Nouns That Start With L

List of Nouns Start With L

Here we have a list of Nouns that start with L. You will learn the most commonly used nouns in the English language to expand your vocabulary in writing/speaking.

Nouns Start with L will help you to learn about some of the most interesting events, emotions, and common things starting with the letter 'L'.

What Are Nouns Beginning with L?

A noun is a word that commonly functions as the name of a distinct object or group of things, such as a person, place, living creatures, places, actions, qualities, states of existence, or ideas.

Person: Lawyer, Librarian, Lighthouse keeper, Lifeguard, Linguist.

Place: Library, Laboratory, London (city), Lake, Laundromat.

Thing: Ladder, Laptop, Lamp, Luggage, Locksmith.

List of Nouns That Start With L

Life Lesson Lunch
Lot Logic Leadership
Law Lawyer Lane
Level Leave Link
Line Lease Liability
Land Louis Location
Language Laughter Lake
Lord Lad Loan
Light Launch Lewis
Love Local Lifespan
Labor Lock Lee
Letter Lifetime License
List Liberation Limit
Loss Label Landscape
Look Lecture Luck
Lady Lover Leisure
Leader Lamb Landlord
Lack Loyalty Laboratory
League Laugh Load
Library Leaf Lucy
Length Lip Layer
Legislation Liberty Laura
Lead Lounge Leather
Literature Lorry Lift
Leg Loch La
Les Lieutenant Legitimacy
Lodge Lung Lb
Ladder Limitation Lab
Lamp Loop Lang
Layout Linen Lawson
Legend Lie Locality
Lemon Leo Litter
Lion Lunchtime Lambert
Lap Li Learner
Liquid Lotus Lime
Likelihood Luxury Limb
Leaflet Livestock Luggage
Lifestyle Litigation Leigh
Lace Lily Liquidity
Lump Legislature Loft
Log Label Loneliness
Legacy Lightning Lever
Laser Limestone Larry
Lawn Little Lexicon
Lid Librarian Leap
Lea Lordship Lavatory
Liaison Locomotive Locke
Lecturer Levy Legion
Literacy Lp Logo
Lobby Low Lager
Listener Lottery Livelihood
Laundry Ledge Lifestyle
Leukaemia Luncheon Laity
Litre Lattice Legality
Liberalism Loser Lance
Line-up Lynch Lough
Lavender Liner Lakeside
Lifeboat Landowner Lantern
Luce Labourer Latitude
Lava Liza Lymphoma
Lust Lionel Lyn
Liquidation Langley Lyon
Lowe Landlady Locker
Landmark Lineage Lobster
Liquor Lighthouse Likeness
Locus Lesbian Lib
Lass Living-room Logan
Liar Ledger Lapse
Lender Lowland Liberalization
Loo Livery Lark
Loaf Lesion Landfill
Leak Linkage Leverage
Lettuce Lima Lag
Lear Liturgy Labyrinth
Lipstick Laird Like
Leopard Lessee Ludo
Liberalization Labrador Lustre
Leone Lightness Linguist
Leakage Layman Lodger
Ling Larder Lob
Lemonade Limbo Lunatic
Limelight Lin Lurch
Lombard Lull Lorimer
Lithosphere Liberal Loose
Lizard Latch Leger
Loco Leash Limerick
Louvre Labor Lego
Laurel Lookout Leach
Lifeline Lancet Lightweight
Leasehold Loom Levin
Lagoon Liquidator Lacquer
Lotion Lacuna Lowry
Lure Lobe Laissez-faire
Lumen Line-out Lynx
License Lessor Lister
Leech Limousine Loudspeaker
Lymph Lore Litany
Ley Landslide Leek
Limp Latimer Lama
Longevity Lamina Lunch-time
Lovat Linseed Levant
Lick Lymphocyte Layout
Larva Lintel Lam
Lien Lesbianism Lunge
Look-out Leniency Lipoprotein
Loophole Lineout Luna
Lakeland Lander Leprosy
Lyric Liqueur Letterbox
Lethargy Lubricant Legate
Licensee Larynx Ln
Luminal Logarithm Laserjet
Limousin Lookalike Leper
Lawsuit Lbw Lazuli
Linoleum Latex Liege
Lovemaking Lunacy Logogen
