35+ Appetizing Fruits That Start With L in English

Fruits That Start With L

Fruits that start with L are similar to slight letters of love from nature’s reward! From luscious citrus delights like lemons and limes to saccharine and moist mangoes and melons, these fruits are a carnival of flavor and nutrition.

Whether you’re an enthusiast of spicy berries, crunchy pome fruits, or hot treats, there’s a fruit starting with L that’s certain to scratch your zest buds. So come on a cooking ride with us, as we travel around the varied and appetizing world of fruits that start with L!

Fruits that Start with L

List of All Fruits Starting with L

Lingonberry Lady Finger Bananas
Loganberry Lilly pilly
Lady Apple Lychee
Liberty Apple Le Conte Pear
Louise Bonne Of Jersey Pear Lord Lambourne Apple
Langra Mango Lancetilla Mango
Lambkin Melon Lippens Mango
Lapsi Lemon Drop Melon
Loquat Langley Bullace Damson Plums
Lemon Laranja
Limes Lemato
Limau Bali Lemon Aspen
Limequat Limeberry
Lablab Lima Orange
Lakoocha Langsat
Longan Leucaena

Common Fruits that Start with L and their metaphors


Little but powerful, these luscious little fruits pack a large blow of flavor and nutrition.

Lingonberry: Pie and tasty, these red berries add a rupture of flavor to any dish.


A sugary, adaptable fruit with yellow skin and squashy, creamy flesh.

  • Lady Finger Bananas: Small and saccharine, these handle-sized bananas are an enjoyment to eat.
  • Lilly Pilly: A sugary and moist berry local to Australia, great for making jams and syrups.
  • Loganberry: A hybrid of black and raspberry, these syrupy and pastry berries make for a scrumptious snack.

Pome Fruits:

These fruits have a solid external sheet, but the moist syrupy flesh in the interior makes it all appeal.

  • Lady Apple: A little crunchy apple, wonderful for snacking or baking.
  • Lychee: With a sugary and a little flowery flavor, these exclusive-looking red fruits are a clip in Asian cuisine.
  • Liberty Apple: A red and green apple, known for its impartial saccharine and pastry flavor.
  • Le Conte Pear: A lovable and thirst-quenching pear with a fragile flavor, enormous for eating bright or cooking.
  • Louise Bonne of Jersey Pear: A tiny and saccharine pear, great for snacking and baking.
  • Lord Lambourne Apple: A succulent and charming apple, huge for eating and cooking.
  • Langra Mango: An accepted mango diversity in India, known for its sugary and perfumed flavor.


  • Lancetilla Mango: A syrupy and luscious mango, resident to Honduras and known for its huge size.


  • Lambkin Melon: This tiny surrounding melon has a fragile flavor and a thin crust, making it a wonderful addition to summer salads.
  • Lippens Mango: Mango has a saccharine and ripe soft tissue, making it a favorite in the middle of fruit lovers.


  • Lapsi: This little, oval-shaped plum is sugary and succulent, with a flimsy flavor that’s great for snacking.
  • Lemon Drop Melon: As the name suggests, this melon has a piquant lemon flavor and is an inspirational luxury on a hot summer day.
  • Loquat: This yellow-orange fruit has a lovable sharp flavor and is an admired constituent in Asian cuisine.
  • Langley Bullace Damson Plums: This type of plum is slightly pie and is habitually used for making jams, jellies, and baked goods.
  • Lemon: This pie and sharp fruit is a clip in many kitchens, used for the whole lot from cooking to cleaning.


  • Laranja: This sugary orange is a fastener in many households, used for all from juice to zest.
  • Limes: These fruits are tiny, round, green citrus fruit with an acerbic taste.
  • Lemato: Lemato is the fruit of a hereditary annoyed amid a lemon and a tomato.
  • Limau Bali: This fruit is a little, green, rough fruit with a greatly scented strip and an acerbic sharp juice.
  • Lemon Aspen: This fruit has a flavorful, sharp flavor with a mention of sugariness, and is repeatedly used in cooking to add flavor to desserts, sauces, and beverages.
  • Limequat: This tiny, yellow fruit is a cross flanked by lime and kumquat and has a lovable spicy flavor.
  • Limeberry: This fruit has a sole flavor that is a mixture of syrupy and pie with an indication of lime. Mostly used in jams, jellies, and desserts.


  • Lablab: This legume is habitually used in Southeast Asian and African cuisine, and has a placid, nutty flavor.

Stone Fruits:

  • Lucuma: This South American fruit has a charming and maple-like flavor. It is mostly useable in smoothies and baked goods.
  • Lima Orange: This sugary luscious orange is an accepted element in drinks and recipes, adding a split open of citrus flavor.


  • Lakoocha: This Southeast Asian fruit has a saccharine and luscious flesh. You can use Lakoocha regularly for its exceptional flavor in drinks and desserts.
  • Langsat: This petite fruit has saccharine moist flesh and is an admired snack in Southeast Asia.
  • Longan: This tiny, round fruit has a saccharine flavor, and is a trendy snack in Southeast Asia.
  • Leucaena: You can use this hot legume for its exclusive flavor in cooking and baking, and is a nail in many Central American and Caribbean cuisines.

Vine Fruit:

  • Lardizabala: This vine fruit is local to South America and has a sugary, luscious flesh, frequently used in drinks and desserts.

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