Lahore College for Women University | Rankings, Profile and Data

Lahore College for Women University

Lahore College for Women University

Lahore College for Women University (LCWU) is a renowned institution for women’s education located in Lahore, Pakistan.


LCWU was established in May 1922 as a women’s college and was upgraded to university status in 2002.


The university is situated in the heart of Lahore, one of Pakistan’s major cities, making it easily accessible to students.

Academic Programs

LCWU offers a wide range of undergraduate, graduate, and postgraduate programs in various disciplines including arts, sciences, humanities, social sciences, engineering, business, and more.


The university is divided into several faculties, each responsible for specific academic disciplines. Some of the faculties include Faculty of Natural and Formal Sciences, the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences, Faculty of Engineering and Technology, and Faculty of Arts and Design


The university promotes research and encourages research projects, seminars, workshops, and conferences in various disciplines.

International Collaboration

LCWU collaborates with various international institutions and universities to foster academic exchange, research partnerships, and student mobility programs.

Cultural Activities

The university encourages extracurricular activities including cultural events, debates, sports competitions, and student societies to provide a holistic learning experience.


LCWU has a notable alumni network consisting of accomplished women in various fields including politics, academia, arts, and more.

Women’s Empowerment

The university plays a significant role in promoting women’s education and empowerment in Pakistan by providing quality education and leadership opportunities.

Lahore College for Women University Ranking

Lahore College for Women University ranked in Asian University Rankings 2023: #601-650

Lahore College for Women University Data

Total Students:#17,000 
Total Faculty Staff:#485
Total International Students:#8
Official Website:
Address: Lahore College for Women University located at Jail Road, Lahore.

Popular Major At Lahore College for Women University

  • Computer Science and Information Technology
  • Social Science
  • Business and Management Sciences
  • Natural Sciences
  • Humanities
  • Education
  • Fine Arts:
  • Health Sciences:
  • Law and Legal Studies:
  • Engineering and Technology

Tuition Fee

  • Admission Fee: Rs. 2,745
  • Tuition Fee: Rs. 16,710
  • I.D. Card: Rs. 365
  • General Fund: Rs. 7,945
  • Medical Fund: Rs. 906
  • Magazine Fund: Rs. 765
  • Board Registration + Exam Fee as prescribed by BISE Lahore: Rs. 3,450
  • Department Development Fund: Rs. 4,026
  • College Examination Fee: Rs. 2,955
  • Transport Fee: Rs. 600
  • Library Security (Refundable): Rs. 1,190
  • Sports and Fitness Fund: Rs. 743
  • The total amount comes to Rs. 42,400.

Admission Criteria

  • Academic Qualification
  • Entry Test (if applicable)
  • Merit Calculation
  • Interview (if applicable)
  • Submission of Required Documents

Campus Life At Lahore College for Women University

Clubs and Societies

LCWU likely has various student clubs and societies that cater to a wide range of interests. These could include academic clubs, cultural clubs, sports clubs, and more.

Events and Workshops

The university often hosts events, workshops, seminars, and conferences that provide students with opportunities to learn, network, and engage with experts in various fields.

Cultural and Artistic Activities

There might be opportunities for students to participate in cultural events, art exhibitions, theater performances, and other creative activities.

Sports and Fitness

LCWU likely has sports facilities and offers opportunities for students to engage in sports activities and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Library and Research Facilities

The university’s library is likely a hb for academic resources, research materials, and quiet study spaces.

Community Service

LCWU might encourage students to participate in community service and volunteer activities, fostering a sense of social responsibility.

Student Government

There might be a student government or student council that organizes student-related activities, advocates for student interests, and promotes student involvement.

Hostel and Accommodation

For students living on campus, there might be hostel facilities that provide a convenient and safe living environment.

Cafeterias and Food Courts

The campus likely has eating establishments where students can gather, eat, and socialize.

Career Services

The university might offer career counseling, job placement services, and internships to help students prepare for their future careers.

FAQs (Lahore College for Women University)

 How do I apply for admission to Lahore College for Women University?

To apply for admission, you need to visit the university’s official admissions portal, fill out the online application form, and submit the required documents as per the instructions provided.

 What programs does Lahore College for Women University offer?

LCWU offers a wide range of programs in fields such as arts, sciences, social sciences, business, and technology.

Is there an entrance test for admission?

Some programs may require an entrance test, while others might consider your academic performance and other criteria.

How is the merit calculated for admission?

Merit is usually calculated based on your academic scores, performance in the entrance test (if applicable), and any other relevant criteria specified by the university.

What are the hostel facilities like?

LCWU likely provides on-campus hostel facilities for female students. These hostels offer comfortable living arrangements, security, and a conducive environment for studying.

Can international students apply for admission?

Yes, Lahore College for Women University might have provisions for international students. Check the international admissions section on their website for details regarding the application process and requirements.

 What extracurricular activities are available on campus?

The university likely offers a variety of extracurricular activities, including student clubs, sports events, cultural festivals, seminars, and workshops. These activities enrich the overall student experience.

How can I contact the admissions office for further inquiries?

You can find contact details for the admissions office, including phone numbers and email addresses, on the university’s official website.

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