Names That Start With P

Names That Start with P

If you’re looking for unique names for your baby boy or girl, you have come to the right place! Here is the complete list of unique names, boy names, girl names, and baby boy names. You can also search modern baby boy names starting with P. Check out our alphabetical list and find the fabulous, cute, first name, last name, or surname, and we have compiled names that start with P, precisely for you.

List of Top Baby Names That Start With P

Check out the latest popular girl names and popular boy names start below.

Name Meaning Gender
Parker  park keeper Boy
Patrick  nobleman Boy
Paul  small Boy
Peter  rock Boy
Philip  lover of horses Boy
Preston  priest’s town Boy
Pierce  rock Boy
Perry  dweller near the pear tree Boy
Peyton  fighter’s estate Boy
Porter  gatekeeper Boy
Phoenix  mythical bird Boy
Pablo  small Boy
Pace  peaceful Boy
Palash  flowering tree Boy
Palmer  pilgrim Boy
Paxton  peaceful town Boy
Percy  pierce valley Boy
Pierce  rock Boy
Phoenix  mythical bird Boy
Philip  lover of horses Boy
Prince  nobleman Boy
Preston  priest’s town Boy
Patrick  nobleman Boy
Parker  park keeper Boy
Paul  small Boy
Peter  rock Boy
Peyton  fighter’s estate Boy
Pierce  rock Boy
Perry  dweller near the pear tree Boy
Porter  gatekeeper Boy
Phoenix  mythical bird Boy
Pablo  small Boy
Pace  peaceful Boy
Palash  flowering tree Boy
Palmer  pilgrim Boy
Paxton  peaceful town Boy
Percy  pierce valley Boy
Pierce  rock Boy
Phoenix  mythical bird Boy
Philip  lover of horses Boy
Prince  nobleman Boy
Preston  priest’s town Boy
Patrick  nobleman Boy
Parker  park keeper Boy
Paul  small Boy
Peter  rock Boy
Peyton  fighter’s estate Boy
Pierce  rock Boy
Perry  dweller near the pear tree Boy
Porter  gatekeeper Boy
Phoenix  mythical bird Boy
Pablo  small Boy
Pace  peaceful Boy
Palash  flowering tree Boy
Palmer  pilgrim Boy
Paxton  peaceful town Boy
Percy  pierce valley Boy
Pierce  rock Boy
Phoenix  mythical bird Boy
Philip  lover of horses Boy
Prince  nobleman Boy
Preston  priest’s town Boy
Patrick  nobleman Boy
Parker  park keeper Boy
Paul  small Boy
Peter  rock Boy
Peyton  fighter’s estate Boy
Pierce  rock Boy
Perry  dweller near the pear tree Boy
Porter  gatekeeper Boy
Phoenix  mythical bird Boy
Pablo  small Boy
Pace  peaceful Boy
Palash  flowering tree Boy
Palmer  pilgrim Boy
Paxton  peaceful town Boy
Percy  pierce valley Boy
Pierce  rock Boy
Phoenix  mythical bird Boy
Philip  lover of horses Boy
Paige  young servant Girl
Piper  flute player Girl
Phoebe  bright, radiant Girl
Penelope  weaver Girl
Pearl  precious gemstone Girl
Patricia  noble Girl
Peyton  fighting Girl
Paulina  small Girl
Paloma dove Girl
Pamela  all honey Girl
Paris  a city in France Girl
Pilar  pillar Girl
Primrose  first rose Girl
Priscilla  ancient Girl
Phoenix  mythical bird of fire Girl
Petra  rock Girl
Paula  small Girl
Portia  pig, hog Girl
Poppy  red flower Girl
Patience  endurance Girl
Philippa  lover of horses Girl
Payton  fighter’s estate Girl
Phoenixia  mythical bird of fire Girl
Patsy  noble Girl
Perla  pearl Girl
Palila  bird Girl
Persephone  bringer of destruction Girl
Patrina  noblewoman Girl
Paigeleigh  young servant Girl
Pandora  all Girl
Peninnah  precious stone Girl
Paola  small Girl
Presley  priest’s meadow Girl
Peaches  sweet fruit Girl
Portiana  calm Girl
Peony  flower Girl
Philomina  lover of learning Girl
Pascale  born at Easter Girl
Paz  peace Girl
Pheona  bright Girl
Priya  beloved Girl
Patya  bird Girl
Pazia  gold Girl
Peace  calm Girl
Pina  pineapple Girl
