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Eyebrows are the important parts of our face. It is made up of thousands of tiny hairs. This is a transverse height of hair arched over the superior orbital rim. Its growth cycle is about 4 months.

The gap between the forehead and the eyebrows is around about 2.5 cm. In Latin, it is known as Supercilium. The word eyebrow is originated from the Ancient Egypt.

Definition of Eyebrows

Eyebrows are the strip of growing hair on the ridge above the eye socket of the person or it is simply known as the line of short hairs above each eye in humans.

Function of Eyebrows

In humans, its do two main functions first is communication through facial expression and the second is to prevent eyes from sweat, dust, water, and other wreckage from falling into the eye socket.

It acts as a natural barrier. It is considered part of the scalp and is divided into three anatomic parts which are head, body, and tail. Eyebrows protect our eyes from harmful light.

It assists in preventing sweat and other fluids from going into the eyes which could cause irritation or any kind of infection. Raising an eyebrow means reacting with surprise, criticism, dissatisfaction, or objection.

Etymology of Eyebrows

The word eyebrows originates from Middle English ezebreu alteration of Old English eaganbru (eyebrow) which is equivalent to eye +‎ brow.

Similar Words

  • Brow
  • Monobrow


  • Edge
  • Brink
  • Brim
  • Rim
  • Periphery
  • Verge
  • Margin
  • Side
  • Border
  • Boundary


  • Back
  • Uncover
  • Straighten
  • Pull
  • Bottom out

Eyebrow App

Eyebrow Filter Camera is such an eyebrow app that can enhance your eyebrows without any effort. Also, YouCam is the eyebrow filter app to try on eyebrows. Some of the free and best eyebrows shape apps for Android are:

  • YouCam Makeup
  • FaceTune
  • PicsArt
  • BeautyPlus
  • Lensa
  • Eyebrow Editor
  • AirBrush

Pronunciation of Eyebrows

It is pronounced as ai·browz. While the British people break down eyebrows into two sounds like (Eye) + (Browz).

Eyebrows in Urdu

In the Urdu language, the meaning of eyebrows is بھنویں. In Roman Urdu, we call it Bhanwain.

Men Eyebrows

In men, shaping eyebrows should be as important as contouring the beard or head hair. A man with neat and well-kept brows is more attractive than others. Rounded eyebrows with larger eyes and wide foreheads are perfect for men.

Eyebrows Microblading

It is a kind of eyebrow architecture. It is not in the deep layer of skin but more on the surface not like the tattooing. Also, this is not permanent and the color fades in almost 18 months.

Eyebrow Shapes/Styles

There are a lot of shapes of eyebrows which some of which are mentioned below:

1. Arched toward the tail

This shape feature of eyebrows is best for round faces. Also, it is known as modern placement or tail-arched brow.

Its shape is such an arch just before the external corner of the brow or that starts a little closer to the tail. It is extremely modern and stylish in shape. It often gives a little lift to the brows with no need for a high arch.

2. Arched in the middle

If you are looking for a delicate yet stunning eyebrow shape then arched in the middle is the best answer. Your brows naturally arch more toward the center than the ends in this shape and you can work with that.

3. High Arches

This shape of the brow is best for the round shape. It helps the round faces to look slimmer and less broad.

This shape balances the roundness of the face cut. This shape gives an attractive look.  If you want sophistication in your eyebrow then you should consider this option.

4. Rounded

This shape of eyebrows looks softer as compared to an s-shaped or arched brow. These brows are distinguished due to the soft curve through the front of the eyebrows. This shape is best for diamond-shaped faces. Also, it will help in making the face look less wide.

5. Straight

If your brow does not have a natural arch then there is no need to make one. This straight shape of brows can look astonishing at any width. Also, it can highlight your face shape.

Further, this shape goes well with most face types, and keeping them brushed is a must for a polished look. If you have a round face then avoid straight eyebrows because and make it look of the face shorter.

6. Tapered

This shape of the brow is closely related to the arch toward the tail. In a Tapered brow, the inner two-thirds are thicker than its ends.

This shape of the brow looks great at heart-shaped faces that may have sharper features. If your brows have the same width then remember that this shape will require countless maintenance involving regular trims and face waxing.

7. S-Shaped

This brow shape starts in the center and then delicately dips down before rising into the arch. This is a natural occurrence that some try to correct with shaping and makeup. This shape of the brow is much more common. This shape does not need shaping or makeup because it naturally looks fabulous.

8. Short and Thick

This shape is perfect for those who have shorter eyebrows. The thick brow trend is idyllic for creating a courageous and youthful appearance.

To avoid a barely-there look, choose brow products like Rimmel London Brow This Way Fiber Pencil which is available in Pakistan to increase the thickness and keep a well-defined short and thick brow.

9. Extra-Long Tail

This shape of the brow was most popular in the 1920s. In this shape, the tail of the brow expands past the mapping line of the eyebrow.

Nowadays, this shape seems to pull the face downwards. You should try that the tail of your brows is not too long because it can make your eye look excessively small.

Why We Choose Threading For Brow Shaping?

There are many reasons for choosing threading for shaping brows. It is necessary for:

  • Precision and Accuracy
  • Gentleness on the skin
  • Controlling hair removal
  • Fine detailing
  • Suitable for all skin types

Tips For Creating The Perfect Eyebrows

  • Step 1: Determine starting points
  • Step 2: Shape your brows

Essential Eyebrow Styling Tools

  • Tweezers
  • Spoolie Brush
  • Brow Pencil
  • Brow Gel
  • Brow Powder


  • His eyebrows lifted in shock.
  • Sana has dark eyebrows.
  • Sana furrowed her eyebrows in puzzlement.
  • His brother raised his eyebrows.
  • Saba wrinkled her brow curiously.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

How can I get perfect eyebrows?

  • Do not over-pluck your brows
  • Find the right eyebrow products
  • Create believable arch
  • Shape with an eyebrow stencil
  • Consider eyebrow threading

How many hairs are on the brows of a human?

The human has about 250 hairs per eyebrow.

Which shape of the eyebrow is most feminine?

Angled-shaped brows are the most feminine.

Mention the components of the eyebrows.

  • Head
  • Body
  • Tail

Which shape of the eyebrow is most attractive?

A soft angled eyebrow shape is most attractive.

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