorrhea Dactylogram Dactylology
Dangleberry Daredevilry Darkishness
Darlingness Dartingness Datableness
Debouchment Debridement Decadrachma
Decahydrate Decalcifier Decalescent
Decantation Decapitator Decarbonate
Declaration Declarative Declaratory
Declination Declinatory Declinature
Declivitous Decollation Decolletage
Decolorizer Decolourant Decommunize
Decondition Deconstruct Decorticate
Decremental Decrepitate Deferential
Defibrinate Definiendum Definientia
Deflagrable Deflectable Defloration
Deforcement Deformalize Deformation
Delitescent Demibastion Demigoddess
Demyelinate Demystifier Denigration
Denigrative Denigratory Denitration
Deploration Deplumation Depolarizer
Depollution Depopulator Deportation
Depravation Deprecation Deprecative
Desensitise Deserpidine Desexualize
Desiccation Desiccative Destabilize
Desterilize Destination Destitution
Destroyable Destruction Destructive
Detonatable Detoxicator Detrainment
Detribalise Detrimental Detritivore
Detrivorous Detumescent Deuteration
Devotedness Diaphaneity Diaphoresis
Diaphoretic Diapophysis Diapositive
Diarrhoetic Diarthrosis Diastrophic
Diatessaron Dichromatic Dicotyledon
Dictational Dictatorial Didacticism
Diencephala Differentia Diffraction
Dinosaurian Dinotherium Directional
Directorate Directorial Disablement
Discalceate Discernable Discernment
Discifloral Disciplinal Discussable
Discussible Disencumber Disentangle
Disenthrall Disenthrone Disentrance
Disfunction Distantness Distasteful
Distrustful Disturbance Disulphuric
Disunionism Diurnalness Divaricator
Diverseness Divulgatory Divulgement
Dockominium Doctorspeak Doctrinaire
Documentary Dolorimetry Dolphinfish
Doltishness Domesticate Domesticity
Domiciliary Domiciliate Douricoulis
Douroucouli Downtrodden Doxological

11 Letter Words with E

Here are examples of eleven-letter words starting with E:

Earthperson Earthshaker Easefulness
Easternmost Eavestrough Eccentrical
Ecclesiarch Eccrinology Ecumenicist
Effectivity Efficacious Egalitarian
Egocentrism Egomaniacal Egotistical
Eigenvector Einsteinium Eisegetical
Ejaculation Ejaculative Ejaculatory
Elaboration Elastomeric Elderliness
Electioneer Electrician Electricity
Electrifier Electrocute Electroform
Electrolyte Electrolyze Electronica
Electroplax Electrotype Electrotypy
Electroweak Elephantine Elephantoid
Elicitation Eligibility Elimination
Eliminative Eliminatory Ellipsoidal
Ellipticity Elsewhither Elucidation
Emasculator Embarcadero Embarcation
Embarkation Embellisher Emblematist
Emblematize Embraceable Embracement
Embrocation Embroiderer Embroilment
Embrutement Embryectomy Embryogenic
Embryologic Embryotoxic Embryotroph
Emmenagogic Emmenagogue Emotionless
Emotiveness Emperorship Emplacement
Empowerment Encapsulant Enchainment
Enchantment Enchantress Enchiridion
Enchondroma Encomiastic Encounterer
Enculturate Endometrial Endometrium
Endomorphic Enfeoffment Enforceable
Enforcement Enfranchise Engagedness
Engorgement Engraftment Enigmatical
Enteropathy Enterostomy Enterotoxin
Enteroviral Enterovirus Enthralment
Epiphragmal Epiphylline Equiangular
Equicaloric Equidistant Equilateral
Equilibrant Equilibrate Equilibrist
Equilibrium Equinoctial Equipollent
Equivalence Equivalency Equivocator
Eradication Eradicative Ergographic
Esotericist Esthetician Estheticism
Ethereality Etherealize Ethionamide
Ethnobotany Ethnography Ethnologist
Ethological Etiological Etymologize

11 Letter Words with F

Here are examples of eleven-letter words starting with F:

