2 Letter Words

2 Letter Words

Two-letter words are used to provide the connection between two or more than two complex words. These words are a combination of vowels and constants. Some common aspects of two-letter words are pronouns, Auxiliary verbs, prepositions, and conjunctions. Most of the two-letter words do not come with any official definition.

Two-Letters Words

Some of two letter words are “is”, “on”, “it”, “an”, “we”, “by”, “if”, “me”, “go”, “hi”, “to”, “in”, “of”, etc. Two-letter words are used to create new words or talk with friends. Uses of two-letter words must need high vocabulary and language skills.

Lists of two-letter words

There is a list of hundred words that are commonly used in English:

an up jo
as us ma
at we me
be am mm
by aa mu
do ay my
go at no
he ax od
if bi of
in do oh
is eh on
it ex or
me go ox
my hi pa
no ho pi
of id re
on if so
or in to
so is uh
to it Um
us Of Ho
we on my
xi or me
ye so Hi
yo to Go
an up it
as us Ex
at we is

Examples of Sentences of 2 Letter Words

Two letter words used in a sentence are given below:

  • an- I like an apple
  • am- I am going to the school
  • he- He is my friend
  • do- Do you want tea?
  • in- We play in the ground
  • it- It is raining heavily
  • go- Let’s go for a walk.
  • my- This is my house.
  • Is- Is this your book?
  • To- He went to the beach.
  • In- He has an apple in his hand.
  • At- We can eat at the restaurant.
  • Is- My car is parked outside.
  • go- I need to go to the grocery store.
  • my- I have a pen in my bag.
  • To- She likes to dance and sing.
  • At- Let’s meet at the café.
  • Be- He will be back soon.
  • We- We are having pizza for dinner.
  • In- She saw a snake in the garden.
  • me- Can you give me a hand?
  • To- We are going to the zoo.
  • Is- Is this the right way?
  • He- He won the game yesterday.
  • is- He is wearing a blue shirt.
  • To- It’s time to go to school.
  • Do- Do you want to play outside?
  • On- We are going on a trip.
  • On- I am sitting on the chair.
  • Go- Let’s go to the movies tonight.
  • we- We can eat ice cream later.

Prefixes of Two-Letter Words

Two-letter words are not commonly used in prefixes. It is used to modify the meaning of the word. Here are some examples that are used in prefixes.

Prefix Examples
un under
de decode
il illegal
co Cooperate
bi bicycle
re rewind

Suffixes of Two-Letter Words

Two-letter words are not commonly used in suffixes. It is added to the end of the word and used to modify the meaning of the word. Here are some examples of suffixes that are used in two-letter words.

Suffix Example
ty loyalty
ee Employ
In within
ed helped
en Brighten

List of 2 Letter Words with Meaning

  • Aa – a Type of Forms and Blocks
  • Ab – to Depart from
  • Ad – Short Form of Advertisement
  • Ae – One
  • Ag –Agriculture
  • Ah – Expression of Surprise
  • Ai – a Type of Japanese Poetry
  • Al – an Abbreviation of Aluminium
  • Am – the First Person Singular
  • An – a Word Used to represent Member
  • Ar – Variant Name “Arthur”
  • As – Same Degree
  • At – Expressing the Symbol @
  • Aw – an Exclamation of Surprise or Pain
  • Ax – a Tool
  • Ay – A Type of Tree Found in the Caribbean
  • Ba – the Sound of Sheep
  • Be –to Occupy a Position
  • Bi – Prefix Meaning
  • Bo – a Type of Tree in the Caribbean
  • By – Beside
  • De – a Prefix Meaning “down”
  • Do – to Perform an Action
  • Ed – Form of Verb
  • Ef – Term for “cool”
  • Eh – an Exclamation Used or to Express Doubt or Surprise
  • El – a Term for “elevated Train”
  • En –a Prefix Meaning “in” or “within”
  • Er – Express Hesitation, Uncertainty, or Doubt
  • Es – a Unit of Measurement Equal to the Width of a Capital Letter S
  • Et – a Unit of Measurement Equal to the Width of a Lowercase Letter E
  • Ex – Slang Term for “cool”
  • Fa – a Slang Term for Father Figure
  • Fe – Symbol of Iron
  • Fy – to Make or Become Different
  • Go – to Move from One Place to Another
  • Ha – Express the Surprise
  • He – a Male Person, or a Pronoun
  • Hi –  Informal Greeting
  • Hm – an Expression of Thoughtfulness
  • Ho – an Exclamation Used to Express Surprise
  • Id – Unconscious Mind
  • If – Expressing a Condition
  • In – Expressing Location
  • Is – Third Person Singular Word
  • It – Referring to a Thing Previously Mentioned
  • Ka – a Spiritual Concept in Ancient Egyptian Religion
  • La – a Musical Note
  • Li – a Chinese Unit of Distance
  • Ma – Mother

