Importance of Emotions

Importance of Emotions

The importance of emotions is the most raising content in this age of technology. Emotions are psychological states and are related to thoughts, feelings, behavioral responses, enjoyment, or anger. They are frequently integrated with temper, nature, character, and creativeness.


The importance of emotions is undefinable. It is the feelings of pleasure, affection, terror, and annoyance that can be reasoned by the circumstances that you are in or the people you are with. This are the mental reactions personally experienced as strong feelings typically intended for a specific object. It is accompanied by physiological and behavioral changes in the body.


It is the mental grasp, intellectual capacity, the supremacy of comprehending, or the capability to apprehend general relations of specifics. Understanding is the ability to understand something. It is knowledge about a subject, situation, or about how something works.

It comes through communication with others and by understanding we can find the path to peace. Understanding is about making connections among different pieces of information. It implies abilities and nature regarding an object of knowledge that is enough to support intelligent behavior.

Importance of Emotions in Human Life

It works as the base of attitudes, ethics, and thoughts that we have about the world and also about the people around us. Those attitudes, values, and beliefs would be just statements without emotions.

This makes those statements meaningful. It helps us to talk with others such as when we feel sad and need someone’s help. Also, they can help us to act rapidly in critical circumstances. For instance, when you are about to cross the street and you see a car coming rapidly then fear gets you to jump back.

Emotion is more Important than Understanding

Emotions are more important than understanding because emotions bring us sympathy, ability, possibility, and humbleness through our combined understanding. Emotion seeks understanding but understanding does not seek emotion.

By research, it has proved that our success in life depends on almost 80% of Emotional Intelligence and only 20% of intellect. A student or learner who understands can take that understanding with them and do somewhat immense.

But it is their emotion, their affections, their hopes, and their apprehensions that make them human beings and carry them when being rational is not sufficient. Initiate the learning process with emotion and use it all through the process and also end there.


A good instance of emotions and understanding is a robot. Although, they can understand the instructions that we give them they do not have emotions and that is the reason that a robot is still a robot, not a human being.


To understand emotions, it is vital to understand their 3 critical components which are:

Subjective Component:

  • How do you experience the Emotion

Physiological Component:

  • How your body reacts to the Emotion

Expressive Component:

  • How you behave in response to the Emotion

Reasons Why Emotions Are Important

Every human being has the seven main emotions that are universal and they are happiness, disgust, fear, sadness, surprise, anger, and contempt. There are a lot of reasons which prove that emotions are more important than understanding which some of which are listed below:

1. Emotions can motivate you to Act

An emotion is something that motivates you. This plays a very important role in how you feel and act. The emotions that you feel daily can force you to take action. Also, it influences the decisions you make about your life. This enhances the probability that you will take an action. When you are angry then you expect to tackle your frustration.

2. Motivate for Future Behavior

It prepares us for behavior and has great impacts on our behavior and in our lives more than we realize. It can affect our attitudes and behaviors directly and indirectly. This influences the judgments that we make in our lives.

Emotion not only convinces us of immediate actions but also serves as a significant motivational basis for our future behavior. It prepares us for instant action and influences our thoughts effectively and they are significant motivators of future behavior.

3. Influence Thoughts

Also, emotions are related to thoughts and memories. Memories are not just facts that are programmed in our brains. It serves as the glue that connects distinct facts in our minds. That is the reason that it is easier to memorize happy thoughts when happy and angry thoughts when angry.

It influences our thinking processes in a constructive way and sometimes not. It is complicated to think seriously and evidently when we feel severe emotions but it is easier when we are not besieged with emotions.

4. Help in Decision-Making

It can help us in decision-making because decisions are much conversant by our emotional state. It summarizes an experience quickly and evaluates it to tell our decision so we can quickly take action on the situation. By research, it has been recently proven that most of our decisions are made without thinking and involve emotions. It is one of the major importance of emotions.

5. Allow you to understand others

Understanding the emotional states of others gives us information about how we might need to react in particular circumstances. It permits you to respond suitably and helps in making more meaningful relationships with your friends, family, and loved ones. Also, it allows you to talk efficiently in various social situations. It permits us to make sense of how can people react in any critical situation.

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