How Teaching Has Become An Unsustainable Profession

How Teaching Has Become An Unsustainable Profession

Major reasons of unsustainable teaching is the lack of resources. Teaching is the procedure of equipping students with the knowledge, understanding, skills and characteristics required to work and live in a approach that preserves environmental and societal and economic wellbeing in the present and for future generations.

Although a lot of people stay in the profession until retirement and they give a lot of sacrifice. There are a lot of complications to sustainability and stability in being a teacher that it could never be a sustainable on its own. It is the practice of giving the students the skills that they need for lifelong learning.

Sustainable Teaching

Sustainability in education or teaching develops the values and knowledge about the world required for everyone to act in the way that they can contribute to sustainable patterns of living.

By sustainable teaching, the students will be able to identify the major challenges of the world and understand the carrying capacity of ecosystems as related to provide for human needs. At this time, it is implicit that education on numerous levels is not sustainable.

It is not a sustainable profession due to be short of sufficient pay for physical, psychological and emotional investment in this job and due to the shortage of proper systems to support this profession. The major reason of unsustainable in teaching is the defaulted system.

Major Reasons of Unsustainable Teaching

Defaulted System:

Teaching is not a sustainable profession in our system and in our educational institutions because we as a society that does not respect children and don’t take teachers seriously. Also, it is unsustainable by the standards and values that we are created for our educational institutions, teachers and mentors. We just follow the rules that are set by our ancestors and not trying to change them. Even, we don’t know the real meaning of Education.

Huge Problem with Teaching:

Basically, teaching means to do the best you can to fulfill the demands of school and district policies by making a number of decisions a day in instantaneous that could in theory can either make or break the future of students. Nowadays, the biggest problem with teaching and education is:

  • Expenditures on Education
  • Improper Funding
  • Budget Cuts
  • Communication
  • Assessment Strategies
  • Pressure from School Administration
  • Disciplinary Policies
  • Shortage of Teaching
  • Equity Concerns
  • Insufficient supply of Teachers

Shortage of Highly Qualified Teachers:

It is one of the major reasons of unsustainable teaching. Good and high qualified teachers know how to teach their student and know about the student interests. They form such a prospectus that is inspiring and suitable for the students. They know about their students that the content they generate is appropriate across interest levels age level and previous background knowledge.

After that, they create significant lessons to relate that curriculum that decide the value of their teaching with the ability of student abilities. But due to the shortage of teachers, our educational system is greatly affected and the student loss their interests in education.

Importance of Sustainability Teaching

The word Sustainability has a significant history in the expansion of literature. It fulfills the requirements of the modern age of technology without compromising on the aptitude of future generations to convene their own needs.

It is a spotlight on skills and processes instead of knowledge and facts. The content of lessons is essential but through all lessons should be the red thread of critical thinking, research, teamwork and presentation skills.

This has almost 3 spheres which are Environmental, Social and Economic. Also, sustainability towards teaching reminds us that pedagogy is a community project. There are significant ties among classroom and community.

Strategies that make Teaching & Learning Sustainable

  • Build positive relationships among teachers and students
  • Continuous Professional Development
  • Encourage student connections
  • Teachers Well-Being
  • Technology Integration
  • Inclusive Education
  • Student-Centered Learning
  • Environmental Sustainability
  • Flexible Environmental for Teaching and Learning
  • Community Engagement
  • Make sure that the content is ethnically significant
  • Policy Advocacy
  • Assessment of Learning
  • Prioritize Social Emotional Learning
  • Plans Lessons with motivation in mind


Sustainable Teaching is fundamental for every educational institution. Its aim is to gain a balanced growth so that no one left behind in the age of advanced technology. This teaching makes able the folks and also the communities to reflect on ways of interpreting and remains connecting with the world.

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