Nouns That Start With R

List of Nouns Start With R

Here we have a list of Nouns that start with R. You will learn the most commonly used nouns in the English language to expand your vocabulary in writing/speaking. Nouns Start with R will help you to learn about some of the most exciting events, emotions, and familiar things starting with the letter ‘R’.

What Are Nouns Beginning with R?

A noun is a word that commonly functions as the name of a distinct object or group of things, such as a person, place, living creatures, places, actions, qualities, states of existence, or ideas.

Person: Riley, Rebecca, Roland

Place: Rio de Janeiro, Riverside, Reykjavik

Thing: Radiator, Ruby, Rollercoaster, Record player, Ribbon

List of Nouns That Start With R

Nouns that start with R

Room Recession Receiver
Road Request Rope
Research Resolution Repair
Report Reputation Rhythm
Range Representation Roll
Rate Resistance Referendum
Result Round Rover
Role Regime Rejection
Reason Rugby Recommendation
Right Restaurant Rod
Rest Retirement Reserve
Relationship Requirement Receipt
Record Reply Ron
Response Ruth Remedy
Risk Ratio Raid
Region Routine Rally
Return Replacement Ridge
Responsibility Regulation Reach
River Red Rob
Respect Reception Restriction
Radio Representative Remark
Rule Registration Revival
Reference Resource Reporter
Review Rubbish Republican
Relation Resignation Relaxation
Race Robin Redundancy
Railway Removal Regiment
Rise Ray Reproduction
Relief Register Rage
Reality Root Revision
Rock Reflection Renaissance
Rain Restoration Restraint
Recognition Rank Referee
Route Ross Reconstruction
Reaction Rape Rear
Reform Resort Racism
Reduction Refusal Renewal
Release Roy Rat
Row Reign Realm
Run Residence Revenge
Revolution Radiation Reluctance
Religion Regard Reminder
Republic Remainder Recipe
Revenue Relevance Resentment
Reader Ride Rebellion
Roof Rice Rainbow
Ring Rescue Rider
Rail Reward Researcher
Ref Recruitment Rival
Recovery Rush Reed
Romance Rack Rainforest
Rhetoric Regret Robot
Resident Rehearsal Rotor
Retreat Regeneration Rift
Ram Recall Riverside
Revelation Reorganization Ryder
Refuge Rev Roundabout
Ritual Rocket Ramp
Relative Rationality Robe
Riot Rim Residue
Recreation Redemption Retrospect
Recorder Readiness Reorganization
Repetition Regent Rum
Realism Reverend Ratification
Ruler Rosa Redistribution
Reliance Rationale Rainfall
Reverse Reg Richness
Rehabilitation Repertoire Receptionist
Refugee Realization Razor
Rex Reunion Ruby
Retention Reversal Reasonableness
Rebel Receptor Reformation
Re Royalty Roadside
Reactor Reassurance Racket
Reliability Reef Refinement
Rotation Registry Redevelopment
Robbery Rubber Rectory
Reservoir Reshuffle Refurbishment
Rosemary Rick Radical
Reconciliation Respondent Remit
Repayment Roar Rue
Revolt Recurrence Rouge
Rug Runway Rubble
Repression Rector Ruin
Realization Rivalry Rune
Referral Recourse Recollection
Retrieval Remuneration Reinforcement
Runner Relegation Ridley
Rifle Reflux Resonance
Resemblance Rye Roach
Radar Repeat Readership
Regression Rental Rap
Recipient Radiator Replica
Retailer Rib Repatriation
Registrar Rag Remission
Radius Resurrection Regularity
Ruc Rig Respectability
Rumour Replay Rave
Reservation Relocation Re-election
Ribbon Roller Respite
Roe Rucksack Re-entry
Resumption Ration Romanticism
Rem Rattle Robber
Raffle Refund Reinstatement
Rectangle Rendezvous Robemaker
Runner-up Rhino Restitution
Resin Renovation Rea
Run-up Rapist Roadshow
Raft Reversion Reclamation
Riddle Remorse Rectum
Realist Read Remnant
Relativity Resilience Remoteness
Rump Reflectance Ruddock
Retribution Reeve Randy
Rapport Relapse Righteousness