Palmyra  palm tree Girl
Portlyn  port town Girl
Pauline  small Girl
Peighton  fighter’s estate Girl
Paulette  small Girl
Peper  pepper Girl
Pavla  little Girl
Phoenixa  mythical bird of fire Girl
Pennie  weaver Girl
Paulita  small Girl
Petula  little flower Girl
Persia  land of the Persians Girl
Philomena  lover of learning Girl
Perpetua  everlasting Girl
Pelagia  of the sea Girl
Pia  pious Girl
Penka  rock Girl
Piera  rock Girl
Phila  lover of beauty Girl
Pixie  mischievous fairy Girl
Polina  small Girl
Portiana  calm Girl
Preeti  love Girl
Poppi  red flower Girl
Pepita  God shall add Girl
Pallas  maiden Girl
Phenix  mythical bird of fire Girl
Prudence  caution Girl
Perdita lost Girl
Petronella  rock Girl
Pepa  God shall add Girl
Pyper  flute player Girl
Pearla  pearl Girl
Prynn  wise Girl
Pierrette  little rock Girl
Peyman Promise Girl
Parvez: Success Boy
Pasha:  A title of honor Boy
Pinar  Fountain Boy
Pir Saint, spiritual guide Boy
Piruz: Successful Boy
Pirooz: Wish Or Desire Boy
Piruzan Victorious Boy
Pirzada Descendant of a saint Boy
Piya: Beloved Delicious Boy
Pooya A character in Shahnama Boy
Praveen Skilled Boy
Praveer: A brave person Boy
Pravir  A brave person Boy
Prayag Confluence of rivers Boy
Prince Prince Boy
Purum  Name of a mountain Boy
Purvin A king’s name Boy
Purya A king’s name Boy
Qaisar Emperor Boy
Qamar Moon Boy
Qasid Messenger Boy
Qasim Divider, distributor Boy
Qassam  Divider, distributor Boy
Qavi Powerful, able Boy
Qays Firm Boy
Qazi Judge Boy
Qimat Value, worth Boy
Qirat Recitation of the Quran Boy
Qismat Destiny, fate Boy
Qudamah Courageous Boy
Qudrat Power Boy
Qurban Sacrifice Boy
Quyoom Standing, Existence Boy
Raafat Kindness, compassion Boy
Raahil One who travels Boy
Raamis Good-looking Boy
Raamiz Symbol Boy
Rabah Gainer, winner Boy
Rabbani Divine Boy
Rabee Spring Boy
Rabih Gentle breeze Boy
Rabit Bound, tied Boy
Rabt Bond, tie Boy
Radeen Satisfied, pleased Boy
Raden Satisfied, pleased Boy
Radhi Pleased, content Boy
Rafan Beautiful, graceful Boy
Rafat Elevation, exaltation Boy
Rafay High, exalted Boy
Rafi Exalted Boy
Raga Melody Boy
Raghib Desirous, eager Boy
Rahaman Merciful, kind Boy
Raheeb Watchful, attentive Boy
Rahil One who travels Boy
Rahim Merciful, kind Boy
Rahm Kindness, mercy Boy
Raif Merciful, gentle Boy
Raihan Sweet basil Boy
Rais Leader Boy
Raja King Boy
Paivand bond, connection Girl
Palwasha happy, cheerful Girl
Parastoo a type of bird, swallow Girl
Pareesha fairy, sprite Girl
Pareeza precious, valuable Girl
Parinaz like a fairy, beautiful Girl
Parnia angelic, like a fairy Girl
Parvaneh butterfly Girl
Parvin Pleiades star cluster Girl
Pashmina fine wool fabric Girl
Pashtana Pashtun girl Girl
Pashtoona Pashtun girl Girl
Payton noblewoman, patrician Girl
Pearlin precious, beautiful Girl
Perihan cheerful, happy Girl
Pernia angelic, like a fairy Girl
Perveen Pleiades star cluster Girl
Phiroza turquoise Girl
Pinar fountain, spring Girl
Pirouzeh victorious Girl
Prayerna a wise woman Girl
Priyanka dear one, beloved Girl
Purnima full moon Girl
Parya fairy, sprite Girl
Pari fairy, sprite Girl
Parisa like a fairy, beautiful Girl
Pariza precious, valuable Girl
Parsa pure, chaste Girl
Parween Pleiades star cluster Girl
Pasha noble, honorable Girl
Pashangeh like a flower Girl
Patang kite Girl
Patman bird of paradise Girl
Payal anklet, bracelet Girl
Payton noblewoman, patrician Girl
Pearl precious, beautiful Girl
Peony flower of happiness Girl
Perizad born of a fairy Girl
Perkhaan like a fairy Girl
Pervaiz victorious Girl
Pesha opinion, view Girl
