Kathmandu Model College

Kathmandu Model College

Kathmandu Model College is a prestigious educational institution in Kathmandu, Nepal. It was established in 2000. This college is also known as KMC. This college is also recognized as Kathmandu Model Secondary School. The catchphrase of this college is educational superiority through superiority education.

About Kathmandu Model College

The major purpose of this college is to provide high-quality education at a very reasonable cost. It helps its students to enable them to build and improve their career prospects through elegant academic programs.

It develops a good outlook on life by nurturing an environment of academic dynamism and ethical morality. KMC promotes sustainable institutional growth and efficiency and boosts the social personality and educational confidence of the students.

Principal of the Kathmandu Model College

Surendra Subedi is the Principal of this college.

Chairman of the Kathmandu Model College

Bishnu Prasad Sharma is the Chairman of this college.

Student Enrolled at Kathmandu Model College



















Eligibility Criteria for Admission at Kathmandu Medical College

  • Candidates who have a minimum 2.85 GPA in SEE in a recognized board with a Grade B+ in Compulsory Mathematics, Science, Optional Mathematics, and English will be eligible for the Science stream.
  • Admission to Science is on the basis of Entrance Exams
  • Applicants must meet the criteria set by the college
  • Candidates can fill out the online form from its website
  • Entrance Center and Entrance Symbol Number will be sent on the registered email ID of the applicant
  • Only meritorious students will be selected for the Admission

Tuition Fees at Kathmandu Model College

  • Almost 4 to 8 Lakhs but may vary according to the courses

Department at Kathmandu Model College

  • Science Department
  • Management Department
  • Law Department

Courses at Kathmandu Model College

  • Bachelors in Business Administration
  • Bachelors in Business Management
  • Bachelor of Computer Application
  • Bachelors of Business Studies
  • Bachelor in Arts in Social Sciences
  • Master of Business Studies
  • Master of Arts in English


At KMC, the facility of Accommodation is available for its students and staff. The hostel facilities of this college comprise separate wings for both female and male students. The rooms of the hostel are spacious and clean. It has all of the modern facilities and services that help in making the hostel environment cheerful for the students.

The hostellers at this college are bound to follow the rules of the hostel. At this college, the weekend is scheduled with Unlimited Fun, Cultural Programs, Picnics, and Outdoor games.


According to the philosophy, libraries open up the windows to the world. It motivates students to discover new prospects of knowledge. Every student at this college is exposed to the endless world of books to implant the habit of reading. Its library is prepared with an abundant collection of bountiful books to satisfy the endless mission for knowledge.


The cafeteria of this college is quite cheerful and neat. Hygiene and cleanliness are the most important grounds on which the meals are prepared and constantly served. The food menu at this college is wisely set for diverse days in the week to facilitate the best service to meet the needs for physical and mental growth and development.


At this college, students partake in various sports to get healthy experiences. This college offers all of the opportunities to take part in sports to its students including Basketball, Table Tennis, Chess, and Badminton. Sports teach the lessons of teamwork, collaboration, responsibility, discipline, and many more.


At this college, Compute Labs are well-resourced and well organized with advanced computers with advanced software & technologies with internet access for its students of Computer Science.


This college offers health care and medical emergencies to its students. The Medical Room at this college is well-resourced to provide First Aid to the injured and ill students. Also, it has a full-time nurse to fulfill the needs of the sick. There are separate sickrooms for both the males and females.

Clubs at Kathmandu Model College

  • Robotics Club
  • Literature Club
  • Art & Culture Club
  • Dance Club
  • Music Club
  • Event Management Club
  • Media Club
  • Legal Club
  • Research and Presentation Club
  • Speech & Debates Club
  • Social Service Club
  • Computer Club
  • Editorial Team
  • KMC Math Circle

Seminar Hall

This college has a well-resourced seminar hall with a seating capacity of almost 200 seats with the most modern Audio and Visual aids. Also, the seminar hall is an essential space for housing a sequence of major educational events, training, and workshops.

Learning Process at Kathmandu Model College

At KMC, the major methods of learning process are:

  • Group Discussion
  • Class Participation
  • Guest Lectures
  • Audio Video Aids
  • Field Trips & Excursion
  • Project & Presentation

Student Quality Circle

It is also known as SQC. It is a small group of almost 6 to 8 students from the academic institutions that meet in a week for about an hour to discuss the problems of the educational activities. SQC makes connections among the students and transforms their learning and understanding of one another.

At SQC, each of the students has an equal point of view and opinion. The main purpose is to discuss educational quality concerns, challenges, and solutions daily.

Why I Choose Kathmandu Model College?

There are many reasons for choosing KMC which some of these are:

  • Advanced Educational Methods
  • Experienced Faculty
  • Modern Laboratory Facilities
  • Quality Education
  • Diverse Career Opportunities
  • Learning Environment
  • Advanced Knowledge

Scholarships at Kathmandu Model College

Special Scholarship Schemes:

  • Separate Entrance tests will be arranged for student who applies for special scholarships.
  • Limited students achieved this scholarship on a merit basis.
  • Sushil Memorial Scholarship will be given to the top 3 students of Entrance Examination

Basic Scholarship Schemes:

  • Scholarships in Grade 11th are given on the basis of the Cumulative marks in which SEE 25% + KMC Entrance 75% included

Vision and Mission


The vision of this college is to extend itself as the center of Academic Excellence, Research, and Innovation at equivalence with National and International standards.


The mission of this college is to establish itself as a superlative learning center instilling optimistic attitude, skills, aptitude, and value-based knowledge in students to help them to participate successfully in their chosen disciplines. Also, it aims to provide high-quality education in Management, Information Technology, Humanities, and Social Science to encourage students to complete successfully in the discipline of their choice.


  • To expand the level of maturity and power of logical thinking in the students
  • To light lifelong love for learning
  • To develop socially oriented professionals
  • To offer internationally recognized quality Education
  • To prepare knowledge and skill-based able students

Core Values at Kathmandu Model College

  • An Individual
  • Develop Disciplinary Identity
  • Focus on Career Preparation
  • Emphasize the practical application of learning
  • Highlights the Interpersonal skills of the students


  • Tribhuvan University

Language of Instruction

  • Nepali
  • English

Religious Affiliation

  • Roman Catholic (Jesuits)

Contact Us


Bag Bazar Sadak, Kathmandu 44600, Nepal

Phone No:

+977 1-4257019



Official Website:


FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

How much is the acceptance rate at KMC?

The acceptance rate at KMC is around about 13%.

How students can check their KMC results?

The students at this college check their results through its official website www.ktmmodelcollege.edu.np.

What is the code of conduct at this college?

At KMC, the students cannot conduct any illegal, unlawful, or sexual activity.

Mention the name of the oldest college in Kathmandu.

Tri Chandra Multiple Campus of TU is the oldest college in Kathmandu.

Which of the colleges is best for Plus 2 Management?

  • Trinity International College
  • Hilbert International College
  • Chahana International Academy
  • Rehdon College
  • Arunodaya College
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