Nouns That Start With W

List of Nouns Start With W

Here we have a list of Nouns that start with W. You will learn the most commonly used nouns in the English language to expand your vocabulary in writing/speaking. Nouns Start with W will help you to learn about some of the most exciting events, emotions, and familiar things starting with the letter ‘W’.

What Are Nouns Beginning with W?

A noun is a word that commonly functions as the name of a distinct object or group of things, such as a person, place, living creatures, places, actions, qualities, states of existence, or ideas.

Person: Wesley, Winona

Place: Wellington, Warsaw

Thing: Watch, Wheelbarrow, Waffle Iron

List of Nouns That Start With W

Nouns that start with w

Week Wish Wireless
War Waist Writ
Woman Worship Weber
West Willie Workload
Word Wake Warranty
Wife Willingness Wheeler
Wall Width Wallpaper
Window Who Windscreen
Whole Wartime Wait
Weight Woodland Watercolour
Wood Welcome Whereabouts
Winter Wrist Wight
Will Wheat Weaver
Wind Warehouse Weir
Weekend Wardrobe Workhouse
Wine Worry Waterfall
While Warren Womb
Weather Workplace Wreckage
Waste Wolf Wreck
Welfare Wear Wakefield
Wealth Wit Wedge
White Wash Want
Walk Warfare Walnut
Writer Wendy Wrath
Worker Workstation Willow
Ward Warrant Wavelength
Winner Well-being Wade
Wage Waiter Willy
Wave Warden Wang
Wing Wilderness Wizard
Watch Wigan Whaling
Wheel Watt Wharf
Walker Warsaw Webster
Win Wrong Wig
Worth Whip Woodwork
Wire Wheelchair Wild
Withdrawal Wagon Witchcraft
Wright Wax Watchdog
Wildlife Whistle Windsurfing
Warmth Wellington Waitress
Weapon Whisper Witney
Wonder Web Wasp
Workshop Witch Waterhouse
Wool Whale Wee
Witness Wallet Whore
Weakness Warrior Ware
Whisky Wicket Waistcoat
Widow Worm Whim
Wisdom Warner Wise
Workforce Winger Wye
Watershed Whiskey Whirl
Warm-up Weave Welt
Woodward Wormwood Whisker
Wren Waterside Warbler
Wheelbarrow Washing-up Whistler
Waterman Wetland Workout
Wastage Waterway Waybill
Wicker Wardship Write-off
Woody Weekly Wrasse
Workman Warlord Wench
Wally Wyn Wicketkeeper
Warp Wolfe Wold
Waterfront Woodhouse Winding-up
Workmanship Wad Whiplash
Whiff Watchman Whey
Webber Wholeness Wager
Weaponry Watcher Weld
Wick Wayside Workbench
Windmill Wonderland Workbook
Weekday Waistband Woodcock
Woe Weasel Wynn
Walkman Womanhood Wrongdoing
Wrap Whirlpool Workroom
Waiver Wallaby Wafer
Wink Waveform Woodworm
Whitehead Whine Wilding
Waller Wester Wrapper
Welcome Welter Worktop
Welch Worthy Walkabout
Wreath Wp Woodworking
Walkway Wholesaler Wetness
Washer Worksheet Wigg
Widower Wail Waggon
Weariness Watercress Whatsit
Wickedness Wyre Wimp
Wasteland Whiting Wizardry
Wildfowl Woodwind Willpower
Windfall Warship Wretch
Week-end Windowsill Wildness
Western Wrench Wristwatch
Whiteness Whitewash Wag
Waltz Workgroup Wiseman
Wand Wearer Workflow
Wainwright Whit Wildcat
Whirlwind Watergate Wind-up
Winch Wanker Wrangle
Wellbeing World-view Wariness
Werewolf Woodworker Wane
Weald Woodpecker Wherewithal
Wu Waddle Whack
Walrus Wisteria Windsurfer
Watercourse Walkout Worthlessness
Womenfolk Wim Wart
Wheeze Waggler Waldo
Wong Wiper Wheelbase
Wo Wiener Workwear
Wark What Weal
Waffle Wort Witcher
Whimper Workhorse Walla
Watchword Workmate Waif
Widowhood Waterlily Weathercock
Warhead Wok Woodcarver
Woodbine Woodie Whitefly
Wonderment Wattage Water-skiing
Wrestler Widget Warhorse
Winder Wobble Wicklow
Welterweight Wain Wrangler
Wadi Wraith Wyvern
Wanderer Wallop Worthiness
Watchmaker Whisk Waterbus