Regency Reprieve Rake
Rot Rind Resettlement
Recruit Redress Retinue
Refrigerator Recess Rd
Rarity Roche Refinery
Regulator Racecourse Revaluation
Ransom Reviewer Retrograde
Retina Recital Ritz
Reconnaissance Ripple Rumble
Refreshment Rigidity Raspberry
Retaliation Revulsion Rationalization
Reunification Rigour Rebirth
Rogue Rutherford Retardation
Rhyme Radiotherapy Radon
Rash Reel Responsiveness
Replication Relish Run-off
Relay Rock’n’roll Realignment
Rite Ribber Requiem
Rudder Revolver Rota
Refuse Rpm Recklessness
Rottweiler Raincoat Referent
Rationalization Reggae Roadway
Repository Repeal Reciprocity
Resolve Reflex Regatta
Rust Rein Ridicule
Rhine Receivership Reimbursement
Resurgence Rebate Ras
Redwood Resale Raven
Reverence Resection Radiocarbon
Radicalism Repertory Rectification
Remand Relic Rearrangement
Radioactivity Rouble Reverb
Rep Ranger Reindeer
Riba Reformer Rosewood
Remembrance Rainwater Reseller
Rocker Reminiscence Rehydration
Reassessment Rapprochement Recluse
Rink Relativism Roster
Rostrum Reappearance Rut
Resuscitation Ripper Reformulation
Reproach Ri Ridgeway
Retort Ruff Renown
Repentance Ruthlessness Repute
Rationalism Rout Rulebook
Riviera Reticence Remover
Restlessness Roast Reissue
Rearmament Rootstock Rescuer
Renunciation Rethink Rosary
Ranch Rightness Recitative
Readability Ravel Rub
Rip Remarriage Redhead
Refrigeration Reactivity Rabble
Racer Rampage Ranitidine
Recogniser Rheumatism Re-examination
Reappraisal Revue Repressor
Rapidity Reintroduction Regular
Regimen Retainer Roughness
Repose Rya Ratchet
Resistor Ruse Rabies
Raider Retrial Repairer
Rebuke Rudeness Redefinition
Rowan Remittance Revocation
Rupture Rendition Rancour
Rosette Rationalist Recombination
Respiration Rhinoceros Repossession
Reverie Rudd Reparation
Refectory Ravine Rayleigh
Repudiation Refrain Refutation
Reincarnation Raise Roscoe
Reptile Revisionist Repton
Rearguard Redness Rundown
Railroad Roper Right-back
Rhubarb Rampart Racehorse
Roebuck Reinsurance Rada
Rinse Reynard Restatement
Residency Reflector Readjustment
Rand Run-time Riff
Racist Ruck Reductionism
Riverbank Romp Refresher
Res Rapture Reinterpretation
Radiance Reconsideration Rescission
Rodent Rambo Roux
Router Re-establishment Rasbora
Rutter Raj Rebuff
Rustle Roundhouse Restart
Retrospective Racketeering Reverberation
Retrenchment Riposte Rifleman
Radioimmunoassay Resistivity Recitation
Redesign Rejuvenation Rainer
Rhododendron Run-in Reno
Rapper Reliquary Rood
Reductionist Restorer Reprint
Rectitude Redeployment Racetrack
Repellent Reorientation Reflexive
Republicanism Rubric Reagent
Romano Rubberneck Remake
Roc Renegotiation Royale
Randomisation Reprisal Redirection
Recompense Rollercoaster Refit
Reprimand Romney Rhapsody
Ripstop Rejoinder Risotto
Rooftop Reintegration Redecoration
Ramble Rayon Refill
Robustness Rf Rouse
Recoil Royal Receptacle
Rote Recrimination Rrp
Regress Retraction Robocop
Re-creation Re-evaluation Radiometer
Re-enactment Reallocation Rubella
Repulsion Rhone Romaine
Rambler Rebuttal Recce
Repeater Reebok Racquet
Rudy Repo Roadblock
Rhesus Reductivist Refraction
Rasp Retriever Raster
Rassemblement Reiteration Replenishment
Rime Re-use Restaurateur
Rediscovery Reject Raja
Rook Randomness Runoff
Raheme Ringer Requisite
Retinopathy Reformist Radiology
Rookie Rotunda Rivet
Readmission Reassertion Repurchase
Regionalism Rimmer Reflexology
Remix Rant Requisition
Roundup Rupee Rainstorm
Ribcage Roundel Reconstitution
Roost Rad Roller-coaster
Rubin Representativeness Rudge
Rance Ronson Rescript
Risk-taking Ringside Redman
Roulette Rough Ragga
Re-run Reaper Redshank
Rodeo Radiography Re-education