Phoolan flower Girl
Pia pious, devoted Girl
Pina fountain, spring Girl
Piyar beloved, dear Girl
Piraye cheerful, happy Girl
Piriya fairy, sprite Girl
Pooja prayer, worship Girl
Poppy flower of love Girl
Pori fairy, sprite Girl
Pournami full moon Girl
Prachi east Girl
Pragya wisdom, knowledge Girl
Prisha beloved, dear one Girl
Priyam beloved, dear one Girl
Purnoor full of light Girl
Purnoori full of light Girl
Purvaja elder sister Girl
Pushpita decorated with flowers Girl
Puspita flowered Girl
Pyari beloved, dear one Girl
Pyarina beloved, dear one Girl
Pyarali beloved of Ali Girl
Pyarawali beloved, dear one Girl
Pyaray beloved, dear ones Girl
Pyari beloved, dear one Girl
Pyasa thirsty Girl
Pyaz onion Girl
Pyaar love Girl
Pyaarwali beloved, dear one Girl
Pranav  Sacred syllable OM Boy
Prachi  Morning Girl
Parth  Prince Boy
Prisha  Beloved; Gift of God Girl
Pranali  Tradition of life Girl
Parul  Graceful; Flowery Girl
Pradyumna  Son of Lord Krishna Boy
Prarthana  Prayer Girl
Parinita  Expert Girl
Pranshi  Goddess of love Girl
Paolo  Small Boy
Piero  Stone Boy
Pietro  Stone Boy
Pia  Pious Girl
Pino  Pine tree Boy
Piera  Rock Girl
Pasquale  Born on Easter Boy
Patrizia  Noblewoman Girl
Pietra  Stone Girl
Primo  First Boy
Pierre  Stone Boy
Paul  Small Boy
Pascal  Easter Boy
Philippe  Lover of horses Boy
Perrine  Rock Girl
Paulette  Small Girl
Patricia  Noblewoman Girl
Pierrette  Rock Girl
Philomène  Lover of strength Girl
Pénélope  Weaver Girl
Pinchas  Dark Boy
Penina  Pearl Girl
Paltiel  God delivers Boy
Pazit  Golden Girl
Peretz  Breakthrough Boy
Pesach  Passover Boy
Pnina  Pearl Girl
Peniel  Face of God Boy
Perla  Pearl Girl
Priel  Fruit of God Boy
Patel  Indian caste name, meaning “landowner” Unisex
Perez  Spanish and Jewish surname, meaning “son of Pero” or “son of Perez” Unisex
Parker  English surname, meaning “keeper of the park” Unisex
Phillips  English and Welsh surname, meaning “son of Philip” Boy
Pinto  Portuguese and Spanish surname, meaning “painter” Unisex
Patel  Indian caste name, meaning “landowner” Unisex
Powell  Welsh surname, meaning “son of Howell” Unisex
Price  Welsh and English surname, meaning “son of Rhys” Unisex
Porter  English occupational surname, meaning “gatekeeper” or “doorkeeper” Unisex
Pacheco  Spanish and Portuguese surname, meaning “peach tree” Unisex
Peck  English surname, meaning “woodpecker” Unisex
Page  English occupational surname, meaning “servant” or “attendant” Unisex
Peters  English and German surname, meaning “son of Peter” Unisex
Parrish  English surname, meaning “dweller at the parsonage” Unisex
Pineda  Spanish surname, meaning “pine forest” Unisex
Pollock  Scottish surname, meaning “son of Pol” Unisex
Potts  English occupational surname, meaning “potter” Unisex
Power  English and Irish surname, meaning “one who has great power” Unisex
Prewitt  English surname, meaning “lover of horses” Unisex
Peña  Spanish surname, meaning “rock” or “cliff” Unisex
Paterson  Scottish surname, meaning “son of Patrick” Unisex
Pucci  Italian surname, meaning “doll” or “puppet” Unisex
Peres  Portuguese surname, meaning “son of Peter” Unisex
Persson  Swedish surname, meaning “son of Per” Unisex
Pham  Vietnamese surname, meaning “panther” Unisex
Parrott  English and French surname, meaning “little bird” Unisex
Palacio  Spanish surname, meaning “palace” Unisex
Petrie  Scottish surname, meaning “rock” Unisex
Peake  English surname, meaning “dweller at the peak” Unisex
Packard  English occupational surname, meaning “packer” or “maker of packages” Unisex

