Princeton University

Princeton University

Princeton University is a private institution of higher education in Princeton, New Jersey. It is an Ivy League research university. It was established in 1764. This university is the oldest 4th institution of education in the United States.

The Motto of this university in English is Under God's Power She Flourishes. Before the American Revolution, it was one of the 9 colonial colleges.

This university is controlled by the Trustee of Princeton University. It has an endowment of almost $37.7 Billion which is the highest endowment per student in the United States.

Princeton University History

This university was established as the College of New Jersey. It was shaped in its formative years by Log College. The founding of this university itself originated from a break in the Presbyterian Church following the Great Awakening.

The four founders of the College of New Jersey who were New Lights were excluded from the Synod and devised a plan to found a new college for they were dissatisfied with Harvard and Yale's opposition to the Great Awakening and disappointed with the limited instruction at the Log College.

The three others convinced Presbyterians to join them and determined New Jersey as the location for the college because, at the time, there was no institution between Yale College in New Haven College of William & Mary in Williamsburg and Connecticut.

Their first request was discarded by the Anglican governor Lewis Morrison. The acting governor John Hamilton after Morrison's death approved a charter for the College of New Jersey in 1746.

Former Name of the Princeton University

The former name of this university was College of New Jersey from 1764 to 1896.

Former Presidents of the Princeton University



Jonathan Dickinson


Aaron Burr Sr.


Jonathan Edwards


Samuel Davies


Samuel Finley


John Witherspoon


Samuel S. Smith


Ashbel Green


James Carnahan

John Maclean Jr.


James McCosh


Francis L. Patton


Woodrow Wilson


John G. Hibben


Harold W. Dodds


Robert F. Goheen


William G. Bowen


Harold T. Shapiro


Shirley M. Tilghman


Current President of the Princeton University

Christopher Ludwig Eisgruber is the current president of this university. He has served as the 20th president of the Princeton University Since 2013.

Student Enrolled at Princeton University

In the academic year 2021, this university enrolled a total of 8,478 students out of which 5,321 were undergraduate students and 3,157 were postgraduate students.

Princeton University Cost of Attendance





Books & Supplies

Other Fees


Room & Board


Other Expenses Budget


Admission Requirement/Criteria at Princeton University

For Graduate Admissions

  • BBachelor'sDegree from an Accredited  College
  • GPA or Aggregate: 3.0
  • English Language Proficiency Scores
  • TOFEL IBT: 108
  • IELTS: 8.0
  • GMAT: 600-720
  • GRE: 163+ in Quant & 161+ Verbal
  • Essay
  • 2 Letters of Recommendation
  • Resume
  • Transcripts
  • Fall Semester Grades
  • Statement of Financial Resources
  • Statement of Purpose

For Undergraduate Admission

  • Official Transcript
  • School Reports
  • Graded Written Paper from High School
  • GPA or Aggregate: 3.9
  • English Language Proficiency Scores
  • TOFEL: 90-100
  • IELTS: 8.0
  • PTE: 60
  • SAT: 1490
  • ACT: 33-35
  • Academic Letter of Recommendation
  • Princeton Supplementary Application

Princeton University Campus

The main campus of this university comprises over 200 buildings on 600 acres in Princeton, New Jersey. The James Forrestal Campus is mainly designed as a research and instruction which is divided between Plainsboro and South Brunswick.

The campuses of this university are one hour from New York City and Philadelphia on the train. Also, this university owns over 520 acres of property in West Windsor Township. Nassau Hall is the first building on the campus which was completed in 1756. It is situated on the Northern edge of the campus on Nassau Street.

Most Popular Majors at Princeton University

  • Computer Science
  • Public Policy Analysis
  • Engineering
  • History
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Biochemistry and Molecular Biology
  • Economics
  • Political Science and Government
  • Mathematics
  • Ecology and Evolutionary Biology

Princeton University Ranking

In 2021, according to U. S. News & World Report, this university was ranked #1 for 10 consecutive years. It is ranked as #4 for Undergraduate teaching. In the year 2022, it was ranked as #7th by Times Higher Education and #20th by the QS World University Rankings in all over the world.

Student Body Composition of 2022

Race and Ethnicity






Foreign National







Economic Diversity

Low Income




Princeton University Finances

This university's endowment of almost $37 billion was ranked as the #4th largest endowment university in the United States. It had the maximum per-student endowment in the world at more than $4.4 million per student.

Its budget is more than $2 billion every year with 33% to Administrative and Student Service Departments, 50% going to Academic Departments and Programs, 7% to the Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory, and 10% to Financial Aid Departments.

Princeton University Research

It is a research university with very high research activity. In the financial year ending 2020, this university earned near about $250 Million in sponsored research for its main campus with 12.1% from Foundations, 81.4% coming from the Government, 5.5% from industry, and 1.0% from private and others.

This university hosts almost 75 Research Institutes and Centers and two National Laboratories. It is a member of the New Jersey Space Grant Consortium.

Princeton University Library System

The Princeton University Library System houses more than 13 Million through 11 buildings involving 7 Million Bound Volumes making it one of the biggest university libraries in the country. Firestone Library is the main campus library built in 1948.

It serves as the main storehouse for the Social Sciences and Humanities. Its collections involve the autographed manuscripts:

  • Scott Fitzgerald
  • George F. Kennan

In addition to Firestone Library specialized libraries exist for:

  • Architecture
  • Music
  • East Asian Studies
  • Archaeology
  • Art
  • International Affairs

The library system of this university provides access to subscription-based Electronic Resources and Databases to students.

Princeton University Student Life and Culture

Residential College

This university guarantees housing for all 4 years students with over than 98% of undergraduates living on campus. Freshman is required to live on campus, especially in one of the university's 6 residential colleges. Each of its residential colleges has its architecture and different design.

  • First College
  • Forbes College
  • Mathey College
  • Rockefeller College
  • Butler College
  • Whitman College

Eating Clubs and Dining

Each residential college of the university has a dining hall for all of its students. They differ in their Environment and Food Served. Upperclassmen students who no longer live in these colleges can choose from a diversity of options as choosing a shared meal plan, joining an eating club , and  joining a dining co-op where groups of students prepare, eat ,and cook food together

Campus Organization

It hosts almost 500 recognized student organizations and numerous campus centers. American Whig Cliosophic Society is the nation's oldest collegiate Political, Literary, and Debate Society which was established in 1765. It is the largest and oldest student organization.

The Daily Princetonian is the second oldest college daily Student Newspaper of this university. Some of the faiths represented on the campus are:

  • Buddhism
  • Christianity
  • Sikhism
  • Judaism
  • Islam
  • Hinduism


Tiger Transit is the bus system in this university which is open to the public and linking university campuses and areas near this university. New Jersey Transit Corporation provides bus service on 600,606 and 609 lines. It also provides rail service on Dinky.

Contact Us


Princeton, 08544 NJ, United States

Phone No

+1 609-258-3000

Official Website

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

What GPA is required at this university?

A 3.8 GPA is required.

What is the acceptance rate for international students at this university?

The acceptance rate of Princeton for international students is almost 4%.

What are the core values of Princeton?

  • Courage
  • Globalism
  • Inclusivity
  • Community
  • Creativity
  • Collaboration
  • Imagination

What subjects are best at this university?

  • Mathematics
  • Physics
  • Chemistry
  • Computer Science
  • Space Science
  • Geo science
  • Economics and Business
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