Loot Lawlessness Leucine
Latency Libra Lather
Legitimation Love-making Leer
Lair Letterman Laparotomy
Leftist Lexicographer Low-pass
Lucifer Lard Left-hander
Lament Lido Lysozyme
Lichen Lollipop Ladybird
Langer Luminosity Lay-by
Libido Largesse Localization
Ladyship Lexis Last
Lute Landau Lycra
Laziness Laminin Lf
Laibon Luv Lyceum
Ligand Lateness Lucidity
Launderette Lysis Leatherhead
Lino Lambda Lignite
Linesman Lovey Lactose
Laddie Lithium Lamp-post
Ligament Leven Lash
Lathe Lectern Lyricism
Launcher Litigant Loony
Linker Laker Lout
Larceny Loam Laureate
Lapel Luminescence Linnet
Lieutenant-colonel Locket Lithotripsy
Longitude Lay-off Lifeguard
Libretto Lite Lu
Look-up Lagan Lawnmower
Librarianship Lilac Loudness
Long Lassie Laterality
Lauder Laptop Locale
Leeway Labourism Lochan
Lech Legation Luff
Locomotion Lingerie Lai
Legislator Leotard Loader
Localization Lisp Legalization
Lafayette Lupus Lamplight
Larch Lulu Lactoferrin
Let Lolly Linden
Let-down Lisle Lingo
Legge Liveliness Leaver
Laud Lifetime Lyne
Lieu Lilt Longhorn
Lilliput Largo Linotype
Landfall Liber Lemma
Limo Lubrication Lindy
Lozenge Litmus Letterhead
Leviathan Lioness Laburnum
Liberator Legalization Linearity
Liquorice Lactation Lifter
Lilith Landownership Logbook
Life-force Latrine Loveliness
Loach Leprechaun Lode
Lumber Louse Learn
Lifeblood Lithography Locksmith
Lomas Localism Lullaby
Lucerne Lavant Locum
Lev Listeria Looking-glass
Ladle Loc Liss
Languor Lek Levity
Lyre Legionnaire Lean-to
Lectureship Lineup Lew
Lotto Locator Login
Lazar Llama Lambswool
Laxity Laban Lock-up
Loin Lac Lampshade
Lux Lanier Lurcher
Luz Lipase Lurex
Lint Let-up Lep
Locust Ligation Linn
Latino Lind Lud
Limpet Levitation Lollapalooza
Lady-in-waiting Localiser Literati
Lumberjack Lovelock Lambie
Lactulose Literariness Leed
Loon Lexeme Loess
Landform Liberality Laxative
Lameness Laminate Lie-in
Lune Lassitude Lamprey
Lungfish Lolita Legatee
Lath Laudanum Lias
Lyricist Leukotriene Leisurewear
Lateralisation Longhand Leitmotif
Loggia Linchpin Lingua
Legalism Landmine Lemur
Lock-out Lila Loremaster
Lobbyist Lug Loy
Librettist Landmass Lechery
Lally Lance-corporal Layabout
Livewire Lush Layback
Left-winger Larkspur Laceration
Louie Legroom Liquidiser
Looker Luft Lucre
Login Lothario Lasso
Lavage Lecher Lackey
Lacrosse Longbow Lipoxygenase
Layby Lexicography Leapfrog
Lum Loa Lamplighter
Lysine Leghorn Lifesaver
Leman Lieutenant-governor Liang
Lobelia Legionella Loyalist
Loperamide Leukemia Lutz
Lithology Leukocyte Lockout
Leat Lovely Lop
Look-alike Literate Leitmotiv
Lightbulb Laffer Lindane
Lat Langridge Limey
Linea Lastability Liminality
Licentiate Leu Lemming
Lysate Lynchpin Leaven
Legibility Landlordism Latina
Lawfulness Lactate Lebensraum
Libertarian Loincloth Liniment
Letterpress Lav Luger
Levamisole Lyra Lavishness
Lionfish Laundrette Lying-in
Laparoscopy Lithograph Lactase
Lamppost Lymphadenopathy Lavvy
Lamentation Look-in Loofah
Lecithin Laming Ligature
Longhouse Loafer Lancer
Luzern Legitimization Loveday
Lolium Life-line Lowdown
Lead-up Legspinner Lead-in
Lentil Lunt Libero
Lifecycle Laver Ly
Leucocyte Licentiousness Leaderboard
Lotte Lanolin Leg-spinner
Lightman Lexie Luminol
Lefty Logger Lade
Libertine Leftism Lutenist
Loyalism Lithotrite Lupin
Looseness Lemur Laggard