Wet Waddy Windshield
Won’t Wildebeest Wader
Woodside Wey Wide
Wild-type Wedlock Weakling
Warder Wheal Wheelwright
Walk-in Weirdo Wintertime
Washroom Waterline Whatnot
Wakefulness Workspace Wattle
Warbird Whizz Wattling
Weep Welly Windward
Winkle Welder Weighbridge
Whitlow Wank Waggoner
Washbasin Workfare Wavefunction
Whiteside Westerner Wagtail
Wisp Wheelhouse Wallchart
Waterfowl Whimsy Wildman
Wastepaper Watchfulness Write-down
Weft Woodcut Woonerf
Worshipper Watch Wayfarer
Washout Woodman Wakey
Wen Whammy Weigh-in
Whatsername Wretchedness Wistfulness
Whist Warm Wrongness
When Watermark Weirdness
Waterwheel Watermill Womaniser
Warr Wrinkle Wpm
Windpipe Wigeon Wardenship
Warlock Waistline Wince
Whittle Wildfire Worldliness
Wipe Weedkiller Wrecker
Warehouseman Watermelon Wanderlust
Witch-hunt Wheelie Wiggle
Wyke Whirligig Wale
Wetsuit Whicker Warble
Wherry Wingspan Walkover
Waft Wingtip Wagonload
Window-seat Watchtower Wake-up
Woodline Waggle Wych
Wrongdoer Washstand Warthog
Woof Woodruff Womanizer
Weenie Wholesomeness Wickerwork
Wynd Worldview Wander
Wilfulness Whimbrel Weevil
Wolfhound Waywardness Weddin’
Weightlessness Wavenumber Whopper
Woad Worrier Wrack
Wellhead Whittler Woodcutter
Workpiece Wizard Wile
Winery Wildwood Windlass
Witticism Windle Washday
Whoosh Wali Wigwam
Whippet Woodpile Warpath
Wholefood Whiteout Wem
Weightlifter Wacko Wholesale
Wheatear Whitey Waymark
Weatherman Whinge Wop
Whelk Wheatsheaf Woodshed
Whig Wordlist Wet-nurse
Wholegrain Wineskin Windbag
Wombat Wordplay Wastebin
Whetstone Wordsmith Windcheater
Wiz Wallow Wineglass
Write-up World Wald
Whirr Walkie-talkie Wallcovering
Walkie Warfarin Woodcraft
Woodsmoke Wavefront Waterskiing
Wireframe Wino Worksurface
Wheatgerm Wildflower Whorehouse
Wakil Wordprocessor Waxwork
Whooper Wiggler Watchet
Waster Wash-out Warpaint
Wallflower Wishbone Whaler
Wedding-ring Wardroom Wobbler
Wraparound Waveband Witan
Wath Waterhole Wavepacket
Wolfram Whinny Wastefulness
Weltanschauung Windbreak White-out
Walk-on Whitten Wellness
Walking-stick Winemaker Wonderbra
Wicken Wellie Westernization
Whodunit Warre Woodchip
Whodunnit Worke Woodchopper
Wolfskin Waypoint Woodchuck
Windowpane Wodge Women
Warplane Wielder Whitebait
Whalebone Wrestle Wellspring
Whelp Womankind Werke
Whitethroat Womanliness Whoredom
Workday Warman Warmongering
Wobbly Washboard What-not
Wantonness Winterbourne Wonderfulness
Wasserman Widebody Washhouse
Weekender Woolsack Wonderkid
Wriggle Weigher Wedgie
Weka Weale Wolframite
Waterproofness Wheelspin Windowbox
Whiz Weediness When
Wainscot Whatsisname We
Whizzkid Whitewater Walk-up
Wheeler-dealer Wyakin Will-o’-the-wisp
Write-in Weel Woodpigeon
Washerwoman Witchery Workability
Wimple Wheatland Waymarking
Wannabe Witchhunt Whydah
Woodlouse Weepie Winnebago
Workaholism Womble Wagoner
Wack Windfarm Withy
Woodsman Whipcord Wog
Warrener Wyrd Wheater
Wormery Womenswear Whinger
Witchdoctor Weathervane Worde
Wheatfield Westernization Wow
Wildcard Watch-tower Wireline
Well-wisher Woolsey Weissbier
Wasteground Wideness Wood-pigeon
Wringer Walk-over Wadge
Wellfield Winkie Weever
Woodblock Wipe-out Waterpark
Whip-round Well-formedness Wailer
Wordsearch Watercolourist Waterproofer
Waterski Wassail Wristband
Wolf-whistle Waterguard Whitebeam
Whorl Waveguide Watersport
Welfarism Wastebasket Warmonger
Welfarist Wall-clock Whiteboard
Wunderkind Wifey Waffler
With Wallah Woolliness
World-beater Warm-bloodedness Woolly
Wipeout Wastrel Waterweed

