7 Best Tools That Will Help University Students to Learn Better


A student’s life is full of a learning process. Especially when we are talking about university students since they must learn proficiency in multiple fields like Academic Writing, Communication, Creativity, etc. Dealing with all these things is usually a hard task for every type of student without tools.

In these scenarios, many students run behind the manual learning process i.e., attending extra classes, reading books, hiring some tutors, etc. But we are not here to repeat these low productive and effort-taking processes.

We will introduce you to some quick methods i.e., online tools. In this article, we will talk about the seven best tools that will help university students to learn better.

7 Best Tools to Help University Students to Learn Better

1. Editpad Plagiarism Checker

Plagiarism Checker by EditPad is an online AI-powered solution to analyze plagiarised content in a given writing. For this, the tool conducts a comparison of given writing with an already published vast database in the forms of essays, articles, blogs, etc.

How Does the Plagiarism Checker Help University Students?

Students can harness the checker to detect the uniqueness of their writing. To utilize this, they are only needed to drop their writing into the tool. The tool does a detailed comparison between the writing and vast data published on the internet.

After the detection of any plagiarism, the tool generates a comprehensive report. Based on that report, university students can cite the source, quote the text, or rephrase it. Additionally, the tool provided ready-made templates to cite a source.

In this way, they will learn about the better way of creating citations to remove plagiarism.

For Example:

We evaluated the plagiarism checker by dropping and checking our sample writing.


Editpad Plagiarism Checker

2. Paraphrase Online

Paraphrase Online is an AI-powered rephrasing tool that generates a new version of the existing content. Its working mechanism involves the usage of two applications (i.e., NLP and ML) of AI. They work to analyze the core concepts of writing and based on this information the tool generates a fresh version.

How Paraphrase-Online Can Help University Students?

Paraphrase online tools can streamline the learning process of university students. Using the tool, students can learn the following things:

  • Variety of sentence structures.
  • Multiple writing styles.
  • Improve the level of writing that they do.
  • Enhancing the writing's legibility and clarity.
  • A proper tone for better academic writing.
  • Contextually correct use of different words in writing.
  • Plagiarism removing techniques by rephrasing.

Practical Example:

We enhanced the quality of our sample writing with the help of paraphrasing online. You can see the changes by comparing our bellowed input with the output.


"The journey of character development extends beyond temporal constraints and linguistic changes, enduring as an ongoing process." It represents the constant refining of one's moral compass, the cultivation of virtues, and the cultivation of integrity.”


“Character advancement could be a never-ending journey that rises aboveworldly boundaries and phonetic shifts. It speaks to the steady refining of one's ethical compass, the development of excellencies, and the development of integrity.”

The improvements are clear in the output if we match it with the input. Moreover, both the content pieces convey the same meaning.


paraphrase Online

3. Grammar Check

Grammar check is also supported with AI power. It works to identify and remove grammatical errors from a given writing. The working mechanism of the tool uses a combination of algorithms and advanced grammar rules for knowing the grammar errors as well as spelling errors.

How is The Grammar Check Helpful for University Students?

The grammar checker is helpful for better learning at the university students in the following ways:

  • They can get familiar with different types of grammatical issues in their writing.
  • The tool will provide them with correct suggestions to remove the issues.
  • With the utilization of the checker, they can make their writing more incredible and clearer.

In a nutshell, students can accelerate the process of learning with the use of a grammar checker.

For Example:

We passed the below academic writing through the tool. The tool detected all the grammatical mistakes.


“The theory of quantum physics is complicated are nature and bewilders many, posing a challenge to comprehension. All theequations, are often convoluted, making it difficult to interpret their implications.”



“The theory of quantum physics is complicated, and its nature bewilders many, posing a challenge to comprehension. All the equations, are often convoluted, making it difficult to interpret their implications.”


Grammar Check

4. Quizlet

Quizlet is an AI-based online learning platform for students. It provides students with multiple tools for learning, studying, creating, and practicing various subjects in the way of games, quizzes, and digital flashcards.

How Quizlet Can Help University Students for Better Learning?

Using the tool, students can find studying/learning material on multiple subjects.e., ranging from history and math to language and science. Moreover, Quizlet provides different ways of learning that include:

  • Playing Games
  • Solving Quizzes
  • MCQ tests

To put it briefly, with multiple learning materials and ways, Quizlet can help university students learn better and faster.

For Example:

As a student in the medical field, I searched for biological subject-related tests on Quizlet. And we found that:



5. Google Bard

Google Bard is a Google AI-developed conversational chatbot. It is stocked with an ocean of information. Users can access written content on any topic with the help of the novel tool. To utilize this, they will just have to write or paste their questions or recommendations as a Prompt in the input bar. The tool is capable of providing multiple answers to every question.

How Google Bard is Helpful for University Students?

The helpful benefits provided by the Bard for university students are not coverable. However. in the below points, we tried to cover some of them:

  • The tool can be used to brainstorm their ideas.
  • They can reach the correct answers to their questions in a super-fast way.
  • They can boost the process of translating writings, writing summaries, etc.
  • They can automatically generate different types of academic content like Essays, Research Papers,

And so on…

Practical Example:

We were required to get an answer to the below question of “Biological Subject.”


“How is genetic information encoded in DNA?”

We got a detailed oriented and accurate answer for that:


Google Bard

6. OCR.best

OCR.best is an online tool that is efficient at the precise conversion of Images, Docs, and other printed forms of content into text. It is also known as an OCR translator. The tool is integrated with OCR technology to recognize and extract every type of text written in an image, PDF, or document.

How OCR.best Can Help Students?

Below are the ways through which OCR.best tool can help students:

  • To automatically convert the hard-form assignments into digital text.
  • To share their handwritten content with fellow students.
  • For securing their important handwritten notes into the soft form.

Practical Example:

We translated/extracted the below text from an Image:

Extracted Text:

“Every one of us needs to show how much we care for each other and, in the process, care for ourselves.”

-Diana, Princess of Wales


OCR Best

7. Online Notepad

The online notepad is an effective tool for creating, editing, and saving online text form notes. To make students write compelling notes or assignments the tool comes up with multiple features i.e.:

  • Formatting Option.
  • Adding main heading and sub-heading tags.
  • Option to add images.
  • Bullet points and number lists.

How Online notepad is Helpful for University Students?

Students can use the online notepad in the following ways:

  • To keep track of their assignment tasks.
  • To create a timetable or work schedule.
  • Write and store significant notes.

And so on…

Practical Example:

We crafted an essay with the help of an online notepad:


online notepad


To learn better students should not rely on the old type of methods and techniques. But they should take a wise step towards using the online tools for help. Learning with the help of online tools is not just an innovative way but an efficient one.

To help the university students, we put together 7 best online tools that are useful for learning better. In this post, we not only introduced them but illustrated the way through which the tools can assist university students in better learning.

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