Facilitator Factorylike Falconiform
Fanfaronade Fantabulous Fantastical
Fantasyland Farcicality Farkleberry
Farthingale Fascination Fashionable
Fashionista Faultfinder Fauxbourdon
Favellidium Favoredness Feasibility
Featherback Featherbone Featheredge
Featherhead Fecundatory Feedthrough
Feldspathic Felspathose Feoffeeship
Fergusonite Fermentable Ferrocement
Ferrocerium Ferrochrome Ferromagnet
Ferronickel Ferruginous Fertileness
Festination Festschrift Fetishistic
Fibrocystic Fibromatous Fibronectin
Fibroplasia Fiddlededee Fiddlerfish
Fiddlestick Fieldworker Filamentary
Filamentous Filmization Filmography
Fimbriation Fimbrillate Fingerboard
Fingerprint Fingerspell Fingerstall
Firmamental Fishability Fisherwoman
Fissionable Flabbergast Flamboyance
Flankerback Flannelette Flatulation
Flexibility Flexitarian Flexography
Flickertail Flimflammer Flitchplate
Flittermice Flocculable Flocculator
Flocculence Floorwalker Florescence
Florilegium Flowability Floweriness
Fluctuation Flucytosine Fluegelhorn
Flumadiddle Fluorescein Fluorescent
Fluorometer Fluorometry Fluoroscope
Fluoroscopy Flushometer Fomentation
Forbearance Forbiddance Forcepslike
Foreclosure Foreglimpse Foremanship
Foreseeable Forestation Forethought
Forevermore Foreverness Forfeitable
Forgettable Forgiveness Forlornness
Formability Formalistic Formational
Formatively Formicarium Formication
Formulation Fornicatory Fornicatrix
Forniciform Fractionate Fracturable
Franklinite Fratricidal Fraudulence
Freemasonic Freemasonry Freewheeler
Fricandeaux Frigatebird Frigidarium
Fringilline Fritillaria Frondescent
Frowardness Frugivorous Frustration

11 Letter Words with G

Here are examples of eleven-letter words starting with G:

Gallimaufry Gallinacean Gallowglass
Gametangium Gametogenic Gametophore
Gametophyte Ganglioside Gangsterism
Garlandlike Garnishment Gastrectomy
Gastrocoele Gemmulation Gemological
Gendarmerie Generalness Generalship
Genotypical Genuflexion Genuineness
Geochemical Geoengineer Geoisotherm
Geolocation Geomagnetic Geomedicine
Geometrical Geophysical Geostrophic
Geosyncline Geotectonic Geratologic
Germaphobia Gingerbread Glabrescent
Glaciologic Glassblower Glaucescent
Glauconitic Glaucophane Globigerina
Globularity Glycuronide Gradational
Grammalogue Grammatical Gramophonic
Grandeeship Grandfather Grandiflora
Grandmaster Grandmother Grandnephew
Grandparent Granitelike Graniteware
Granularity Granulation Granulocyte
Granulomata Graphologic Graphomotor
Graphophone Graphotypic Graptolitic
Grasscutter Grasshopper Gratifiable
Gratulation Gratulatory Gravedigger
Graveldiver Graverobber Gravimetric
Gravisphere Gravitation Gravitative
Greaseproof Greenbottle Groundwater
Gubernacula Gynecopathy Gynostegium

11 Letter Words with H

Here are examples of eleven-letter words starting with H:

Habitudinal Haggadistic Hagiography
Hagioscopic Hairbreadth Hallucinate
Halobiontic Haloperidol Halophilous
Hamantashen Hammercloth Hammerstone
Hammocklike Handbreadth Handicapper
Handsomeish Heartedness Hearthstone
Heathenhood Heathenship Heavyweight
Hebdomadary Hebephrenia Hebephrenic
Hectocotyli Hectogramme Hemihydrate
Hemimorphic Hemisection Hemispheric
Heptangular Heptarchist Heptavalent
Herbivority Herbivorous Herbologist
Hereinabove Hereinafter Hereinbelow
Heresiology Hermeneutic Hermeticism
Herpesvirus Herpetology Herringbone
Herringlike Hesperidate Hesperidium
Hetaeristic Heteroauxin Heterocarpy
Heterotopia Heterotopic Heterotrich
Heterotroph Heterotypic Hexadecimal
Hexagonally Hexahemeric Hexahemeron
Hexahydrate Hexahydroxy Hexanitrate
Hexapartite Hexaplarian Hexastichic
Historicism Historicist Historicity
Historicize Hobbledehoy Holluschick
Holoblastic Holocarpous Holocaustal
Holocaustic Hologonidia Homothallic
Homothermal Homotypical Honeymooner
Honeysucker Honeysuckle Honorifical
Hooliganism Hopefulness Hoppergrass
Horizonless Hormogonium Hormogonous
Hornblendic Hornswoggle Horological
Horseradish Hydrargyrum Hydrobromic
Hydrocarbon Hydrocodone Hydrocyanic
Hydrogenate Hydrolysate Hydromantic
Hydrothorax Hydrotropic Hydroxylase
Hydroxylate Hydroxyurea Hypermetric
Hyperovaria Hyperoxemia Hyperphagia
Hyperphagic Hyperplasia Hypoacidity
Hypoadrenia Hypoblastic Hypochromia
Hypochromic Hypocrinism Hypocycloid
Hypodescent Hypokalemia Hypokalemic
Hypolimnial Hypolimnion Hyponitrite
Hyponitrous Hypopharynx Hypophyseal
Hypophysial Hyposthenia Hypostomial
Hyposulfite Hypotension Hypotensive
Hypothalami Hypothecary Hypothecate

11 Letter Words with I

Here are examples of eleven-letter words starting with I:

Ichthyoidal Ichthyolite Ichthyology
Ichthyosaur Iconography Icosahedral
Icosahedron Ideographic Ideological
Idioblastic Idioglossia Idioglottic
Idiographic Idiomatical Idiomorphic
Idioplasmic Idolization Idoxuridine
Illimitable Imbrication Imbricative
Imitability Imitational Immanentism
Immediatism Immediatist Immigration
Immunoassay Immunogenic Immunologic
Immunotoxin Impassivity Impastation
Impanelment Impartation Impassivity
Impastation Impatiently Impeachment
Impecunious Impedimenta Impertinent
Imperviable Impetration Implication
Implicature Imploration Impoundment
Impractical Imprecation Imprecatory

11 Letter Words with J

Here are examples of eleven-letter words starting with J:

Jasminelike Jejunectomy Jinrickshaw
Journeywork Joylessness Judgemental
Judgmatical Juramentado Justiceless
Justiceship Justiciable Justifiable
Justifiably Juvenescent

11 Letter Words with K

Here are examples of eleven-letter words starting with K:

Kailyardism Kamelaukion Katamorphic
Keelboatman Keepability Keratectomy
Keratoderma Keratolytic Keratometer
Keratometry Keratoscope Keratoscopy
Ketosteroid Kindredless Kindredness
Kindredship Kinematical Kinesiology
Kinesthesia Kinesthesis Kinesthetic
Kinetochore Kinetograph Kinetoscope
Kinnikinick Kinnikinnic Kinnikinnik
Kissability Kitchenette Kitchenless
Kitchenmaid Kitchenware Kleptocracy
Kleptomania Knuckleball Knucklebone
Knucklehead Koilonychia Kwashiorkor

11 Letter Words with L

Here are examples of eleven-letter words starting with L:

Labiodental Labradorite Labyrinthic
Laccolithic Lacertilian Lachrymator
Lacquerware Lacrimation Lacrimatory
Lactalbumin Lactational Lactescence
Lactovarian Lagomorphic Laicization
Lalapalooza Lamellicorn Lamelliform
Lamellosity Lamentation Lamprophony
Lamprophyre Lancination Landaulette
Landgravine Landlordism Landscapist
Landsknecht Langbeinite Langoustine
Languidness Lanternfish Laparoscope
Laparoscopy Larrikinism Laterigrade
Lateritious Latifundium Latitudinal
Latreutical Latticeleaf Latticelike
Latticework Laudability Laudatorily
Launderable Launderette Leaseholder
Leatherback Leatherette Leatherfish
Leatherhead Leatherleaf Leatherneck
Leatherwear Leatherwood Leatherwork
Lectureship Legerdemain Legionnaire
Legislation Legislative Legislatrix
Legislature Leiomyomata Leishmanial
Leisurewear Lentiginose Lentiginous
Lepidoptera Lepidoptery Lepromatous
Leprosarium Leprousness Leptokurtic
Leptospirae Leptospiral Lesquerella
Lestobiotic Lethargical Leucoplakia

