Merryland College Biratnagar

Merryland College Biratnagar

Merryland College Biratnagar is the leading co-educational institution of higher education in Biratnagar, Nepal. It was established in 2013. This college is also known as MCB.

About Merryland College Biratnagar

This college offers distinguishing quality education to its students to develop them as a capable and socially responsible citizen with leadership qualities in society. It has proved that it is one of the top academic institutions in Nepal by offering superlative Management Education and unlimited opportunities to its students.

The college provides for the changing ambition of the students in the state and the nation as a whole. It aims to develop honorable and perceptive leaders who can change organizations and society through inventive education, research, and networking.

Principal of the Merryland College Biratnagar

Bhesraj Pokhrel Sir is the Principal of this college.

Vice Chairperson of the Merryland College Biratnagar

Prof. Dr. P. K. Jha is the Vice-Chairperson of this college.

Students at Merryland College Biratnagar

  • Almost 4,471 Students

Admission at Merryland College Biratnagar

It is the foremost Management College and its admission is extremely choosy. Every year, there are thousands of applicants but the seats are partial.

For the Admission Procedure:

  • Applicants must have a minimum of 1.6 GPA
  • Minimum Grade D+ in Social Studies for the Entrance Exam
  • Entrance Form Kit includes Entrance Model Questions
  • Qualifying Entrance Exam is only qualified for Admission
  • Student Interviews & Interactions

Process of Enrollment:

  • Secondary Education Examination by the Certificate recognized by the Government of Nepal
  • Mark Sheet/ Transcripts of the +2 Exam for BBS
  • Minimum 45% scores in SLC or SEE exam or +2 exams in the Entrance Test
  • Interview with Students
  • Interaction with the guardians of the students

Academic Programs at Merryland College Biratnagar

Chartered Accountancy (CA):

Merryland Career Academy which is also known as MCA is the only institution in the region to conduct Chartered Accountancy courses under Nepal Board. Its objective is to provide International Standard Chartered Accountancy Education in Biratnagar.



  • Fundamentals of Accounting
  • Mercantile Law & Fundamentals of Economics
  • Fundamental of Management and Commercial Mathematics


Group I:

  • Advance Accountancy
  • Audit & Assurance
  • Corporate & Other Law

Group II:

  • Financial Management
  • Cost & Management Accounting
  • Business Communication & Marketing
  • Income Tax
  • VAT


Group l:

  • Advanced Financial Reporting
  • Advanced Financial Management
  • Advanced Audit & Assurance
  • Corporate Laws

Group ll:

  • Advanced Taxation
  • Management Information & Control System
  • Advanced Cost and Management Accounting

Bachelors of Business Studies (BBS)

This program is planned to train students for Master of Business Studies, Chartered Accountancy, and Master of Business Administration. It is a foundation-level program from where the graduates can move to any discipline of their interests.

It enables students to become good middle-class managers to hold any business house or organization very professionally. Specialized courses in the Bachelor of Business Studies program make students able to function in or outside the country in the field of:

  • Accounting
  • Economics
  • Banking
  • Marketing
  • Finance
  • Management
  • HRD
  • Research
  • Management Education

+2 (Management):

At this college, it is an extremely competitive program led by professionals. It aims to make the top students in the field of Global Business Studies. The whole focus of this program at MCB is on educating students so they can become successful entrepreneurs and corporate leaders who can alter the way business is done. It ensures to turn these objectives into reality by:

  • Adequate Revision
  • Excellent Faculties
  • Lectureship from Chartered Accountancy
  • Completion of Course on time
  • Seminars for the expansion of Personality & Managerial skills

World Class Infrastructure

  • Own Building
  • First Aid
  • Cafeteria
  • Neat & Clean Lavatories
  • Powerful 2 Generators produce 28000 WT Electricity
  • Special Sanitary Aid to Girls students

Teaching Pedagogy

A suitable Teaching method assists students in understanding the subject r in the classroom in the best possible manner. For that reason, the following teaching pedagogy is chosen to teach the students at MCB:

  • Class Lectures
  • Learning by Doing
  • Audio-visual
  • Seminars
  • Group discussion
  • Guest lectures
  • Powerpoint Presentations
  • Multimedia Presentation

Evaluation System at Merryland College Biratnagar

An evaluation system is essential for testing the educational depth of students. MCB evaluates its students by the following practices:

  • Monthly Test
  • Periodical Test
  • Pre-final Test
  • Surprised Test
  • Class presentation


Absent students in scheduled exams are permitted to pay the fine as:

  • Class Test Rs. 100/ per Subject
  • Term Exam Rs. 200/ per Subject


According to this thinking, libraries open the windows to the world. It inspires students to find new prospects of knowledge. Its library is prepared with a plentiful collection of numerous books to gratify the nonstop task for knowledge. Students can borrow all of the required books for the various subjects from the library of MCB.

