Managerial - Definition, Meaning, Synonyms & Antonyms

Managerial - Definition, Meaning, Synonyms & Antonyms

Managerial meaning refers to the activities, responsibilities, or skills associated with managing or supervising an organization or business.

History of the Word Managerial

The word managerial has its roots in the term manager, which originated in the early 18th century. This term originally referred to a person who handled or controlled something, often in the context of business or organizational tasks.

As the need for structured management within organizations grew, so did the use of the word managerial. It began to describe the attributes, activities, and roles of individuals responsible for directing and overseeing various aspects of an enterprise.

The concept of this term became particularly prominent during the Industrial Revolution when businesses and industries expanded, requiring more organized and skilled individuals to lead and manage operations efficiently.

English (Managerial As Adjective)


Managerial derives from manager, which comes from the Latin "manu agere," meaning "to lead by the hand."


pronounced as: /ˌmænəˈdʒɪəriəl/ (MAN-uh-JEER-ee-uhl)

Managerial Adjective

Degree Form
Comparative More managerial
Superlative Most managerial
Adverb Managerially
Noun Managerialism

Derived Terms 

  • Non-managerial
  • Managerialism

Translations of Managerial 

  • Managerial meaning in Hindi: प्रबंधनिक (Prabandhanik)
  • Urdu: انتظامی (Intizami)
  • Spanish: gerencial
  • French: managérial
  • German: managerial
  • Chinese (Simplified): 管理的 (Guǎnlǐ de)
  • Russian: управленческий (Upravlencheskiy)
  • Arabic: إداري (Idari)
  • Japanese: 管理の (Kanri no)
  • Portuguese: gerencial


  •  Administrative
  • Executive
  • supervisory
  • directorial
  • organizational


  • Non-managerial
  • non-administrative
  • subordinate.

Example Sentences

  • The managerial team efficiently led the company through its expansion.
  • Her managerial skills contributed to the project's success.
  • The program focuses on improving managerial abilities.

FAQs (People May Also Ask)

What does managerial mean?

Managerial refers to activities, responsibilities, or skills related to managing and supervising organizations or businesses.

Can you provide an example of managerial in a sentence?

His managerial expertise played a crucial role in streamlining company operations.

What's the opposite of managerial?

The opposite is "non-managerial," indicating roles or activities that do not involve management or supervision.

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