Real Words with Meaning

  • Me – the Speaker or Writer As the Object of a Verb or Preposition
  • Mi – a Musical Note, or a Prefix Meaning middle
  • Mm – an Expression of Agreement
  • Mo – Term of Significant Other
  • Mu – a Prefix Meaning “mute”
  • My – Belonging to
  • Na – a Slang Term for “no”
  • Ne – a Prefix Meaning “new”
  • No – a Slang Term for “no”
  • Nu – a Slang Term for “nude”
  • Od – a Hypothetical Substance Believed to Pervade All Space
  • Of – Relationship Between a Part
  • Oh – an Exclamation Expressing Surprise
  • Oi – an Exclamation Which is Used to Get Attention
  • Om – a Measurement of Electrical Resistance
  • On – Indicating Location,
  • Op – a Surgical Procedure
  • Or – a Choice Between Two Options
  • Os – a Suffix Used to Form Plural Nouns
  • Ow – an Expression of Pain
  • Ox – a Large Domesticated Bovine Animal Used for
  • Oy – an Exclamation Expressing Dismay or Annoyance
  • Pa – Term used for Father
  • Pe – a Letter of Hebrew Alphabet
  • Pi – a Letter of the Greek Alphabet
  • Po – Term used for Police Officer
  • To – Direction of a Particular Place or Thing
  • Uh – an Expression Used to Indicate Hesitation
  • Um – an Expression Used to Indicate
  • Un – Indicating Negation or Reversal
  • Up – Indicating a Higher Position
  • Us – One or More Other People
  • Ut – a Musical Note
  • We – Referring to the Speaker or Writer and One or More Other People, a Person in a Particular Group
  • Wo – Expressing Surprise or Excitement
  • Xi – the 14th Letter of the Greek Alphabet, or a Chinese Concept Meaning “the Universal Law or Principle That Underlies All Things”
  • Xu – a Monetary Unit of Vietnam,
  • Ya – an Exclamation Expressing
  • Ye – Term for “yes”
  • Yo – Term for “you”
  • Zo – Term used for Zoo

Scrabble Words of 2-Letter

Two-letter words are used to play games with words. Here is the list of 2 letter scrabble words:

aa ab Ad
ae ag ah
ai al am
an ar as
at aw ax
ay ba be
bi bo by
ch da de
di do Ea
ed ee ef
eh em er
es et ew
ex fa fe

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: Names of two-letter words which are mostly used in English?

Ans: Two-letter words are used to create the connection between the words. Some mostly used of two letter words are “is”, “on”, ”it”, ”in”, “an”, “we”, “my”, “do” etc.

Q: How many types of two-letter words?

Ans: Several types of 2 letter words are used in:

  • preposition (e.g. of, at, on, in)
  • pronoun (e.g. he, it, we)
  • interjection (e.g. oh, ah) and auxiliary verbs (e.g. do, be).

Q: What is the importance of 2-letter words?

Ans: Two-letter words are a language that is used for clear communication. For example be, which is used in sentence as He will be back soon.

Q: Write some description of 2 Letter words. 

Ans: These are the words that are only used with only two letters. It is used to perform many functions of grammar.

Q: What is the use of Scrabble in 2 letter words?

Ans: Two-letter words are useful in scrabble games which are helpful against other players. You can also learn many words in this game.

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