Tuition Class

This college has organized out-of-cost tuition classes in various subjects through the sessions to facilitate the students who cannot afford the expenditures of tuition and face problems in study.


This college has a Sports complex with all of the modern facilities. Sport is an integral part of any educational institution for the physical and mental fitness of its students. This college has a Basketball Court of International Standard.


The facility of transport is also available at this college. It has superior and luxurious buses to provide pick-and-drop services to its students.

Specialties about Merryland College Biratnagar

  • Transportation Facility
  • Cricket Practice Net
  • Volleyball Practice Court
  • CC Camera in the Classrooms
  • Educational Tours
  • Co-curricular Activities
  • Well-Resourced Library
  • Provision of Scholarships
  • Free Extra Tuition
  • Ideal Classrooms

Why I Choose Merryland College Biratnagar?

There are many reasons for choosing MCB which some of which are given below:

  • Modern Facilities
  • Recreational Activities
  • Vibrant Environment
  • Excellent Faculty
  • Multi-Media Presentation

Objectives of the Merryland College Biratnagar

  • To explain to students essential Management Tools & Statistical methods for executive
  • To extend skills in systematically analyzing the financial aspects of managerial decisions
  • To offer depth knowledge of cost and management accounting to the students required for decision-making.
  • To provide wide-ranging management knowledge to students to become good industrialists and generate employment opportunities in society

Scholarships at Merryland College Biratnagar

Madhav-Gyanu Khanal Scholarship:

A man named Madhav and his wife Gyanu have granted this scholarship to the students who are at the top of the class.

Yoga Nand-Jahan Devi Scholarship:

This scholarship is given by Prof. Dr. P. K. Jha in the name of his parents. This scholarship is given to meritorious students at the event of the annual function.

Pt. Meghraj Janakidevi Scholarship:

Mr. Suresh Raj Sharma has been granted to establish this scholarship scheme in the name of his parent. This scholarship is granted to those students who top in unplanned enunciation.


  • Highest Enrollment with almost 1700 students
  • 81+ students were granted Scholarship programs for study in Indian Embassy Nepal from 2063-2070
  • It was crowned with the 1st winner-up champion trophy in Football Tournament arranged by RumPum-Hissan Sports week
  • Cricket Championship Winner up trophy by BP Koirala Indo-Nepal
  • Its students were granted a Shield & Rs. 10,000/- cash prize in the College Quiz contest.

Mission & Vision

The major mission of this college is to expand and promote the city of Biratnagar not only as an industrial and religious purpose but also as an educational center. Also, it aims to provide reasonable quality education of +2, BBS, and CA by equipping students with Knowledge and Skills in Management Streams, instilling values, and classifying hidden talents to provide opportunities for students to understand their potential and shape them into Future Leaders, Managers and especially good human beings so that they stand out in any sphere of the world.

Language of Instruction

  • English Medium

Academic Affiliation

  • National Equivalence Board
  • Tribhuvan University

Religious Affiliation

  • Roman Catholic (Jesuits)

Contact Us


Rangeli Road, Biratnagar, Nepal

Phone No:

(+977) 21 515540

(+977) 021-575275

Email Address:

Official Website

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Which college is best for the Chartered Accountancy Degree?

Merryland College Academy is the best for the CA program in Biratnagar.

Which one of the colleges is best in +2 (Management) in Nepal?

  • Prasad Academy
  • Kathmandu Model Secondary School
  • Trinity International College
  • Global College of Management
  • National College of Computer Studies

What of the extra-curricular activities does this college offers?

  • Debating
  • Elocution
  • Essay Writing
  • Painting
  • Drama
  • Projects
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