Nouns That Start With B

List of Nouns Start With B

Here we have a list of Nouns that start with B. You can learn the most commonly used nouns in the English language to improve your English. It belongs to the main parts of speech in the English language.

Nouns Start with B will help you expand your vocabulary in writing or playing word games like Scrabble. In the regular routine of life, many nouns that start with B are used in everyday conversations.

What Are Nouns Beginning with B?

A noun is a word that commonly functions as the name of a distinct object or group of things, such as a person, place, living creatures, places, actions, qualities, states of existence, or ideas.

List of Nouns That Start With B

Babe Bad Bachelor
Babel Badge Bailiff
Baby Badinage Bait
Babyhood Badmen Baker
Bailee Badminton Bakery
Back Bag Balance
Backbend Baggage Balcony
Backbone Bagpipe Bale
Backdrop Bail Ball
Backer Ballad Bandage
Background Ballast Bandit
Backlash Ballerina Bandstand
Backlog Ballet Bandwagon
Backpack Balletomane Bandwidth
Backside Balloon Bang
Backstitch Ballot Banishment
Backup Ballplayer Banister
Backyard Ballroom Banjo
Bacon Balls Bank
Bacteria Ballyhoo Banker
Baptism Ballyhooey Bankruptcy
Baptistery Balm Banner
Bar Balustrade Banns
Barb Ban Banquet
Barbarian Banana Banshee
Barbecue Band Banter
Barbell Barn Barricade
Barber Barnsful Barrier
Barbital Barnstormer Bartender
Barbiturate Barnyard Base
Bard Baron Baseball
Bargain Barony Baseballight
Barge Baroreceptor Baseline
Baritone Barrack Baseman
Barium Barrage Basement
Bark Barrel Basin
Barkeep Barn Basis
Barley Bassinet Basket
Bat Bastard Basketball
Batch Bach Beard
Bateau Bay Bearer
Bath Baylee Beast
Bathrobe Bayly Beat
Bathroom Bayonet Beatification
Bathtub Bazaar Beatitude
Baton Beach Beatnik
Battalion Beachhead Beau
Batten Beacon Beauty
Batter Bead Beaver
Batterie Beadle Beavertail
Battery Beadsman Bebop
Battle Beaker Beckon
Battlefield Beam Bed
Battlefront Bean Bellboy
Battleground Bear Bellicosity
Bauble Beefsteak Belligerence
Bedazzlement Beehive Bellow
Bedground Beep Belly
Bedlam Beer Bellyful
Bedpost Begetter Belt
Bedroom Beggar Bench
Bedside Beggary Beriberi
Bedspread Beginner Berry
Bedstraw Behalf Berth
Bedtime Behavior Beryllium
Bee Behavior Best
Beebread Behind Bestowal
Beech Belch Bestower
Beef Belfry Bestseller
Benchmark Belief Betrayal
Bend Believer Betrayer
Benediction Bell Betrothal
Benefaction Benefit Better
Benefactor Benevolence Betterment
Benefactress Bent Beverage
Beneficence Benzene Bevy
Beneficiary Bequest Bewilderment
Bias Bereavement Bewitchment
Bib Birth Blind
Bibliography Birth control Blink
Bicarbonate Birthday Bliss
Bicep Birthplace Blister
Bich Birthright Blitheness
Bicycle Biscuit Blitz
Bid Bishop Blizzard
Bidder Bishopry Bloat
Biennial Bison Blob
Biennium Bisque Bloc