11 Letter Words with M

Here are examples of eleven-letter words starting with M:

Machination Machineable Machineless
Machinelike Macrobiotic Macrocosmic
Macrocyclic Macrodontia Macrodontic
Macrofossil Macrogamete Macrography
Macromutant Macrophagic Macropodous
Macroscopic Macrosporic Madreporian
Madreporite Madrigalian Madrigalist
Magisterial Magisterium Magnanimity
Magnetogram Magnetotail Magnifiable
Magnificent Magnisonant Maidishness
Maidservant Mailability Maintenance
Maisonnette Maladaptive Malapropism
Malariology Malediction Maledictive
Maledictory Malefaction Maleficence
Malevolence Malfeasance Malfunction
Malonylurea Malposition Malpractice
Mammiferous Mammillaria Mammography
Mammonistic Mammoplasty Mandibulate
Mandolinist Manducation Manducatory
Manipulator Manneristic Mannishness
Manorialism Mantelboard Mantelletta
Mantelpiece Mantelshelf Mantlepiece
Manuduction Manuductive Manufactory
Manufacture Manumission Maquiladora
Maraboutism Marcescence Marchioness
Marconigram Marginality Margination

11 Letter Words with N

Here are examples of eleven-letter words starting with N:

Nameability Nannofossil Nanomachine
Naphthacene Naphthalene Naphthaline
Narcodollar Narcoleptic Narcomaniac
Narrational Narrativize Nasogastric
Nasopharynx Nateglinide Nationalism
Nationalist Nationality Natriuretic
Naturopathy Neanderthal Neanthropic
Necessitude Neckerchief Necromancer
Necromantic Necrophilic Necrophobia
Necrophobic Needlecraft Needlepoint
Needlewoman Neencephala Negationist
Negotiation Nemathecial Nemathecium
Nematicidal Nematocidal Nematomorph
Neoadjuvant Neocolonial Neocortical
Neologistic Neonatology Neopaganism
Neopopulism Neopopulist Neostigmine
Nephrectomy Nephropathy Nephrostome
Nervulation Nervuration Netherworld
Neurilemmal Neurocelian Neurofibril
Neuroleptic Neurologist Neuromastic
Neuromatous Neuropathic Neuropteran
Neuropteron Neuroticism Neurotomist
Neurotrophy Neurotropic Neurulation
Neutralizer Neutropenia Neutropenic

11 Letter Words with O

Here are examples of eleven-letter words starting with O:

Obfuscation Obfuscatory Objectivism
Objectivist Objectivity Objectivize
Objurgation Objurgative Objurgatory
Obliterable Obliterator Obscuration
Obscureness Obsecration Obsequeence
Observation Observatory Obsessional
Obsolescent Obstetrical Obstipation
Obstruction Obstructive Obtestation
Obumbration Obviousness Occultation
Ochlocratic Ochlophobia Octahedrite
Octillionth Octuplicate Odometrical
Odontoblast Odontogenic Odontograph
Odontophore Odoriferous Odorousness
Oecumenical Oenological Oesophageal
Officerhood Officerless Officership
Officialdom Officialese Officiation
Olecranioid Oleographic Olethreutid
Oligodontia Oligotrophy Ombudswomen
Ommatophore Omniscience Onagraceous
Oncological Oneiromancy Onomasticon
Ontogenesis Ontogenetic Ontological
Opalescence Operability Operational
Operativity Ophiologist Opportunism
Opportunist Opportunity Optionality

11 Letter Words with P

Here are examples of eleven-letter words starting with P:

Pachydermic Pachysandra Pacificator
Packability Packageable Paddleboard
Painfulness Palankeener Palaverment
Paleobotany Paleocortex Paleography
Paleolithic Paleologist Palettelike
Palindromic Palingenist Palladinize
Palmatisect Palpability Palpitation
Palsgravine Paludamenta Pamphleteer
Panathenaic Panchreston Pandemoniac
Pandemonium Panduriform Panegyrical
Panhellenic Panlogistic Panpsychism
Panpsychist Panromantic Pansophical
Pantheistic Pantography Pantologist
Pantomimist Pantonality Pantropical
Paperperson Papilliform Papillomata
Papillosity Papovavirus Pappardelle
Papyraceous Papyritious Parablastic
Parabolical Parachutist Paragenetic
Paragogical Paragrapher Paragraphic
Paraldehyde Paramorphic Paramountcy
Paraphernal Parascenium Paraselenae

11 Letter Words with Q

Here are examples of eleven-letter words starting with Q:

Quadraphony Quadrasonic Quadrennial
Quadrennium Quadricycle Quadrillion
Quadrumvirs Quadrupedal Quaestorial
Qualifiable Qualitative Qualityless
Quarantiner Quarrelsome Quarterback
Quarterdeck Quartersawn Queersplain
Questionary Quicksilver Quinazoline
Quinceanera Quincuncial Quincunxial
Quindecagon Quinhydrone Quinonimine
Quinoxaline Quinquennia Quinternion
Quintillion Quodlibetic Quotability

11 Letter Words with R

Here are examples of eleven-letter words starting with R:

Racialistic Racquetball Radiability
Radiational Radioactive Radiocarbon
Radiocesium Radiography Radioiodine
Radiolarian Radiologist Radiolucent
Radiometric Radiopacity Radiosodium
Radiotracer Radiovision Raffishness
Railwayless Rainbowlike Rallentando
Rammishness Rangefinder Rangemaster
Rapscallion Raptureless Rarefaction
Rarefactive Ratatouille Rathskeller
Ratiocinate Rationalist Rationality
Rattlebrain Rattlesnake Reacclimate
Reaccompany Reactionary Reactionism
Reactionist Readability Readaptable
Readmission Readornment Reaffiliate
Reaggravate Reaggregate Realignment
Realization Reallotment Realpolitik
Realterable Reamendment Reapologize
Reapportion Reapprehend Rearbitrate

11 Letter Words with S

Here are examples of eleven-letter words starting with S:

Sacculation Sacramental Sacrificial
Sacrolumbar Saddlecloth Safecracker
Sagittiform Sailboarder Saintliness
Saleability Salespeople Salesperson
Salinometer Salinometry Salmonberry
Salmonellae Salpingitic Saltational
Saltatorial Saltimbocca Saltirewise
Saltishness Salvability Salvageable
Salvational Sandblaster Sanguinaria
Sanguineous Sansevieria Sapiosexual
Saplessness Saponaceous Saprogenous
Saprophytic Sarcodinian Sarcolemmic
Sarcomatoid Sarcomatous Sarcophagus
Sardonicism Sauerbraten Saurischian
Sausagelike Saussuritic Savableness
Saxophonist Scagliolist Scalariform
Scalpriform Scammoniate Scaremonger
Scarlatinal Scattergood Scattergram
Scatterplot Scattershot Scaturience
Scenography Scepterless Schatchanim
Schistosity Schistosome Schizogenic

11 Letter Words with T

Here are examples of eleven-letter words starting with T:

Taciturnity Taeniacidal Tagliatelle
Tagmemicist Tamperproof Tangibility
Taphephobia Taphonomist Tarnishable
Tarradiddle Taurobolium Taurocholic
Tautologise Tautologism Taxgatherer
Taxlessness Taxonomical Tchervonetz
Tchervontzi Teacherless Teachership
Tearfulness Teaspoonful Technocracy
Technologic Technophile Technophobe
Tediousness Teemingness Teenybopper
Teeterboard Teetotalism Telecommute
Telefeature Teleferique Telegnostic
Telegrammic Telegrapher Telegraphic
Telekinesis Telekinetic Teleologism
Teleologist Telepathise Telepathist
Telephonist Teleplasmic Teleprinter
Teleshopper Telesterion Telesthesia
Telesthetic Teletheater Teletherapy
Teliosporic Telocentric Telodynamic