100+ Popular Nouns That Start With W

useful nouns that start with w in english

20+ Common Nouns That Start with W

Here is a list of common W nouns:

  • Wallet: Small, flat case for carrying money.
  • Watch: Timepiece worn on the wrist.
  • Window: Transparent opening in a wall.
  • Wheel: Circular object that rotates.
  • Water: Liquid essential for life.
  • Wallet: Flat, folding pocket-sized case.
  • Whale: Large marine mammal.
  • Wire: A metal thread for electrical use.
  • Wind: Movement of air in the atmosphere.
  • Wave: Disturbance on the surface of water.
  • Wood: Hard fibrous substance of trees.
  • Wine: Alcoholic beverage made from grapes.
  • Wall: Vertical barrier or enclosure.
  • Wing: Flat appendage for flying.
  • Wagon: Four-wheeled vehicle for transport.
  • Wristwatch: Timekeeping device worn on the wrist.
  • Wand: Rod used for magic or directing.
  • Watermelon: Large, juicy fruit.
  • Whistle: Device for producing a shrill sound.
  • Workout: Physical exercise or training.


Baby Names That Start With W

Positive Words Start With W

Adjectives That Start With W

List of Abstract Nouns That Start with W

Abstract nouns are intangible concepts, ideas, or emotions that evoke feelings and cannot be perceived through the five senses. Examples include love, happiness, and justice.

Here is a list of Abstract Nouns Starting With W:

  • Wisdom: Acquired knowledge and good judgment.
  • Wonder: A awe-inspiring marvel or amazement.
  • Warmth: Quality of being warm or affectionate.
  • Wealth: Abundance of valuable possessions or resources.
  • Whisper: Soft, hushed speech or sound.
  • Worry: Mental distress or unease.
  • Wish: Desire for something to happen.
  • Wildness: State of being untamed or uncontrolled.
  • Winning: Achieving victory or success.
  • Wisdom: Acquired knowledge and good judgment.
  • Wit: Clever and humorous intelligence.
  • Worth: Value or significance.
  • Witness: A person who sees an event unfold.
  • Wavelength: Distance between successive waves.
  • Wholeness: State of being complete or undivided.
  • Work: Activity involving mental or physical effort.
  • Worthiness: Deserving approval or admiration.
  • Wishfulness: State of having strong desires.
  • Warmth: Quality of being warm or affectionate.
  • Wonder: Awe-inspiring marvel or amazement.

List of Popular Positive Nouns Start with W

Here is a list of Positive W Nouns with definitions:


  • Meaning: Depth of knowledge and good judgment.
  • Synonym: Insight
  • Antonym: Foolishness


  • Meaning: Quality of being warm and affectionate.
  • Synonym: Affection
  • Antonym: Coldness


  • Meaning: Abundance of valuable possessions or resources.
  • Synonym: Prosperity
  • Antonym: Poverty


  • Meaning: A feeling of admiration and amazement.
  • Synonym: Astonishment
  • Antonym: Indifference


  • Meaning: Inner strength to achieve goals.
  • Synonym: Determination
  • Antonym: Weakness


  • Meaning: State of being complete or whole.
  • Synonym: Completeness
  • Antonym: Fragmentation


  • Meaning: Achieving victory or success.
  • Synonym: Triumph
  • Antonym: Losing


  • Meaning: Pleasant, comfortable temperature.
  • Synonym: Coziness
  • Antonym: Chill