Common Nouns That Start with L

  • Laptop - I use my laptop for work and entertainment.
  • Lunch - Let's have lunch together tomorrow at noon.
  • Library - The library is a quiet place to study and read.
  • Lemon - She squeezed a lemon to make fresh lemonade.
  • Lake - We spent the weekend camping by the lake.
  • Ladder - The painter used a ladder to reach the high ceiling.
  • Laughter - Their laughter filled the room with joy.
  • Letter - I received a letter from my pen pal in another country.
  • Lock - Don't forget to lock the front door when you leave.
  • Lighthouse - The lighthouse guided ships safely to shore.
  • Lunchbox - I packed my lunchbox with sandwiches and fruit.
  • Luggage - Make sure to label your luggage before the flight.
  • Lobster - Lobster is a delicacy often served with butter.
  • Leaf - The trees shed their leaves in the fall.
  • Lawyer - The lawyer provided legal advice to his client.
  • Lipstick - She applied red lipstick before going out.
  • Lesson - The teacher gave an important lesson on history.
  • Lightbulb - I need to replace the burnt-out lightbulb.
  • Locksmith - We called a locksmith to fix the broken lock.


Baby Names That Start With L

Positive Words Start With L

Adjectives That Start With L

List of Abstract Nouns That Start with L

  • Love - The love between the couple was evident in their actions.
  • Laughter - Their infectious laughter brightened the room.
  • Loyalty - Loyalty is a cherished quality in friendships.
  • Liberty - People yearn for liberty and freedom.
  • Leadership - Effective leadership is essential for any organization.
  • Logic - His argument was based on sound logic.
  • Luck - Sometimes, luck plays a significant role in success.
  • Liberation - The liberation of the oppressed was their goal.
  • Learning - Learning is a lifelong process.
  • Legacy - His legacy of philanthropy continues to benefit others.
  • Longing - There was a deep longing in her heart for adventure.
  • Literacy - Literacy rates have improved in recent years.
  • Loss - Dealing with loss can be a challenging emotional experience.
  • Liveliness - The liveliness of the party kept everyone entertained.
  • Limitation - Her physical limitations didn't deter her ambition.
  • Life - The life of a plant is sustained by sunlight.
  • Legacy - His artistic legacy lives on through his works.
  • Luminosity - The luminosity of the stars fascinated astronomers.

Positive Nouns Start with L

  • Laughter - Laughter is contagious and can brighten anyone's day.
  • Liveliness - Her liveliness and energy are always uplifting in a group.
  • Loyalty - Loyalty is a valuable trait in both friendships and relationships.
  • Learning - Learning new things enriches our lives and expands our horizons.
  • Luxury - Occasionally treating yourself to a bit of luxury can be very rewarding.
  • Lightheartedness - Their lightheartedness made the gathering more enjoyable.
  • Luck - Good luck often comes to those who work hard and stay positive.
  • Liberty - The freedom to express oneself is a fundamental liberty.
  • Leadership - His leadership qualities inspire others to achieve their best.
  • Legacy - Leaving behind a positive legacy is a goal for many individuals.
  • Laurel - Winning the competition, he was awarded a laurel wreath.
  • Life - Embracing life with a positive attitude can lead to great experiences.

Proper Nouns Start with L

  • London
  • Los Angeles
  • Leonardo da Vinci
  • Lincoln
  • Luxembourg
  • Liverpool
  • Louis Armstrong
  • Lake Tahoe
  • Las Vegas
  • Lorraine
  • Lexus
  • Lebanon
  • Lhasa
  • Lisbon
  • Louisiana
  • Luxembourg City
  • Lahore
  • La Paz
  • Lima
  • Little Rock

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Nouns Start with L

FAQs (Nouns Starting with L)

What is a common noun that starts with L?

A common noun that starts with L is a laptop. It refers to a portable computer.

Can you give an example of a proper noun that starts with L?

Sure, one example of a proper noun starting with L is London, which is the capital city of England.

What are some positive nouns that start with L?

Positive nouns starting with L include love, laughter, liveliness, loyalty, and luxury.

Name a famous person whose name starts with L.

A famous person with a name starting with L is Leonardo da Vinci, a renowned Italian Renaissance artist and inventor.

What are some places that start with L?

Places that start with L include Los Angeles, London, Las Vegas, Lake Tahoe, and Luxembourg City.

Can you provide an example of a thing starting with L?

lighthouse is an example of a thing starting with L. It is a structure that emits light to guide ships and boats.

Name a popular brand that starts with L.

One popular brand starting with L is Lexus, known for its luxury automobiles.

What is a noun that represents a strong emotion starting with L?

Love is a noun that represents a strong positive emotion and starts with L.

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