Bigot Bit Block
Bigotry Bitch Blockade
Bigwig Bite Blockhouse
Bijou Biter Blog
Bike Bivouac Bloke
Bile Biz Blonde
Bilge Black Blood
Bill Blackberry Bloodlust
Billboard Blackboard Bloodroot
Billet Blackjack Bloodshed
Billiard Blackmail Bloodstream
Billion Blackmailer Bloom
Bin Blackout Blossom
Bind Blacksmith Blot
Binder Blade Blouse
Bindle Blame Blow
Binge Blank Blower
Biographer Blanket Blowfish
Biography Blasphemy Blowup
Biologist Blast Blubber
Biology Blast down Bludgeon
Biophysicist Blatancy Blue
Biopsy Blaze Blueberry
Biplane Blazer Bluebook
Birch Bleat Bluebush
Bird Blemish Bluefish
Birdbath Blend Blueprint
Birdie Blight Blue-Ribbon
Birefringence Bondage Bluff
Blur Bondsman Borrower
Bluster Bone Bosom
Boa Bonfire Boss
Boar Bongo Bossman
Board Bonnet Botany
Border Bonus Bottle
Boast Booboo Bottleneck
Boat Booby Bottom
Boatel Boogie Boucle
Boatload Book Bough
Boatman Bookcase Boulder
Boatmen Booker Boulevard
Boatsmen Booklet Bounce
Boatswain Bookseller Bound
Bobby Bookshelf Boundary
Bod Boom Bounty
Bodice Boomerang Bouquet
Body Boomtown Bourbon
Bodybuilder Boon Bourgeoisie
Bodyguard Boost Bout
Bodyweight Booster Boutonniere
Bogey Boot Bovine
Bogeymen Booth Bow
Bogy Bootlegger Bower
Boil Booty Bowl
Boiler Booze Box
Boldness Bop Boyhood
Bolo Borax Brace
Bologna Border Bracelet
Bolster Borderline Brag
Bolt Bore Braggadocio
Bomb Boredom Brain
Bombardment Borer Brake
Bomber Borough Bran
Bonanza Boxcar Branch
Bond Boxer Brand
Brachii Boy Brandy
Bracket Boycott Brass
Brave Bravado Brassiere
Bravery Brief Bruise
Bravura Briefcase Brunt
Brawl Brig Brush
Brawle Brigade Brushcut
Brawn Brigadier Brushfire
Brazier Brightness Brushwork
Brazil Brilliance Brutality
Breach Brilliant Brute
Bread Brim Bubble
Breadth Brindle Bubbly
Break Brink Buck
Breakage Brinkmanship Buckboard
Breakaway Brio Bucket
Breakdown Bristle Buckle
Breaker Broadcast Buckshot
Breakfast Broadside Buckskin
Breakoff Brocade Buckwheat
Breakthrough Broccoli Bud
Breakup Brochure Buddy
Breakwater Brockle Budget
Breast Broil Buff
Breath Broiler Buffalo
Breather Broker Buffer
Breed Brokerage Buffet
Breeze Bromophenol Buffoon
Brethren Bronc Bug
Brevity Bronchi Buggy
Brew Bronchiole Bugle
Brewery Bronze Bugler
Brick Brood Build
Bridal Brook Builder
Bride Broom Buildup
Bridegroom Broth Built
Bridesmaid Brothel Bulwark
Bridge Brother Bum
Bridgehead Brotherhood Bumblebee
Bridgework Brow Bump
Brief Built Bullet
Backbone Bulb Bulletin
Bunch Bulge Bullhide
Buncha Bulk Bullshit
Bundle Bulkhead Bully
Bungalow Bunt Bureaucrat
Bunk Bunter Bureaucratization
Bunker Buoy Burgeon
Bunkmate Buoyancy Burglar
Burl Burden Burglary
Burlesque Bureau Burial
Burley Burr Busboy
Burn Burrow Bush
Burnish Burst Bushel
Butter Butane Businessman
Butterfat Butcher Businessmen
Butterfly Butchery Buss
Butternut Butler Bust
Button Butt Bustle