Baby Girl Names That Start With O

Penelope Piper Phoebe
Penelope Parker Paisley
Peyton Piper Phoenix
Presley Paxton Phoebe
Palmer Payton Paige
Poppy Paris Paislee
Persephone Priscilla Promise
Penny Pearl Paulina
Paula Paloma Princess
Paola Paisleigh Perry
Patricia Patience Paityn
Perla Philippina Pepper
Pia Petra Paulette
Priya Pippa Prudence
Peace Pamela Presleigh
Primrose Precious Philomena
Priscila Praise Philippa
Polly Petronilla Pauline
Paulyne Posey Polina
Pet Petria Pheba
Prudencia Perle Perrin
Pheby Philippine Pilar
Petronella Palmina Perfecta
Perley Polley Pansie
Phyllys Prudie Pearleen
Pama Parvin Pamalla
Penina Philene Pierette
Phila Patte Passion
Phillina Placida Pammela
Patsey Pansey Permelia
Polli Pandora Pamalee
Pandra Panthea Philomene
Pamilla Pauli Pearlette
Pennee Peri Pammy
Petronia Pernella Prudy
Paget Perri Prairie
Porsche Peg Prissy
Pearlene Phylliss Perl
Parisa Pammie Patresa
Payden Pamula Phaidra
Phebe Providencia Patrika
Paquita Pegeen Perdita
Panya Paule Philis
Pascha Parris Pasty
Petrina Patricka Patches
Phyliss Pearlie Pamala
Phaedra Perpetua Patrina
Petula Patrycja Pauletta
Porshe Prima Priscill
Phillis Pamelyn Pierrette
Pura Parrish Patrese
Porcsha Prescilla Pamila
Pinkie Pamelia Phylis
Phung Porschia Purity
Prim Patrizia Patrisha
Phedra Phylicia Princessa
Pleasant Porcha Patricie
Pollie Porsia Preciosa
Primavera Paulla Porschea
Puanani Patryce Pacifica
Precilla Prue Parveen
Paulena Peta Pascuala
Pattie Phylecia Porchia
Prysilla Peggie Palmira
Parnell Pearline Phillippa
Prema Priscella Pualani
Patria Philana Pamella
Parissa Paulita Phillippe
Porscha Prisilla Pippin
Patsy Pierina Priscylla
Pat Philina Pita
Porshia Phuong Perryn
Percilla Philly Pam
Pauleen Paullette Pracilla
Phadra Phalicia Phelicia
Padgett Particia Philadelphia
Phyllisha Ping Philicia
Parthena Patreece Patriece
Patriece Phyllicia Picabo
Purnima Page Porche
Petrona Padme Patrica
Porshay Palma Philena
Princella Piedad Peregrin
Paulene Priscille Paz
Phyllis Peggy Pari
Poppie Paxten Priyanka
Pennelope Peach Philippe
Payne Parish Patrice
Perrie Pasha Prisca
Pola Pera Petronila
Prarthana Prunelle Phil
Providence Portia Pollyanna
Peony Pelia Perris
Porsha Petunia Pietra
Persia Pearly Pearla
Patti Pride Paulie
Pascale Parthenia Paolina
Patty Parvati Palmyra
