Australian National University

Australian National University

The Australian National University (ANU) is a leading research-focused university in Canberra. It has a global academic reputation, cutting-edge research, and a commitment to advancing knowledge across a wide range of disciplines. ANU stands at the forefront of Australian higher education.

About Australian National University


Calls for a national university in Australia began in the early 1900s. After the location of the nation's capital, Canberra, was determined in 1908, land at the foot of Black Mountain for ANU was allocated to ANU in Walter Burley Griffin's design for the city.

This eventually led to the passing of the Australian National Universities Act 1946 by the Sheffield Government on 1 August 1946. A group of distinguished Australian scholars returned from overseas to join the university, including Sir Keith Hancock, Sir Howard Florey, and Sir Mark Oliphant.

The first residence hall and University House opened in 1954 for postgraduate students and faculty members. Canberra University College was the first institution of higher education in the national capital, established in 1929 and enrolling its first undergraduate students in 1930. Canberra University College was affiliated to the University of Melbourne and its degrees were awarded by the same university.

The Canberra School of Art and the Canberra School of Music merged in 1988 to form the Canberra Institute of the Arts, and in 1992 merged with the university as the ANU Institute of the Arts. Chinese hackers broke into Australian National University computers in 2017, possibly compromising national security research at the university.

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ANU's main campus is spread across the Canberra suburb of Acton, comprising 358 acres of mostly parkland within which the university buildings are located. Many of the university's sites have been of historical significance since the establishment of the national capital, with more than 40 buildings on the Commonwealth Heritage List and several other local lists.

ANU won the International Sustainable Campus Network Award in 2009 with over 10,000 trees on its campus. ANU also occupies additional sites including Mount Stromlo Observatory on the outskirts of Canberra, Siding Spring Observatory near Coonabarabran, a campus at Kioloa on the New South Wales south coast, and a research unit in Darwin.


The ANU Library began in 1948 with the appointment of the first librarian, Arthur McDonald. The library has over 2.5 million physical volumes distributed across six branches: Chifley, Hancock, Art & Music, Law Libraries, Menzies, and an external Print Repository.

Hancock and Chifley Libraries are accessible 24 hours a day to both students and ANU staff. The Drill Hall Gallery contains a 1940 drill hall used to train soldiers for the Second World War and as a base for the 3rd Battalion, Werriwa Regiment.


ANU Academic Colleges Their schools and centers are engaged in specialized research in various fields. The Australian National University is committed to engaging in research that builds a stronger future for all.

Innovation connects ideas, research, government, and business to create value for the ANU community. At the Australian National University, researchers are constantly developing innovative solutions to real-world problems. Give to your organization.

Administration and Organization

ANU has a 15-member council whose members include the Vice-Chancellor and the Chancellor. Gareth Evans, former Australian Foreign Minister, was Chancellor of ANU from 2010 to 2019, and Brian Schmidt, an astronomer and Nobel laureate. He has served as Vice-Chancellor since 1 January 2016.

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Faculties and Schools

  • Colleges

ANU forms seven colleges, each leading both research and teaching. Additional restructuring took place in 2017, resulting in changes to the names of colleges and schools.

  • Arts, Social Sciences and Humanities

College of Arts and Social Sciences further has the Research School of Humanities and the Research School of Social Sciences and the Arts.

  • Asia and the Pacific

The ANU College of Asia and the Pacific is a specialist center for Asian and Pacific studies and languages, with the largest number of specialists in these fields of any university in the English-speaking world.

  • Economics and Business

College of Business and Economics consists of four schools, which conduct research and teaching in accounting, economics, finance, actuarial studies, statistics, management, and marketing.

  • Computer Science and Engineering

The ANU College of Engineering, Computing, and Cybernetics has further three research schools, which study the disciplines of Computer Science, Engineering, and Cybernetics respectively.

  • Law
  • Medicine and Health
  • Physical, Life, Environmental Science, and Mathematical

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Rankings and Reputations

Australian National University was ranked 34th in the world 4th in Australia by the 2024 QS World University Rankings and 62nd in the world and 5th in Australia by the 2023 Times Higher Education.

In the 2022 Times Higher Education Global Employability University Rankings, an annual ranking of the employability of university graduates. ANU was ranked 1st in Australia, and 35th in the world.

Fees Structure

Higher Degree Research tuition fees

International students

Colleges 2023 Annual Fee/Fee Range (in AUD) International Extension of Program Fee
ANU College of Arts & Social Sciences $41,030 - $43,790 $3,000
ANU College of Asia and the Pacific $41,030 - $49,330 $3,000
ANU College of Business & Economics $41,790 - $46,680 $3,000
ANU College of Engineering & Computer Science $49,330 $3,000
ANU College of Law $46,680 $3,000
ANU College of Health & Medicine $49,330 - $54,880 $4,000
ANU College of Science $49,330 $4,000

Notable Alumni

  • Bob Hawke, former Australian Prime Ministers
  • Michael Thawley, Prime Minister & Cabinet Secretary
  • Lisa Paul, Education Secretary
  • Stephen Gageler, Judge High Court of Australia
  • John Pascoe, Chief Federal Magistrate
  • David Morrison, former Chief of Army
  • Andrew Tridgell, computer programmer

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FAQs (Frequently Ask Questions)

Is Australian National University a good university?

Known for its exceptional teaching, research, and small classes, the Australian National University.

Does ANU sponsor visas?

The University can sponsor temporary and permanent resident visas for overseas people who have been offered a position at The Australian National University. Generally, this applies only to certain academic positions.

How much is the ANU tuition fee for international students?

The annual tuition fee in 2019 is AUD $43,680. Please note that this amount varies each year. International students must also obtain valid overseas student health coverage as part of their visa requirements.

Is ANU good for international students?

Founded in 1946, ANU has become one of the world's best universities, consistently ranked in the top 50 globally.

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