100+ Popular Nouns That Start With R

List of Popular Nouns That Start with R

20+ Common Nouns That Start with R

Here is a list of common R nouns:

  • Rainbow: Multicolored arc in the sky after rain.
  • River: Natural water flows towards an ocean.
  • Rabbit: Small, furry mammal with long ears.
  • Rock: Solid mineral material forming Earth’s surface.
  • Robot: Programmable machine that performs tasks automatically.
  • Ring: Circular band worn on the finger.
  • Road: Paved surface for vehicles and pedestrians.
  • Rain: Water falling from the sky.
  • Room: Enclosed space within a building.
  • Rug: Floor covering made of woven fabric.
  • Radio: Device for transmitting and receiving signals.
  • Rose: Fragrant flower with thorns.
  • Restaurant: Place where meals are served to customers.
  • Roof: Upper covering of a building.
  • Ruler: A measuring instrument for straight lines.
  • Rocket: Vehicle propelled into space.
  • Rack: Framework for holding or storing items.
  • Recipe: Set of instructions for preparing food.
  • Raincoat: Waterproof outer garment.
  • Root: Plant organ absorbing nutrients from the soil.


Baby Names That Start With R

Positive Words Start With R

Adjectives That Start With R

List of Abstract Nouns That Start with R

Abstract nouns are intangible concepts, ideas, or emotions that evoke feelings and cannot be perceived through the five senses. Examples include love, happiness, and justice.

Here is a list of Abstract Nouns Starting With R:

  • Reality: State of being real.
  • Resilience: Ability to recover.
  • Reflection: Serious thought or consideration.
  • Regret: Feeling of sorrow or remorse.
  • Reverie: Daydream or fanciful thoughts.
  • Routine: Regular, repeated behavior.
  • Radiance: Brightness or light emission.
  • Rapture: Intense joy or pleasure.
  • Rhythm: Regular pattern or beat.
  • Rarity: State of being uncommon.
  • Rebellion: Defiance or resistance.
  • Release: Act of setting free.
  • Reticence: Reserved or silent behavior.
  • Reminiscence: Recollection of the past.
  • Respect: Esteem or regard for others.
  • Relaxation: State of being at ease.
  • Refinement: Improvement or polish.
  • Resilience: Ability to recover.
  • Rumor: Unverified information or gossip.
  • Radiance: Brightness or light emission.

List of Popular Positive Nouns Start with R

Here is a list of Positive R Nouns with definitions:


  • Meaning: Brightness or light emitted.
  • Synonym: Brilliance
  • Antonym: Dullness


  • Meaning: Ability to recover and adapt.
  • Synonym: Toughness
  • Antonym: Fragility


  • Meaning: State of dreamy meditation.
  • Synonym: Daydream
  • Antonym: Reality


  • Meaning: Lively and joyful celebration.
  • Synonym: Festivity
  • Antonym: Sobriety


  • Meaning: Warm and glowing light.
  • Synonym: Splendor
  • Antonym: Dimness


  • Meaning: Intense joy or ecstasy.
  • Synonym: Bliss
  • Antonym: Desolation


  • Meaning: Small, gentle wave or undulation.
  • Synonym: Wavelet
  • Antonym: Stillness


  • Meaning: Firm determination and purpose.
  • Synonym: Determination
  • Antonym: Hesitation


  • Meaning: Disclosure of something previously unknown.
  • Synonym: Unveiling
  • Antonym: Concealment


  • Meaning: Prearranged meeting or gathering.
  • Synonym: Encounter
  • Antonym: Avoidance

30+ List of Proper Nouns That Start with R

Proper nouns that begin with R are specific names of unique entities, such as individuals, places, or organizations, always capitalized to distinguish them from common nouns.

  • Rachel
  • Robert
  • Rebecca
  • Richard
  • Rose
  • Ryan
  • Regina
  • Raphael
  • Ricardo
  • Riverdale
  • Rome
  • Reykjavik
  • Rio de Janeiro
  • Riverside
  • Rockefeller Center
  • Rolls-Royce
  • Redwood National Park
  • Ruby Falls
  • Ritz-Carlton
  • Renaissance Hotel
  • Radisson Blu
  • Rutgers University
  • Reed College
  • Rice University
  • Royal Opera House
  • Royal Palace
  • Rockefeller Plaza
  • Rocky Mountains
  • Rainier National Park
  • Red Square

List Of Collective Nouns That Start With R

Here is a list of Collective R-nouns with meaning:

  • Rabble: A ruckus of noisy, disorderly people.
  • Ream: A riverside of paper sheets.
  • Regiment: A ranks of soldiers in formation.
  • Rhumba: A rhythm of dance moves.
  • Rafter: A roost of turkeys in a group.
  • Rouge: A rouge of red lipstick shades.
  • Retinue: A retinue of attendants accompanying royalty.
  • Rotation: A round of turns in sequence.
  • Reservoir: A reserve of water storage.
  • Run: A race of hares sprinting together.

FAQs (Nouns Starting with R)

What are some nouns starting with r?

Nouns starting with R: River, Rainbow, Rabbit, Rose, Rock, Radio, Robot, Ring, Ribbon, Rifle, Raincoat, Rollercoaster, Recipe, Radar, Ranch, Ruler.

What are some positive nouns that start with r?

Positive nouns starting with R: Resilience, Radiance, Respect, Rejoice, Resourcefulness, Reliability, Rainbow, Renaissance, Relief, Rapture, Radiance.

What are nouns beginning with the consonant r?

Nouns beginning with the consonant R: River, Rabbit, Rose, Rock, Radio, Robot, Ring, Ribbon, Rifle, Raincoat, Rollercoaster, Recipe, Radar, Ranch, Ruler, Raven, Reality.

What’s the name of a famous person whose name starts with r?

Famous person whose name starts with Q: Queen Latifah, renowned actress, rapper, and producer.

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