Nouns That Start With P

List of Nouns Start With P

Here we have a list of Nouns that start with P. You will learn the most commonly used nouns in the English language to expand your vocabulary in writing/speaking. Nouns Start with P will help you to learn about some of the most interesting events, emotions, and common things starting with the letter ‘P’.

What Are Nouns Beginning with P?

A noun is a word that commonly functions as the name of a distinct object or group of things, such as a person, place, living creatures, places, actions, qualities, states of existence, or ideas.

Person: Paige, Patrick, Photographer

Place: Paris, Prague, Park

Thing: Painting, Piano, Passport, Pillow

List of Nouns That Start With P

List of Nouns That Start With P

Part Play Profession
Place Proportion Poverty
Party Phone Plaintiff
Point Prison Phrase
Power Path Percent
Problem Pair Personality
Police Prince Princess
Policy Procedure Protein
Person Package Poll
Period Player Percentage
Position Profit Peak
Process Pp. Protest
Program Payment Pride
Price Pleasure Poetry
Practice Professor Participation
Paper Palace Penalty
President Partner Proof
Production Phase Pitch
Project Potential Psychology
Population Pension Paragraph
Performance Pool Pack
Property Pay Publicity
Plan Proposal Platform
Peter Pollution Poem
Pressure Plate Promise
Paul Program Pipe
Product Plastic Pupil
Park Passage Photograph
Page Parish Petrol
Picture Parent Pc
Press Publication Province
Parliament Panel Punishment
Public Pub Profile
Purpose Port Passion
Piece Partnership Pop
Pattern Philosophy Pope
Post Priority Phenomenon
Provision Plane Paint
Peace Personnel Preference
Past Preparation Perception
Principle Pocket Prosecution
Protection Promotion Poet
Presence Presentation Print
Progress Permission Pen
Plant Possession Prayer
Possibility Pilot Policeman
Pain Prospect Priest
Present Purchase Productivity
Patient Perspective Passenger
Pound Prize Pot
Pat Praise Promoter
Piano Plea Plus
Penny Packet Placement
Pan Propaganda Poison
Purchaser Photography Premier
Producer Porter Patron
Planet Preservation Passport
Plot Pencil Postgraduate
Pass Prosperity Prediction
Portrait Pie Patrol
Pond Prejudice Proliferation
Pit Plain Progression
Printer Portion Poster
Pity Practitioner Purity
Prisoner Photographer Platelet
Panic Parallel Plight
Peasant Pact Perfection
Pardon Politician Polymer
Privilege Protocol Parcel
Pursuit Pulse Procession
Pile Privacy Paisley
Portfolio Pump Pearl
Pregnancy Parade Pad
Probability Paradise Purse
Prevention Prestige Particle
Prey Plasma Para
Patch Prevalence Pony
Processor Pine Probation
Pause Par Playground
Publisher Pepper Prototype
Proposition Patent Proximity
Popularity Probe Paradox
Pole Predecessor Prescription
Pet Pottery Pillow
Pig Peat Professional
Pavement Principal Petroleum
Privatization Paddy Produce
Powder Patten Peg
Premium Patronage Peninsula
Petition Potato Pensioner
Palm Pin Ps
Polytechnic Profitability Prominence
Photo Precedent Picnic
Painter Privatization Projection
Punch Prose Pioneer
Pint Primary Pasture
Precision Pudding Prohibition
Parker Palmer Potter
Presidency Piper Parameter
Patience Plaster Pill
Pipeline Peacock Primacy
Pike Performer Potency
Predator Puppy Pornography
Philosopher Penguin Password
Push Presumption Psychiatrist
Pork Presenter Preacher
Proprietor Phosphate Parry
Pi Persistence Predicament
Pistol Pathway Placebo
Participant Pillar Postage
Pronunciation Plutonium Parrot
Penetration Pip Partition
Preoccupation Pull Precedence
Polo Psychoanalysis Pinch
Phoenix Plaque Potassium
Perry Papa Plasmid
Postcard Patio Prerogative
Pasta Pneumonia Portal
Pier Perimeter Palazzo
Paradigm Prophet Plantation
Perfume Paperback Pantomime
Posture Prof Prop
Psychologist Priory Pink
Plug Preface Proxy
Persuasion Pro Premise
Peer Prosecutor Policyholder
Physician Pretense Porcelain
Porch Politburo Protector
Penis Proletariat Provocation
Peasantry Promenade Pickup
Pal Polish Pollen
Puzzle Provider Peptide
Pavilion Postscript Physiology
Pyramid Paste Prostitute
Peel Polymerase Pointer
Pledge Prostitution Programmer
Plague Po Pancreatitis
Plateau Pigeon Pianist
Professionalism Pamphlet Prentice
Pick Poultry Pedigree
Punk Persecution Pouch
Pedestrian Prelude Pose
Parlour Phoebe Parasite
Pastry Payroll Pathology
Pam Peach Plumage
Paperwork Postman Prerequisite
Pest Parity Putt
Pilgrimage Parsley Payne
Pizza Pluralism Palette
Parachute Primacy Plumber
Platt Piss Private
Platinum Pathologist Poker
Plough Parody Provenance
Portland Prognosis Patchwork
Peck Paraffin Pronoun
Periphery Poppy Physiotherapy
Precaution Persona Prompt
Prophecy Pulp Purification
Piccadilly Premiere Proctor
Pentagon Parson Providence
Pesticide Play-off Pepsinogen
Piazza Prior Proclamation
Puppet Paddock Peregrine
Polythene Parchment Pilgrim
Pedal Parable Platoon
Propensity Precursor Paranoia
Puritan Parenthood Penicillin
Ploy Peacetime Proton
Proviso Psyche Polarization
Peril Puff Playgroup
Punctuation Pastor Playhouse
Procurement Primer Preserve
Planner Politeness Paralysis
Patsy Parapet Plethora
Prospectus Piety Pretext
Plank Parole Protectionism
Plunge Perm Porosity
Porridge Playwright Positivism
Patriotism Para. Perestroika
Plum Priesthood Pep
Pineapple Permit Plenty
Prowess Precipitation Prudence
Premiership Pellet Piggy
Papacy Porn Pe
Propagation Pear Palatine
Poly Psalm Pelvis
Pulpit Pragmatism Parma
Pore Pigment Phoneme
Pirate Pastime Percussion
Pollock Pendulum Permanence
Postponement Picket Psychosis
Portrayal Pixel Pageant
Pathogenesis Parenting Pulsar
Physiotherapist Panorama Pheasant
Physicist Parkin Pendant
Pram Pick-up Partridge
Preview Psychiatry Prawn
Plasminogen Pinnacle Phosphorus
Protestant P Noun Peroxide
Polyester Permeability Potty
Pebble Purple Polarisation
Periodical Penchant Practicality
Patriot Photosynthesis Principality
Pessimism Pegasus Psi
Pancreas Prostate Probate
Projector Pt Polio
Predominance Pantry Perseverance
Patriarch Physique Parquet
Pedestal Policewoman Purge
Propriety Petitioner Punt
Preamble Puddle Pippin
Paddle Putter Plausibility
Prologue Passivity Proportionality
Posterity Phenotype Pedagogy
Plurality Presidium Paracetamol
Payout Puzzlement Powerlessness
Phosphorylation Polyethylene Prick
Precondition Portraiture Predictability
Perch Playback Poolside
Pacifist P Noun Patois
Panda Plural Pathfinder
Populace Paw Prednisolone
Piston Palladium Polypeptide
Parkland Pic Piracy
Plenum P Noun Ping
Primrose Passageway Punter
Pussy Pharmacy Peanut
Polystyrene Perfusion Protagonist
Pivot Postmodernism Payer
Plaza Poise Puncture
Perspiration Prostaglandin Paraphernalia
Pratt Palate Pawn
Proficiency Preponderance Particular
Pang Propeller Predicate
Pea Pursuance Phantom
Pay-off Partido Pushchair
Phonology Pall Photocopier
Provost Pollard Pullover
P Noun Portico Prime
Primate Penance Python
Post-mortem Predation Pew
Pol Playboy Portability
Plywood Parallelism Perkin
Profusion Pwr Polarity
Precinct Pewter Pharaoh
Primitive Preamp Psychotherapy
Puberty Plume Presbytery
Parr Photon P Noun
Pascal Peroxide Panther