Princesse Pricilla Pricila
Pennie Penelopie Pella
Payge Pallas Persis
Petal Perrine Pearle
Pansy Pele Patch
Pilot Pauly Pier
Prisila Priella Piera
Phillipa Perlita Penni
Panagiota Polaris Pocahontas
Pavlina Paraskevi Pagan
Padma Pnina Philomina
Pelagia Princesa Pooja
Penney Padmasundara Padmavati
Paavana Paavani Paciencia
Paix Pamina Paladia
Palapala Palasha Palladia
Parvani Palles Pallma
Pallmirah Pallmyra Palloma
Palmeda Palmeeda Palometa
Palomita Pamelin Pamelina
Pamelynne Panayia Panayotta
Pancha Pandorah Pandorra
Pandoura Panfila Panfyla
Pangiota Pania Paniya
Panna Panndora Panola
Panphila Panphyla Pantheia
Pantheya Panthia Panthia
Paoletta Paradisa Paraskeva
Parmelia Parmenia Parmenya
Parnaz Parnella Pavla
Partheenia Parthenie Parthenope
Parthinia Pascalette Pascaline
Paschale Pascua Pashelle
Pasifica Pasua Pathina
Pathinia Patient Patienzia
Patreice Patriceia Patricja
Patrikia Patrishia Patrisse
Patrizzia Patrysha Pattee
Pattey Pattrice Pauletha
Paulinique Paulisa Pavana
Pavia Paza Pazia
Pazienza Pazit Peachy
Philomeen Pearlita Pelage
Pefilia Pegg Pelageia
Pelageya Pelagie Pelagiya
Peliah Pelipa Pelippa
Pellagia Peloma Penee
Penelopa Peninah Peninnah
Penna Pennylynn Pentea
Penthea Pepa Pepita
Peppie Peppy Perach
Perah Percita Pere
Perita Perlette Perlline
Permenia Pernelle Pernette
Pernilla Pernille Perouze
Perran Perren Perrey
Perrianne Perse Persida
Perssis Persys Petaluma
Petroa Peterina Peternella
Petrija Petrine Petronel
Petronela Petronelle Petronija
Petronille Petrova Petrovna
Petulah Pety Phemia
Phaedre Phalisha Phanie
Phanya Pheabe Phedre
Phelia Phemie Phenice
Pheodora Philantha Philanthia
Philanthie Philens Philette
Philia Philiberta Philippe
Philine Philippa Philomena
Philomina Phemie Phenyce
Pheodora Pherenike Phereos
Pheros Philberta Philberthe
Philina Philippi Philistine
Phillipa Phillipine Phillis
Phillothea Philly Philomeen
Philomene Philotheya Phimba
Phirbela Phira Phoebe
Phoebia Phoenix Phoevos
Phoreste Photina Phyllida
Phyllie Phyllis Phyllis
Phyllya Phyrra Pia
Pialla Piana Pianina
Piata Piedad Piedade
Piela Pienka Pier
Piera Pierce Pierette
Piero Pierra Pieta
Pio Pippa Pippin
Pippina Pippit Pirgios
Pirgithos Piri Piris
Piro Pirro Piscinia
Pise Pisen Pisia
Pison Pista Pistaia
Pisti Pisto Pistor
Pistos Pistus Pisythos

