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Happy Adventures Tourism LLC provides a variety of evening desert safaris in Sharjah. They are divided into four categories: Self Drive, Premium, Platinum Basic, and Platinum Plus. Charges vary depending on the activities included in each package but start as low as AED 50.

Complete Guide to Sharjah Desert Safari

The Basic package, for example, requires tourists to wait for pickup at designated locations throughout the emirate, such as Sharjah City Centre or Mega Mall. The Advance Pack, on the other hand, includes the ability to pick up visitors. Directly from their homes and dropping them off at a location of their choice.

Other perks included in the packages are:

  • Sandboarding & henna designing
  • Dune bashing
  • Camel rides
  • Story-telling with Tanoura dance
  • Sheesha and cocktails
  • Photography with Falcon

Traveling Advantages

This is a great opportunity because reputable travel companies also organize desert safaris in Sharjah. From exhilarating dune adventures to relaxing rides on camels, ATVs, and peaceful encampments. Exploration is one of the most thrilling outdoor activities that tourists in the UAE usually do first.

This activity is popular in other cities such as Dubai and Abu Dhabi, where there are various tour firms. They have a lot of alternatives, incentives, and bundles. Nonetheless, Sharjah residents do not have to miss out.

Morning Desert Safari with Quad Bike

If you want to start your Sharjah desert safari early, Happy Adventures Tourism LLC has three-morning excursion packages starting at AED 700. The Basic Pack includes refreshments and a 15-minute dune bashing experience. It also has photographic opportunities. The Premium Pack offers camel rides for customers looking for a more luxurious experience. Acknowledgment f a sandboarding installation, in addition to the things too included in the Basic package.

Overnight Desert Safari with VIP Camping

If spending a night under the sand sky is on your bucket list, the Overnight Desert Safari deals, like the dhow cruise Dubai, is an excellent choice. This experience begins at a Bedouin-style encampment, where guests are greeted with traditional Arabian coffee and dates.

Arabic rugs, pillows, and low tables are arranged to enhance the atmosphere. Before sundown, guests can participate in activities such as quad biking and camel riding. Along with a thrilling session of dune bashing that concludes with a magnificent sunset view. Following a three-course Arabic feast and live entertainment performances, the team erects a Bedouin campsite. The next morning, guests are greeted with a wonderful brunch.

Hummer Desert Safari

Happy Adventures Tourism LLC also offers an amazing Hummer thrilling tour in Sharjah. Along with the added nicety of door-to-door pickups & drop off in Sharjah. Dune bashing in a Hummer is more exciting than in a regular 4×4.

Other activities included in the packages include camel rides, sand boarding, and falcon shows. Guests are also welcome to dress in traditional Arab attire. After touring the dune, guests are brought to a campground. They can drink Arabic coffee while eating a great meal of expertly cooked grilled meats.

Dinner In The Desert

Dinner at the Bedouin camp is a delectable treat for gourmands. In addition to dune riding, falconry, and camel rides. The superb Arabic buffet dinner is the primary attraction of this safari. It’s the ultimate foodie tour, with a variety of barbecued delights, fresh salads, and traditional Arabic desserts.

Things to Consider Before a Sharjah Desert Safari

It is critical to be well-prepared, especially if this is your first time on a desert safari. Before you schedule your trip, make sure you include certain items for heat protection. in addition

  • Carry sunscreen with you.
  • Keep yourself hydrated.
  • Sport a hat & sunglasses to get protected from the sun.
  • Wear light clothing, especially if your safari is in the summer.

Furthermore, avoid taking unneeded equipment such as a laptop. A camera and selfie stick should suffice. Also provides you the useful information that makes sure your clothing is breathable and flexible to temperature variations between day and night. Sandals or flip-flops can be an excellent choice. During daytime safaris, you will regularly enter and depart your vehicle onto the beach.

We have completed our overview of service providers in Sharjah that provide desert safaris. When you’ve had your fill of adrenaline tours, plan a nice family vacation to the other tours.

Do you want to look at other possibilities? Refer to our guide outlining the finest firms offering desert safaris in Dubai. Also, while you’re looking, look into the desert safari firms in Abu Dhabi.

Wrap Up:

Exploring the desert wilderness is an unforgettable and captivating experience that should not be missed. Even if one’s excitement level is low. The tranquil and placid attraction of the gilded sand makes it an enduring experience for every globetrotter. Leaving the sphere of comfort, here are a few of the best desert activities. That one can reflect on their experiences in Sharjah.

Consider an evening spent beneath the radiance of innumerable celestial bodies in the calmest deserts. Instead of staying at Sharjah’s fancy hotels, book a night at one of the desert encampments. All while partaking in amazing adventures. An overnight safari is similar to an evening desert safari tour but with the added bonus and experience of spending the night. As a multitude of exhilarating and action-packed activities await, you will conclude the day beneath an expanse of innumerable stars.

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