100+ Popular Nouns That Start With P

Popular Nouns That Start With P

20+ Common Nouns That Start with P

Here is a list of common p nouns:

  • Pencil: You can say it is a writing tool with a graphite core.
  • Planet: Earth is a celestial body.
  • Piano: Musical instrument with keys.
  • Penguin: Flightless bird in Antarctica.
  • Pocket: Small fabric compartment in clothing.
  • Puzzle: Jigsaw challenges mental skills.
  • Painter: Artist creating visual masterpieces.
  • Park: Recreational green space outdoors.
  • Pizza: Round flatbread topped with various ingredients.
  • Parade: Procession celebrating an event.
  • Player: A person participating in a game.
  • Palette: Surface for mixing and holding colors.
  • Palm: Inner surface of the hand.
  • Puddle: Small, shallow water collection.
  • Pilot: A person operating an aircraft.
  • Poster: Large printed advertisement or display.
  • Plaza: Public square or open space.
  • Platter: Large serving dish for food.
  • Prize: Reward for achievement or victory.
  • Password: Secret code for access.


Baby Names That Start With P

Positive Words Start With P

Adjectives That Start With P

List of Abstract Nouns That Start with P

Abstract nouns are intangible concepts, ideas, or emotions that evoke feelings and cannot be perceived through the five senses. Examples include love, happiness, and justice.

