Nouns That Start With M

List of Nouns Start With M

Here we have a list of Nouns that start with M. You will learn the most commonly used nouns in the English language to expand your vocabulary in writing/speaking. Nouns Start with M will help you to learn about some of the most interesting events, emotions, and common things starting with the letter ‘M’.

What Are Nouns Beginning with M?

A noun is a word that commonly functions as the name of a distinct object or group of things, such as a person, place, living creatures, places, actions, qualities, states of existence, or ideas.

Person: Matthew, Michelle, Morgan, Martin, Madison

Place: Mountains, Mall, Moscow, Museum, Mexico City

Thing: Microphone, Motorcycle, Magnifying glass, Map, Muffin

List of Nouns That Start With M

Here is a list of M Nouns:

Man Maintenance Mention
Money Map Motivation
Market Mountain Memorial
Mother Mass Mick
Minister Mistake Midland
Management Mirror Mix
Moment Meat Myth
Mind Minority Mobility
Morning Mill Margin
Member Mail Magic
March Module Matrix
May Mixture Merger
Month Mood Maturity
Music Mile Meantime
Manager Mechanism Migration
Movement Mortgage Maxwell
Model Moon Make-up
Material Medicine Marble
Majority Mode Manufacture
Mark Maggie Monster
Method Mission Misery
Mouth Medium Murray
Miss Machinery Morality
Machine Mummy Max
Mum Mortality Mineral
Minute Mayor Manual
Marriage Mystery Motorway
Memory Male Mercury
Mary Miller Medal
Museum Minimum Mistress
Match Mathematics Mount
Message Mess Mercy
Move Mouse Majesty
Master Manor Modification
Manner Mud Mucosa
Middle Morgan Mainland
Martin Merchant Miracle
Membership Midnight Mask
Major Morris Mist
Murder Movie Marsh
Manchester Manufacturer Maker
Ministry Muscle Motive
Milk Ms Monarchy
Measure Measurement Madame
Magazine Monopoly Melissa
Metal Mine Murphy
Motion Maximum Momentum
Mike Mate Morale
Meal Menu Magnitude
Motor Marshall Methodology
Mason Melody Mast
Multimedia Microwave Mattress
Merit Mickey Marina
Marathon Monk Maze
Moor Malta Militia
Memorandum Mandate Massage
Metaphor Mandy Manifestation
Metre Musician Mam
Maid Monastery Manoeuvre
Membrane Military Mesh
Motif Microscope Mean
Missile Mungo Metro
Manpower Marshal Mythology
Manipulation Massacre Millionaire
Midfield Mare Mastery
Moss Morocco Mischief
Manuscript Mahogany Manhattan
Mac Missionary Mint
Mankind Mustache Messiah
Monitor Mantle Misuse
Maxim Monkey Moorland
Mould Michel Masterpiece
Madness Molla Marketplace
Madam Mister Mafia
Mainframe Mat Modernism
Murderer Mortar Misfortune
Manifesto Mama Maud
Molecule Minus Malt
Monarch Midfielder Matron
Microphone Mutant Morbidity
Matt Main Mouthful
Mosaic Midday Mo
Magistrate Madeleine Mentality
Molly Messenger Mole
Marxism Mon Modem
Morse Manslaughter Miner
Maternity Metabolism Mod
Monument Moonlight Mel
Macintosh Meditation Make
Moisture Medication Masculinity
Madonna Madeira Maple
Mug Mustard Modernity
Marc Menace Masonry
Matilda Meter Motto
Min Mound Muck
Mansion Microcomputer Methane
Marker Multitude Monte
Meadow Meg Memo
Midst Mutation Mileage
Mob Moran Midwife
Mao Mink Manhood
Mockery Mentor Marmalade
Maize Morphology Mufti
Motility Mom Malnutrition
Malice Midweek Mecca
Magnet Mince Magma
Microprocessor Magician Mackintosh
Marrow Materialism Millet
Mushroom Multiplication Marcel
Misconduct Maiden Mediator
Minor Millennium Microscopy
Margarine Midsummer Mania
Munro Minster Mule
Mediation Minibus Monograph
Mobile Magnesium Mutton
Marquis Modulus Milkman
Modernization Mosquito Mayo
Mosque Manila Maturation
Median Multiple Marguerite
Motherhood Merchandise Muzzle
Mechanic Matey Mysticism
Mona Meningitis Methyl
Murmur Maggot Morrow
Myriad Mercer Mujaheddin
Manure Mortuary Mismanagement
Monoxide Must Marzipan
Millie Militancy Metaplasia