  • Meaning: Quick, clever, and humorous intelligence.
  • Synonym: Humor
  • Antonym: Dullness


  • Meaning: State of being in good health.
  • Synonym: Healthiness
  • Antonym: Illness


  • Meaning: Deserving respect, admiration, or consideration.
  • Synonym: Merit
  • Antonym: Unworthiness


  • Meaning: Extraordinary events or phenomena.
  • Synonym: Miracles
  • Antonym: Commonness


  • Meaning: A person who is exceptionally skilled.
  • Synonym: Expert
  • Antonym: Novice


  • Meaning: A gesture of greeting or salutation.
  • Synonym: Greeting
  • Antonym: Ignore


  • Meaning: Clever or humorous remark.
  • Synonym: Joke
  • Antonym: Seriousness


  • Meaning: Kindness and affection.
  • Synonym: Compassion
  • Antonym: Coldness


  • Meaning: A state of being filled with awe.
  • Synonym: Amazement
  • Antonym: Disinterest


  • Meaning: Value or significance.
  • Synonym: Value
  • Antonym: Insignificance


  • Meaning: Achieving victory or success.
  • Synonym: Triumph
  • Antonym: Lose


  • Meaning: Soft-spoken or hushed speech.
  • Synonym: Murmur
  • Antonym: Shout

30+ List of Proper Nouns That Start with W

Proper nouns that begin with W are specific names of unique entities, such as individuals, places, or organizations, always capitalized to distinguish them from common nouns.

  • Washington
  • Walt Disney
  • White House
  • William Shakespeare
  • World Health Organization
  • Wyoming
  • Wall Street
  • Wimbledon
  • West Indies
  • Wuhan
  • Windsor Castle
  • Winston Churchill
  • Whitney Houston
  • Westeros
  • Wakanda
  • Warsaw
  • Wellington
  • Walt Whitman
  • West Point
  • Walnut Street
  • William and Mary
  • West Virginia
  • Wrigley Field
  • Waldorf Astoria
  • Warsaw Pact
  • Washington Square
  • Woodstock
  • West Nile Virus
  • Wallis and Futuna
  • Winchester Cathedral

List Of Collective Nouns That Start With W

Here is a list of Collective w-nouns with examples:

  • Wisdom: The wisdom of elders shared invaluable life lessons.
  • Wealth: A wealth of resources contributed to community prosperity.
  • Whisper: A whisper of secrets spread through the attentive group.
  • Worship: A worship of believers gathered to express devotion.
  • Wave: A wave of spectators cheered as the team triumphed.
  • Waddle: A waddle of penguins moved gracefully across the ice.
  • Wine: A wine of connoisseurs sampled rare vintages with delight.
  • Warrant: A warrant of officers ensured safety during the operation.
  • Worry: A worry of parents discussed their children’s well-being.
  • Whim: A whim of artists embraced spontaneity in their creations.
  • Waltz: A waltz of couples danced gracefully at the ball.
  • Wander: A wander of adventurers explored the vast wilderness.
  • Watch: A watch of guards maintained vigilance over the fortress.
  • Wink: A wink of conspirators exchanged secret signals discreetly.
  • Witness: A witness of citizens observed the historical event.
  • Wild: A wild of animals migrated across the open savannah.
  • Whale: A whale of tourists marveled at the majestic marine creatures.
  • Wish: A wish of dreamers gathered to share aspirations.
  • Wind: A wind of musicians playing instruments in perfect harmony.
  • Wager: A wager of gamblers placed bets on the final outcome.

FAQs (Nouns Starting with W)

What are some nouns starting with w?

Nouns starting with W: Window, Waterfall, Watch, Wisdom, Whale, Wave, Wallet, Windmill, Wonderland, Whisper, Wand, Wheel, and Wreath.

What are some positive nouns that start with w?

Positive nouns starting with W: Wellness, Wonder, Warmth, Wisdom, Wealth, Wholeness, Winsomeness, Worship, Winning, Worth, and Wit.

What are nouns beginning with the consonant w?

Nouns beginning with the consonant W: Water, Wind, Walnut, Widget, Wall, Warbler, Watch, Wreath, Wallet, Wave, Whistle, and Wheel.

What’s the name of a famous person whose name starts with w?

Famous person with a name starting with W: Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, the iconic Austrian composer.

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