Here is a list of Abstract P Nouns:

  • Peace: Harmony, absence of conflict.
  • Patience: Tolerance in adversity.
  • Power: Ability to influence or control.
  • Purpose: Reason for existence or action.
  • Perfection: State of flawlessness or excellence.
  • Pride: Satisfaction in one’s achievements.
  • Paternalism: Authority with benevolent control.
  • Perseverance: Steadfastness in pursuit of goals.
  • Purity: Freedom from contamination or impurity.
  • Philosophy: Rational inquiry into fundamental principles.
  • Positivity: Optimism and constructive outlook.
  • Proximity: Nearness in space or time.
  • Privacy: State of being free from observation.
  • Passion: Intense emotion or enthusiasm.
  • Pleasure: Sensation of joy or satisfaction.
  • Prudence: Exercise of good judgment.
  • Purposefulness: Intention and determination.
  • Pondering: Thoughtful consideration or reflection.
  • Prowess: Exceptional skill or ability.
  • Paradox: Contradictory yet true statement.

List of Popular Positive Nouns Start with P

Here is a list of Positive P Nouns with definitions:


  •  Meaning: Harmony
  • Synonym: Tranquility,
  • Antonym: Conflict


  •  Meaning: Intense love or enthusiasm
  • Synonym: Zeal
  • Antonym: Apathy


  •  Meaning: Optimistic outlook
  • Synonym: Hopefulness
  • Antonym: Negativity


  •  Meaning: Tolerance
  • Synonym: Endurance
  • Antonym: Impatience


  •  Meaning: Tenacity
  • Synonym: Perseverance
  • Antonym: Quitting


  •  Meaning: Steadfastness
  • Synonym: Determination
  • Antonym: Indolence


  •  Meaning: Exceptional skill
  • Synonym: Expertise
  • Antonym: Incompetence


  • Meaning: Enjoyment
  • Synonym: Delight
  • Antonym: Displeasure


  • Meaning: Wisdom
  • Synonym: Caution
  • Antonym: Recklessness


  • Meaning:  Belief in positive outcomes
  • Synonym: Optimism
  • Antonym: Pessimism


  • Meaning – Charitable acts
  • Synonym – Benevolence
  • Antonym – Selfishness


  • Meaning: Lightheartedness
  • Synonym: Joviality
  • Antonym: Seriousness


  • Meaning: Taking initiative
  • Synonym: Initiative
  • Antonym: Passivity


  • Meaning:  Advancement
  • Synonym: Development
  • Antonym: Regression


  • Meaning: Success
  • Synonym: Affluence
  • Antonym: Poverty


  • Meaning: Self-esteem
  • Synonym: Dignity
  • Antonym:  Shame


  • Meaning: Collaboration
  • Synonym: Alliance
  • Antonym: Rivalry


  • Meaning: Courtesy
  • Synonym: Civility
  • Antonym: Rudeness


  • Meaning: Elegance
  • Synonym: Sophistication
  • Antonym: Tackiness

15+ List of Proper Nouns That Start with P

Proper nouns that begin with P are specific names of unique entities, such as individuals, places, or organizations, always capitalized to distinguish them from common nouns.

  • Paris
  • Peter
  • Pacific Ocean
  • Peru
  • Princeton University
  • Picasso
  • Panasonic
  • Pandora
  • Plymouth
  • Portofino
  • Pyramids of Giza
  • Pixar
  • Pennsylvania
  • Prince Harry
  • Prague

List Of Collective Nouns That Start With P

Here is a list of Collective P-nouns with meaning:

  • Pride of lions: Majestic group in the savannah.
  • Pod of dolphins: Graceful marine companions.
  • Pack of wolves: Cooperative hunters in the wilderness.
  • Parliament of owls: Wise nocturnal assembly.
  • The platoon of soldiers: Military unit on a mission.
  • The posse of cowboys: Western riding companions.
  • The phalanx of soldiers: Ancient infantry formation.
  • Plague of locusts: Destructive swarming insects.
  • The pile of books: Neatly stacked literary collection.
  • Panel of experts: Knowledgeable discussion group.
  • Parade of elephants: Majestic procession in the wild.
  • The palette of colors: Vibrant artistic spectrum.
  • The posse of sheriffs: Law enforcement team.
  • Plenitude of resources: Abundant and diverse supply.
  • Pandemonium of parrots: Noisy, colorful chaos.

List of Nouns That Start With P | Image

List of Nouns That Start With P

FAQs (Nouns Starting with P)

What are some nouns starting with p?

Nouns starting with P include piano, penguin, passport, planet, painting, peacock, puzzle, park, and names like Peter and Penelope.

What are some positive nouns that start with p?

Positive nouns that start with P include peace, positivity, passion, perseverance, purpose, pride, prosperity, and playfulness.

What are nouns beginning with the consonant p?

Nouns with P include planet, paradise, piano, peacock, prosperity, passport, pillow, painting, park, and parrot.

What’s the name of a famous person whose name starts with p?

A famous person whose name starts with P is Pablo Picasso, the renowned Spanish painter and sculptor known for co-founding the Cubist movement.

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