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Emory Tate was an American Chess International Master. He was born on December 27, 1958, in Chicago, United States. He was the father of the former professional kickboxer and internet personality Andrew Tate.

Emory is known for his aggressive and creative style of playing. He was loved by fans for his unpredictable moves.

Early Life of Emory Tate

He was also known as Emory Andrew Tate II. He grew up in a family of nine children. Emory Andrew Tate I who was the father of Emory Andrew Tate II was an attorney and his mother Emma Cox Tate ran a truck leasing business.

Education and Military Career

Emory Tate worked as a Sergeant in the United States Air Force for more than 20 years where he excelled as a linguist. In Mexico, he learned Spanish as an exchange student.

During the summer of 1975, he was chosen to take part in Indiana University's honor program in foreign language Spanish. He spent almost two months living with a Mexican family.

Chess Career

In Goshen and Indiana, Emory started giving lessons to elementary school students as a part of a community school board program in 1993. Andrew Tate III said about his father that he never saw him study chess books.

Emory Tate also hated Chess computers and he never used them. He just sat down and played. Emory Tate earned a lot of fame as a creative and dangerous strategy in the United States.

Emory Tate Chess Achievements

He earned a lot of fame as a creative and dangerous strategy in the United States. Emory won five times the Armed Forces Chess Championships. He also won the Indiana State Championship six times in 2005.

In the rating list of October 2006, Emory Tate's highest International Chess Federation or FIDE rating was 2413 which made him the 72nd highest-rated player in the United States. In 2010, Emory Tate won the Alabama State Championship.

Upset Victories of Emory Tate

During his career, Emory was known for defeating many high-ranked grandmasters. Some of his notable victories are:

  • World Chess Champion Garry Kasparov
  • British Grandmaster Nigel Short
  • American Grandmaster Larry Christiansen

These victories earned him fame as a Giant Killer in the Chess society.

Emory Tate's Net Worth

Emory Tate's net worth was guessed approximately $5 Million. He earned a lot as a Chess player.

Emory Tate ELO

Name Emory Tate
FIDE ID 2001365 FIDE Profile
Title International Master
ELO Classic 2206
ELO Blitz 2231


Emory Tate was talkative in many languages like German, Russian, and Spanish which helped him to communicate with his fellows in the Chess community during International Tournaments and Events.

Colorful Personality

He was famous for his charming and spirited personality which made him a beloved figure in the Chess community. He is the father of famous beloved personality Janine Tate.

International Master Title

In 2007, he got the International Master Title strengthening his status as a strong and respected player in the Chess community. This title is awarded to those players who determined a high level of skill, expertise, and success in Chess competitions.

Personal Life of Emory Tate

In 1985, Emory Tate married British lady Eileen Ashleigh with whom he had three children his two sons Andrew Tate and Tristan Tate, and his daughter Janine Tate. In 1997, the couple divorced and his ex-wife Eileen returned to England with their children.

Father-Son Chess Legacy

Tate's passion for chess was transferred to his son Emory Andrew Tate III who is also a successful Chess player. Emory III is a FIDE International Master and has contested in many National and International Chess events to last his father's legacy of excellence in the world of Chess.

Late Start

Despite his ultimate success, Emory had a late start in Chess learning the game at the age of 14 years. This describes his natural talent and determination as he went on to achieve the International Master title and several tournament successes.

Emory Tate Gambit

Emory was known for his energetic and fearless style of playing which led him to develop a unique and aspiring opening variation called the Tate Gambit.

This opening includes devoting a pawn early in the game to generate planned opportunities and put pressure on the competitors.

Prolific Tournament Player

Emory got involved in many Chess tournaments during his career including distinguished events such as:

  • The U.S. Chess Championship
  • The World Open
  • The Armed Forces Chess Championship

Active in the Chess Community

Emory remained an active member of the Chess Community during his life participated in different Chess events and remained interconnected with fans, players, and organizers.

Chess Author

The book details Tate's life, achievements, and games providing precious insights into his rare style of playing.

Chess Legend

Emory Tate's remarkable career, unique playing style, and many victories against top grandmasters have strengthened his status as a Chess Legend. His legacy continues to motivate and influence Chess players worldwide.

Emory Tate Death

In California on October 17, 2015, Emory Tate died after suffering a heart attack during a tournament. After the death of Emory Tate, a large number of Grandmasters and International masters wrote tributes to him.

Grandmaster Maurice Ashley explained Emory as a Trailblazer for African-American Chess. In 2016, the Alabama Senate passed a resolution to celebrate his life and legacy.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

What was Emory Tate famous for?

He achieved a lot of fame as a creative Chess circuit in the United States.

How many times did Emory Tate lose?

Emory had played a total of 398 games. He won 164 games and lost 177 games.

Who has the highest Chess rating?

Magnus Carlsen has the highest Chess rating. His peak rating is 2882.

How many grandmasters are there?

There are almost 2000 grandmasters.

Who invented Chess?

Chess was invented around 200 B.C. by Han Xin.

Who defeated Emory Tate?

Yuan Wang defeated Emory Tate.

How much do Chess players make?

Elite Grandmasters can make up to $100K from a Chess game.

Who is World 1 in Chess?

Sven Magnus Oen Carlsen is the world's No 1 player in the Chess.

Which country plays the most chess?

Russia plays too much Chess.

Which religion invented Chess?

The Christian religion invented Chess.

What is the highest prize money in Chess?

In the FIDE World Championship 2023, the highest prize bond in Chess is €2 Million.

What is the lowest rating on Chess.com?

The lowest rating on Chess.com is 100.

Did the Mughals play Chess?

Yes, the Mughal court community was very fond of the Chess game.

What city is known for Chess?

The cities known for Chess are:

  • Moscow
  • Havana
  • London
  • Reykjavik
  • New York
  • Chennai

Who is the smallest Grandmaster?

Abhimanyu Mishra is the smallest Grandmaster in Chess.

Which country has the least Chess players?

South Korea has the least Chess players.

Who has the highest win streak in Chess?

Magnus Carlsen has the highest win streak in Chess.

Which country has the most grandmasters?

  • Russia
  • Germany
  • Ukraine
  • USA
  • India
  • Yugoslavia
  • China
  • Spain

Who is the father of Chess?

Wilhelm Steinitz is the father of the Chess.

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