List of Baby Boy Names That Start With P

Here is a list of Names That Start With P:

Parker Paisley Peyton
Phoenix Peter Patrick
Presley Paxton Preston
Paul Palmer Payton
Paige Prince Pablo
Pedro Paris Porter
Philip Princeton Pierce
Phillip Promise Pembroke
Perry Patricia Pierre
Pepper Pierson Perseus
Percy Phineas Paulo
Paolo Price Patricio
Pax Pompey Pete
Penn Pacifico Philibert
Patton Pearson Priestly
Pope Percival Percey
Pryce Pinchas Pierino
Perrin Prosper Phenix
Platt Parks Prescott
Pearce Pace Peregrine
Percie Pascual Peppi
Phinehas Pinkney Passion
Piero Poseidon Pascal
Parrie Proctor Pauli
Peer Power Pavel
Paget Pietro Pryor
Pollard Petey Perl
Payden Petre Procopio
Predrag Pepi Paulin
Pawnee Pelham Purcell
Paden Parris Pino
Prospero Pei Prophet
Pearlie Plato Pruitt
Pawel Packer Parrish
Purvis Pinkie Prasad
Paulino Pravin Presly
Paton Ponce Pancho
Peder Peirce Pleasant
Paley Paten Paulus
Portland Parry Pradeep
Prabhat Prometheus Par
Parnell Philbert Phillippe
Pink Prinz Pippin
Patsy Pal Phelps
Pat Prudencio Prakash
Padric Paulos Perfecto
Pramod Prestley Poul
Philly Packard Porfirio
Pinchos Patrizio Padgett
Ping Pasqual Patrece
Page Pi’ilani Pedram
Pepe Pincus Perkins
Philander Phuoc Prem
Pio Peregrin Paz
Pressley Paxten Padraig
Powell Pius Philippe
Payne Parish Patrice
Perrie Patterson Pike
Piers Peterson Peretz
Paxon Pasquale Pasha
Parson Park Petar
Potter Prentiss Philippos
Patrik Praneel Platon
Penley Primo Philo
Philipp Phil Phelan
Petros Pesach Pollux
Patric Paschal Paco
Pluto Patryk Paddy
Piotr Pericles Prime
Prentice Poe Pernell
Paulie Parley Parke
Philipe Phyllip Pascale
Pendleton Patty Payge
Pol Per Padraic
Prentis Pratt Placido
Pieter Phillips Peleg
Pearse Pavle Pilot
Philemon Perez Payce
Pauly Petr Perceval
Pier Philips Presslee
Polaris Pendo Pagan
Petrolino Prophyrios Paahana
Paavana Paavo Paciano
Pacificus Packert Packey
Packston Pacorro Paddey
Paddie Padhraig Pagiel
Paice Pain Pakelika
Paladio Palakika Pall
Palladius Pallmer Palmar
Palmerston Palmiro Palomo
Paltiel Pan Panan
Panchito Panini Paquito
Pardon Parken Parkes
Parkin Parkins Parkman
Parmenio Parmenios Parmenius
Parnel Parr Parrey
Parriss Parrnell Parsafal
Parsefal Parsifal Parsons
Parthalan Parthenios Parthenius
Parvaiz Parvez Parviz
Parwiz Paschalis Pascoe
Pascuale Patanjali Paterson
Pathalan Patin Patricius
Patrizius Pats Patten
Pattin Pattison Patxi
Pauel Paulinus Paxtun
Pazel Peabody Peak
Peal Pearcy Pears
Pearsson Peaseley Peasly
Pedael Pedahel Pedayel
Pedrio Peel Peerce
Pekelo Pekka Pelagios
Pelagius Pelayo Peleh
Peleke Pelike Pell
Pellam Pembrook Penekiko
Peniamina Peni’amina Penlea
Penleigh Penly Pennlea
Pennleigh Pennley Pepa
Pepik Pepito Perce
Percevall Porphirios Percivall
Perdido Peregrino Peregrinus
Peregryn Perkin Perkyn
Perse Persius Person
Persons Pessach Petroc
Petronije Petronio Petronius
Petrov Petuel Peverall
Peverel Peverell Peveril
Pezi Pharamond Porphyrios
Pharamund Phauns Phelim
Philippus Philipson Phillbert
Phinean Phinian Phipps
Phips Phirun Phoebus
Phoibos Phons Phonz
Phyfe Piao Piaras
Pich Pickford Pierre Jean
Piersson Piet Pij
Pilipo Pim Pin
Pincas Pinhas Pinkus
Pious Pip Pipo
Pippo Pirmin Pista
Pitia Pitney Pitt
Pittney Pizi Placedo
Placidus Placijo Placyd
Placydo Plantagenet Plasedo
Platya Platyahu Poindexter
Pollack Pollerd Polloch
Pollock Pollyrd Pomeroy
Pommeray Pommeroy Pompeo
Pompeyo Pompi Pompilio
Pomponio Pons Ponthos
Ponthus Pontius Pontus
Porat Porcius Poriel
Porthos Powel Powhatan
Pradosh Pratap Pravoslav
Preemo Premo Prescot
Prestcot Prestcott Prewet
Prewett Prewit Prewitt
Priestley Printz Printze
Prinze Prior Priscus
Prockter Procopius Procter
Prokhop Prokhor Prokop
Prokopios Propertius Properzio
Prosperus Proverb Prudentius
Pryderi Prym Przbyslaw
Puali Publio Puck

