Nanjing University, Jiangsu

Nanjing University

Qing Dynasty was replaced by the Republic of China in 1915, and Nanking Higher School was replaced by Liangjiang Higher Normal School which was closed due to the Xinhai Revolution. Nanjing University excellent university for higher education.


In 1916, the school established modern gymnastics in China and in 1920 the school had many colleges. A major science organization named the China Science Society was founded in 1918. Chinese Academy of Sciences moved to Taiwan whose previous name was Academia Sinica.

Numerous Chinese modern science pioneers got studies from European countries. Among 81 academicians of Academia Sinica was elected First time in 1948. The national government made the capital Nanking, the University became the national university.

After the late time of Chinese Civil War, the central government retreated the University and renamed it the National Nanking University. Xianlin Campus opened and replaced the Pukou campus, Xianlin Campus is a main campus with the Gulou campus.

Nanjing University Overview


The Ancient University of Nanjing was founded 1500 years ago for the faculties of history and literature etc. Nanjing University established the first faculties in China for biology, art, gymnastics, management, business psychology, etc. Its schools, faculties, and departments have been changed.

In 1921 the University consisted of five schools and in 1928 expanded more 3 schools: education, business, engineering, medicine, humanities, social sciences, agriculture, and natural sciences, and many departments became schools.

The University now adopted a system similar to the bachelor’s degree of American universities and the University also founded modern laboratories. The University professors with the aid of the Rockefeller Foundation founded a modern scientific research institute in Biology Research in China.

Schools and Departments

  • School of Foreign Studies
  • School of Business
  • School of Liberal Arts
  • School of Medicine
  • College of Engineering and Applied Sciences


Nanjing University Library has a rich collection with six million volumes in more than 20 languages from more than 80 countries.


The School of Literature founded in 438 CE, is the oldest literature school in China, Nanjing University has a long history in Chinese literature and language. In Chinese Language and Literature, it was the first in China who be granted a doctoral degree and the University offered a Chinese language program in cooperation with the United Nations.

In 1921, Nanjing University among the Chinese universities established the first department of Western literature, which two years later merged into French and German departments Also China Association for the Study of American Literature is located in the school.


In 1902, founding and showcasing heritage and the rich history of Nanjing University, the University role significant academic achievements in various fields and contributions to society’s academia.


Nanjing University has four main campuses Xianlin, Pukou, Suzhou, and Gulou campus, and The main campus is divided into two sections Gulou Campus is located at the center of Nanjing City. South Garden serves as the living area for both academic staff and students and North Garden takes place in teaching and research.

Pukou campus hosted junior and fresh students, situated in the suburban Pukou district, and in 1993 became part of Nanjing University. The University arranges many events and celebrates festivals like fun and games, music festivals, Oper Week the Door, flower opening, and drama festivals.


The school authority set the present school anniversary in 1954, due to some reasons by time, when the school re-launching modern higher learning institution in starting year 1902.

Ranking and Reputation

According to Times Higher Education World University, Nanjing University’s ranking in 2023 is 95 and its reputation is 91. According to several international university rankings, Nanjing University is ranked top among the universities and generally considered in domestically competitive university.


In 2021, Nanjing University was 4th hardest university for its admission criteria in China. 667 overseas students were admitted in 2012, and there were 3600 international students from other countries in 2014.

Fees Structure

According to the Notice by the National Development and Reform Commission Ministry of Education and Ministry of Finance, on Enhancing the Management of the Graduate Student Tuition Standards and other issues, higher education institutions should begin in the fall of 2014.

Nanjing University has made its standards of tuition charge according to the standards approved or recorded by price control authorities, graduate students’ tuition on the academic track, The following are the standards below.

  • For master’s students, tuition is 44000 yuan.
  • For Ph.D. students is 10000 yuan/ year.
  • Master of Public Administration is 60000 yuan as a whole.
  • Master of Engineering is 40000 yuan as a whole.
  • Master of Business Administration 225000 yuan as a whole.
  • Master of Auditing 100,000 yuan.
  • Master of Accounting 60000 yuan as a whole.
  • Master of Fine Arts is 45000 yuan.
  • Master of other subjects is 10000 yuan/ year.

Notable Alumni and People

  • Among the winners of the National Science Foundation from 1994 to 2008, 96 are from Beida, 76 are from the University of Science and Technology of China, 64 are from Tsinghua University and 108 are graduates of Nanda ranking No. 1 and listed top 4 for Distinguished Young Scholars.
  • 15 are graduates of Nanjing University among 120 directors or presidents of institutes of the Chinese Academy of Sciences.
  • 4 are graduates of Nanjing University among the 25 winners of the National Preeminent Science and Technology Award.

Contact Us

  • Tel: +86 25 89682575
  • Fax: +86 25 89683084
  • Official website:
  • Email:
  • Address: Atmospheric Science Building, 163 Xialin Road, 210023, Qixia District, Nanjing, Jiangsu.

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FAQs (People Also Ask)

What are the requirements for Nanjing University?

IELTS or TOEFL is required for admission.

In which country is NJU?

NJU is a national public university in China.

Does NJU teach in English?

Nanjing University provides mostly programs in Chinese and different programs in English.

Is NJU public or private?

NJU is a national public university.

How to apply for the NJU Scholarship?

Students of high standard have good learning attitudes and academic records with a minimum 70% score.

Is Nanjing a city in China?

Nanjing City in Jiangsu Province.

What is Nanjing known for?

Nanjing City is famous for its mountains, water, and human historical landscapes.

What is Jiangsu University ranked?

The University tanked is 844 and by THE 94.

What is the first university in the world in China?

Tianjin University is the oldest institution in China’s history.

Why study at Nanjing University?

Nanjing University is considered a top University and the first who enroll international students in China.

How can I get a full free scholarship in China?

CSC Scholarships are open to all international students, Fill online application form, and select 243 universities in China who wish to study.

Who is eligible for the Chinese scholarship?

For doctoral programs age limit is 40 years and those who want to apply for a senior scholarship program have a master’s degree or associate professor age limit of 50 years.

Is Nanjing City expensive?

Nanjing is 30% less than other expensive cities in the world, the average cost of living is 762 dollars.

Does Nanjing have an airport?

Lukou International Airport at Lokou Town is located in Nanjing city.

What is the main industry in Nanjing?

Nanjing is top major cities in China and its industries are steel manufacturing, automobile manufacturing, steel manufacturing, rail transit, tourism, finance, and IT.

Which country offers a free scholarship?

Countries that give full scholarships to international students are the Netherlands, Korea, Switzerland, Germany, Japan, and Greece.

Which is the most luxurious city in China?

Shanghai has the top luxurious lifestyle in China.

Is Shanghai close to Nanjing?

The distance between Shanghai and Nanjing is 270 km and driving time is approximately 3 hours and 20 minutes which are the shortest airline distance.


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