Mall Mucus Mallet
Mc Menopause Mathematician
Malaria Mandarin Mistrust
Modernization Marquee Mover
Mammal Metropolis Mirth
Motorbike Mousse Magnetism
Modesty Mountaineering Makeup
Misrepresentation Moray Mali
Madge Mobilization Mayhem
Motorcycle Muddle Mystique
Mother-in-law Melancholy Mace
Mortgagee Mutiny Memoir
Motorist Mixer Mayonnaise
Migrant Midi Masturbation
Moat Mademoiselle Mane
Mantelpiece Milestone Melrose
Moth Mite Medallist
Multiplier Moratorium Morphine
Martyr Mia Miscarriage
Mainstream Mar Moan
Multiplicity Moderator Marquess
Moderation Mineralization Mouthpiece
Mead Melon Mural
Memorabilia Maximization Margate
Mower Misconception Meridian
Melodrama Mag Midge
Milieu Mammy Midwifery
Mop Mogul Mishap
Monotony Marine Mott
Mariner Mausoleum Mallard
Magnate Modulation Mot
Mavis Maj. Microcosm
Medrese Ms. Madrigal
Mime Maya Macroeconomics
Minder Magnificence Muller
Mamma Mull Manageress
Mascara Methanol Mountainside
Malaise Mobilization Marvel
Maidenhead Muslin Mark-up
Merlin Marmite Mandible
Monsoon Madras Marlin
Magnification Mash Multiprocessor
Monologue Manometry Mulberry
Minch Magpie Madison
Moral Mack Manse
Muse Middleweight Mystic
Mackerel Martini Mascot
Midwinter Minefield Methodism
Medley Mimicry Mina
Missus Massif Mildew
Malpractice Mg/kg Moose
Motherboard Martyrdom Mitre
Maverick Monetarist Methodist
Madman Malignancy Medallion
Migraine M Noun Midsole
Mono Moribund Mediocrity
Mismatch Mango Melanoma
Maestro Misbehaviour Misnomer
Materialist Mal Morsel
Metalwork Malabsorption Marge
Millimetre Mir Mechanization
Motel Magnum Mermaid
Mont Mistletoe Mol
Menstruation Microkernel Maladministration
Mortal Microfilm Misappropriation
Marijuana Metamorphosis Major-general
Maniac Mid-air Mix-up
Mainstay Monopolist Moby
Mirage Melton Monie
Mold Manganese Malamute
Morland Mitigation Moisturiser
Musical Memento Maypole
Mu More Mussel
Magnolia Mayoress Maximization
Militant Mandamus Minke
Marksman Ming Miscellany
Malai Millstone Moloch
Militarism Mart Minter
Monthly Manservant Mgr
Misinterpretation Metropole Mulch
Mutilation Meteorite Mortgagor
Mechanization Medina Muster
Matinee Microlight Mil
Masquerade Mort Misfire
Mesenchyme Machismo Monochrome
Mailer Maul Matchplay
Malfunction Microfiche Musket
Macro Microalbuminuria Medic
Maelstrom Morass Misinformation
Myrtle Marquetry Minuet
Muon Meade Morpheme
M Noun Morel Motivator
Mongrel Materiality Midlife
Mettle Monetarism Muscovy
Minimalist Midriff Municipality
Magnox Mesa Mastic
Marshland Marler Midget
Mellon Morgue Medusa
Mica Marchioness Mystification
Machair Makepeace Mather
Microbiology Malibu Muscat
Mollie Mornin’ Misapprehension
Marg Marinade Marigold
Muesli Medicare Mastermind
Monogamy Melvin Matriculation
Manager Manifold Mend
Melt Merriment Meringue
Mainline Menswear Masochism
Minstrel Maleness Mincemeat
Metallurgy Multiculturalism Miniature
Meteor Meanness Molar
Misdemeanour Mullen Minicomputer
Mountaineer Manhole Make-believe
Mi Metronidazole Modifier
Modicum Microchip Midway
Micron Meteorology Mantra
Methadone Mineralogy Montage
Misogyny Monstrosity Mutuality
Marten Mugger Mesalazine
Motherland Mayday Maharajah
Meander Monotone Mourne
Marketer Manna Menagerie
Mayoress Moll Magnetosphere
Mercenary Matchstick Munch
Mara Mammoth Mock-up
Melee Monomer Musculature
Monotype Millionth Mere
Moult Mambo Miser
Maw Merck Mush
Moron Musk Metalworking
Marginality Mahal Misadventure
Meaningfulness Mohair Madhouse
M Noun Mortise M Noun
Miscalculation Malevolence Matte
Midshipman Methylation Musicianship
Miro Mangle Machete
Missioner M Noun Minibar
Menfolk Mantel Mater
Motorcyclist M Noun Monolith

100+ Popular Nouns That Start With M

Nouns that start with m

20+ Common Nouns That Start with M

Here is a list of common m nouns:

  • Mountain – large landform that rises steeply above its surroundings.
  • Magnet – object with a magnetic field that attracts ferrous materials.
  • Machine – a mechanical device designed to perform a specific task.
  • Microscope – an optical instrument used for magnifying small objects.
  • Medicine – a substance used to treat or prevent illness or disease.
  • Mailbox – receptacle for receiving incoming mail or packages.
  • Mansion – large, impressive residence, often with extensive grounds.
  • Museum – an institution that preserves and displays cultural artifacts.
  • Mirror – a reflective surface that shows a reversed image of what it reflects.
  • Market – area or space where goods are bought and sold.
  • Meteor – a small celestial body that enters Earth’s atmosphere.
  • Meadow – open field, often covered with grass or wildflowers.
  • Molecule – a group of atoms bonded together.
  • Monument – a structure built to commemorate a person or event.
  • Matinee – afternoon showing of a movie, play, or musical performance.
  • Milestone – significant point or event marking progress or achievement.
  • Menu – list of dishes available at a restaurant or for a meal.
  • Muscle – tissue responsible for movement in the body.
  • Marathon – long-distance race with an official distance of 26.2 miles.


Baby Names That Start With M

Positive Words Start With M

Adjectives That Start With M

List of Abstract Nouns That Start with M

Abstract nouns are intangible concepts, ideas, or emotions that evoke feelings and cannot be perceived through the five senses. Examples include love, happiness, and justice.

Here is a list of Abstract M Nouns:

  • Majesty – the grandeur of royalty.
  • Mirth – joyous amusement.
  • Modesty – humility and self-restraint.
  • Momentum – force gained by motion.
  • Melody – a harmonious sequence of musical notes.
  • Mystery – something unexplained or unknown.
  • Mastery – complete control or skill.
  • Merit – the quality of being deserving.
  • Modulation – variation in tone or pitch.
  • Mutuality – a reciprocal relationship.
  • Magnitude – great size or importance.
  • Morality – principles concerning right and wrong.
  • Multiplicity – a large number or variety.

List of Popular Positive Nouns Start with M

Here is a list of Positive M Nouns with definitions:

  • Mirth – great joy and amusement.
  • Magic – a captivating and enchanting quality.
  • Merit – the quality of being deserving or commendable.
  • Majesty – grandeur and dignity.
  • Mastery – expertise and control.
  • Miracle – an extraordinary event.
  • Mindfulness – awareness and attentiveness.
  • Motivation – the drive to achieve goals.
  • Momentum – the force or speed of movement.
  • Magnanimity – generosity and nobility of spirit.
  • Musings – thoughtful reflection or contemplation.
  • Melody – a harmonious sequence of sounds.
  • Modesty – humility and simplicity.
  • Mirthfulness – the state of being joyful and cheerful.
  • Magnetism – a compelling and attractive force.
  • Milestones – significant achievements or events.
  • Mindset – a positive and open attitude.
  • Mutuality – shared feelings or reciprocity.
  • Mellowness – a gentle and pleasant quality.
  • Marvel – something that causes wonder or astonishment.

15+ List of Proper Nouns That Start with M

Proper nouns are specific names of unique entities, such as individuals, places, or organizations, always capitalized to distinguish them from common nouns.

  • Mary
  • Michael
  • Madrid
  • Milan
  • McDonald’s
  • Microsoft
  • Mona Lisa
  • Mount Everest
  • Madagascar
  • Mercedes-Benz
  • Mozart
  • Machu Picchu
  • Mumbai
  • Mont Blanc
  • Maldives

List Of Collective Nouns That Start With M

Here is a list of Collective M-nouns with meaning and synonym:


  • Meaning: Group of starlings.
  • Synonym: Flock.


  • Meaning: Group of chess players.
  • Synonym: Team.


  • Meaning: Group of Roman soldiers.
  • Synonym: Squad.


  • Meaning: Group of emus.
  • Synonym: Cluster.


  • Meaning: Group of moles.
  • Synonym: Colony.


  • Meaning: Group of storks.
  • Synonym: Phalanx.

FAQs (Nouns Starting with M)

What are some nouns starting with M?

N nouns include mountain, moon, mango, music, museum, and microphone, among many others.

What are some positive nouns that start with M?

Positive nouns starting with M: Magic, melody, mindfulness, motivation, mastery, mirth, merit, milestone, marvel, and mutual respect, among others.

What are nouns beginning with the consonant m?

Nouns beginning with M: Mountain, moon, music, mango, mansion, microphone, medal, marathon, museum, and mathematician, among others.

What’s the name of a famous person whose name starts with M?

Michael Jordan, a legendary basketball player, is a famous person whose name starts with M.

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