20 Common Nouns That Start with B

  1. Ball – The kids played with a colorful ball in the park.
  2. Book – She enjoyed reading a good book by the fireplace.
  3. Bird – The robin bird chirped happily in the tree.
  4. Building – The skyscraper towered over the city streets.
  5. Bicycle – He rode his bicycle to work every day.
  6. Beach – They spent the afternoon lounging on the sandy beach.
  7. Bottle – She filled a bottle with cold water from the fridge.
  8. Bed – After a long day, he sank into his comfortable bed.
  9. Baby – The baby giggled and clapped his hands.
  10. Bridge – The old stone bridge spanned the river.
  11. Bag – She carried her laptop in a stylish bag.
  12. Box – He opened the box and found a surprise gift inside.
  13. Bank – She deposited her paycheck at the bank.
  14. Bus – They caught the bus to go downtown.
  15. Butterfly – The colorful butterfly fluttered gracefully in the garden.
  16. Bread – He made a delicious sandwich using fresh bread.
  17. Boat – They sailed the boat across the calm lake.
  18. Bottle – She uncorked the bottle and poured a glass of wine.
  19. Breakfast – He enjoyed a hearty breakfast of eggs and bacon.
  20. Bedroom – She decorated her bedroom with soft colors and cozy furniture.


Baby Names That Start With B

Positive Words Start With B

Adjectives That Start With B

List of Abstract Nouns That Start with B

  1. Beauty – The beauty of the sunset took her breath away.
  2. Bravery – His bravery in the face of danger inspired others.
  3. Belief – Their shared belief in equality united them.
  4. Bliss – The feeling of bliss washed over her as she lay in the hammock.
  5. Boldness – Her boldness allowed her to take risks and pursue her dreams.
  6. Balance – There are must balance between studies and work.
  7. Betrayal – The act of betrayal left him feeling hurt and betrayed.
  8. Boredom – The long lecture filled her with a sense of boredom.
  9. Brilliance – The brilliance of his ideas impressed everyone in the room.
  10. Brotherhood – The sense of brotherhood among the team members was evident.
  11. Beauty – The beauty of nature can be found in even the smallest details.
  12. Blessing – The birth of their child was a true blessing to the family.
  13. Breakthrough – The scientific breakthrough revolutionized the field.
  14. Bond – The strong bond between the siblings was unbreakable.
  15. Behavior – His behavior at the party was inappropriate and disrespectful.
  16. Burden – The weight of her responsibilities felt like a heavy burden.
  17. Bounty – The land was rich in bounty, providing abundant resources.
  18. Blissfulness – The blissfulness of their honeymoon filled them with joy.
  19. Business – The world of business can be challenging and competitive.
  20. Betrayal – The betrayal of trust shattered their friendship.

20 Positive Nouns That Start with B

  1. Blessing – The birth of a healthy baby is a true blessing.
  2. Beauty – The beauty of the sunset filled her with awe.
  3. Bravery – His bravery in rescuing the hiker was commendable.
  4. Brightness – The brightness of her smile lit up the room.
  5. Belief – Their belief in themselves helped them achieve their goals.
  6. Bliss – The feeling of bliss overwhelmed her as she danced.
  7. Bounty – The garden was filled with a bounty of fresh vegetables.
  8. Brilliance – The brilliance of her ideas impressed everyone.
  9. Benefit – Regular exercise provides numerous benefits for health.
  10. Belonging – Being part of a supportive community gave her a sense of belonging.
  11. Bond – The strong bond between friends lasted a lifetime.
  12. Bestowal – The bestowal of the award recognized her achievements.
  13. Benevolence – Their acts of kindness and generosity demonstrated their benevolence.
  14. Breakthrough – The scientific breakthrough opened up new possibilities.
  15. Boldness – Their boldness in pursuing their dreams inspired others.
  16. Blissfulness – The blissfulness of their vacation brought them joy and relaxation.
  17. Boost – The encouraging words gave him a boost of confidence.
  18. Brilliance – The brilliance of the artwork captivated the viewers.
  19. Being – Embracing one’s true self is an important aspect of personal growth.

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B nouns

FAQs (Nouns Starting with B)

What are 10 nouns starting with b?

  1. Bag.
  2. Bird.
  3. Book.
  4. Bridge.
  5. Ball.
  6. Butterfly.
  7. Building.
  8. Bottle.
  9. Beach.
  10. Bicycle.

What are nouns that start with B to describe a person?

  • Banker
  • Busker
  • Biologist
  • Boss
  • Bartender
  • Babysitter
  • Barber

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