Gender-Neutral Baby Names That Start With P

Here are unisex names that start with P:

Palmer Patricia Perrin
Parker Paisley Peyton
Phoenix Presley Paxton
Palmer Payton Paige
Paris Promise Perry
Patricia Pepper Perrin
Passion Pauli Paget
Perl Payden Parris
Pearlie Parrish Pinkie
Pleasant Parnell Phillippe
Pippin Patsy Pat
Philly Padgett Ping
Page Peregrin Paz
Paxten Philippe Payne
Parish Patrice Perrie
Pasha Phil Paulie
Pascale Patty Payge
Pilot Pauly Pier
Polaris Pagan Paavana
Pepa Perse Pich
Pythias Padget Pagett
Paine Palila Pascalle
Peale Peall Pealle
Peele Pen Poll
Piccolo Pegasus Ponlok
Puma Patli

Unique Names for Babies With ‘P’

  • Paloma
  • Percival
  • Primrose
  • Phineas
  • Pippa
  • Prosper
  • Petra
  • Phoenix
  • Padma
  • Paxton
  • Persephone
  • Prescott
  • Priya
  • Porter
  • Penelope
  • Prairie
  • Plumeria
  • Phelan
  • Pilar
  • Poseidon

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do I choose a unique baby name starting with ‘P’?

Ans: Explore cultural origins, and personal meanings, and consider less common names for a unique ‘P’ name.

Q: What are popular names that start with P for boys and girls?

Ans: Yes, for boys ‘Parker’, and girls – Penelope are popular ‘P’ name. Explore variations for uniqueness.

Q: Can I create a modern and trendy baby name with ‘P’?

Ans: Combine letters, and sounds, or even invent new names to give your baby a modern and trendy ‘P’ name.

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