11 Letter Words with U

Here are examples of eleven-letter words starting with U:

Ulotrichous Ultracasual Ultrafilter
Ultramarine Ultramodern Ultrasecret
Ultrasimple Ultraviolet Ultravirile
Unabrogable Unabsorbent Unaccordant
Unacuminous Unadaptable Unadducible
Unadeptness Unadmirable Unadmissive
Unadoptable Unadornment Unaesthetic
Unairworthy Unalienable Unallowable
Unalterable Unambiguous Unambitious
Unamendable Unannexable Unapposable
Unarbitrary Unarousable Unarrestive
Unascendant Unascendent Unaspersive
Unassertive Unassiduous Unassuasive
Unassumable Unasthmatic Unattentive
Unaudacious Unauthentic Unautomatic
Unavailable Unaxiomatic Unbarricade
Unbeautiful Unbeknownst Unbellicose
Unbenignant Unbenignity Unbombastic

11 Letter Words with V

Here are examples of eleven-letter words starting with V:

Vacillatory Vacuolation Vagabondage
Vagabondish Vagabondism Vaginectomy
Valediction Valedictory Valentinite
Valinomycin Valleculate Valuational
Valvulotomy Vandalistic Vanguardism
Vanguardist Vaporescent Vaporimeter
Vaporizable Variability Variational
Varicelloid Variegation Vasodilator
Vasopressin Vasopressor Vaticinator
Vellication Vellicative Velocimeter
Vendibility Venereology Venesection
Venlafaxine Ventilation Ventilative
Ventilatory Ventricular Ventriloquy
Venturesome Veratridine Verbalistic
Verisimilar Vermiculate Vermiculite
Verrucosity Versatility Versicolour
Verticalism Verticality Vertiginous
Vexillology Vibraculoid Vibratility
Viceroyship Vichyssoise Viciousness
Victimology Videocamera Videography
Videoscreen Vigilantism Vinaigrette
Vinblastine Vincibility Vincristine

11 Letter Words with W

Here are examples of eleven-letter words starting with W:

Warrantable Warrantless Warriorlike
Washability Wastebasket Watercourse
Waterfinder Waterthrush Waterturkey
Wearability Weathercast Weathercock
Weatherfish Weathervane Weatherworn
Weighbridge Weightiness Weldability
Weltschmerz Westernmost Wettability
Whalesucker Whangdoodle Wharfmaster
Wheelbarrow Wheelwright Wheresoever
Wherewithal Whichsoever Whiffletree
Whigmaleery Whippletree Whistleable
Whitesplain Whitethroat Whitewasher
Whitherward Whitleather Whitlowwort
Whoremaster Whoremonger Whorishness
Whosesoever Widowerhood Wienerwurst
Windbaggery Windcheater Windlestraw

11 Letter Words with X

Here are some examples of eleven-letter words  with X:

Xanthophore Xanthophyll Xenoblastic

11 Letter Words with Y

Here are examples of eleven-letter words with Y:

Yachtswoman Yachtswomen Yellowbelly

11 Letter Words with Z

Here are some examples of eleven-letter words with Z:

Zealousness Zeptosecond Zestfulness

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

Q1: How many numbers of eleven-letter words in the English language?

Ans: Here are thousands of eleven-letter words in English. The number of 11-letter words is nearly about 29 thousand.

Q2: Which country names have eleven letters?

Ans: Here are a few examples of countries with 11-letter words such as Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, Seychelles, Luxembourg, Azerbaijan, and Switzerland.

Q3: What words have eleven letter words?

Ans: There are many 11-letter words in the English language. A few examples are Accelerator, Aberrations, Adolescents, etc.

Q4: What are the names of technologies that are used in eleven-letter words?

Ans: Here are some examples of technologies with eleven-letter words such as Cybernetics, Teleporters, etc.

Q5: What are the 11-letter words that start with a certain letter?

Ans: Some 11-letter words that start with a specific alphabet such as accelerator, benevolence, determination, conversation, etc.

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