Tsinghua University Beijing, China

Tsinghua University Beijing

Tsinghua University is known as a national university in Beijing, China. This University is affiliated and sponsored by the Ministry of Education of China. It is a first-class university plan, former projects 985, 211, and a member of the C9 League.

About Tsinghua University Beijing

Tsinghua University is known as a national university in Beijing, China. This University is affiliated and sponsored by the Ministry of Education of China. It is a first-class university plan, former projects 985, 211, and a member of the C9 League.

It is known as the former imperial gardens of the Qing dynasty. Currently, the university has faculties in science, engineering, philosophy, economics, humanities, medicine, history, management, law, education, and art, with 21 schools and 59 departments.


Tsinghua University traveled many decades periods from 1911 to 1928 to become a college to University. Faculty culture mixed Chinese and Western, the modern and traditional, the science and humanities. Tsinghua University produced scholars, leaders, and hardships students and teachers for the prosperity of China for over 100 years.

Early 20th Century [1911-1949]

It was established during the National upheaval. and has foreign powers which culminated in the Boxer Rebellion an uprising against foreign influence. Indemnities were paid to alliance members by the ruling Qing dynasty when the suppression revolt by the United States and a foreign alliance.

Later 20th Century {post-1949}

When the Chinese Civil War in 1949 ended, then Tsinghua University’s president Mei Yiqi, fled to Taiwan along with many professors for retreating from the Nationalist government. In 1995, they established the National Tsing Hua University in Taiwan, which was formerly, 1995.

It is known as Tsing Hua Institute of Nuclear Technology, Tsinghua University is independent and distinct from an independent institution. During the third front construction, Tsinghua established a branch in the province from 1966 to 1976, China experienced immense sociopolitical upheaval and instability during the Cultural Revolution

21st Century

Tsinghua alumni include the current G.S. and paramount leader of China, who graduated with a degree in chemical engineering, along with the CCP G.S. and former leader of China graduated with a degree in hydraulic engineering.

Tsinghua University consists of 58 university departments and 20 schools, 35 research centers, 41 research institutes, and 167 laboratories, including 15 national key laboratories in 2018. In 2006, a renowned medical school Peking Union Medical College was renamed “Peking Union Medical College, Tsinghua University”.

Tsinghua University is even technically separate from it. Tsinghua University’s expenditures were RMB 13.7 billion, the largest budget in China for any university in 2016.

Fast Facts

Faculties and Staff

University has more than 2800 postdoctoral fellows and 20,000 doctoral students, faculty members about 3800 professors, associate professors, and assistant professors in 2023. Tsinghua University’s annual income will exceed $6 billion.


Extensive research engages by Tsinghua University offers 107 doctoral programs, 51 bachelor’s degree programs, and 139 master’s degree programs, through 57 departments and 20 colleges covering a broad range of subjects, including membership of C9 League with science and many departments, although affiliations include 50 leading international universities and research associates with top science and technologies centers.


In Tsinghua admissions, both graduates and graduates are very competitive through the gaokao, the national college entrance exam, which allows students to choose the college of their choice. Only 16% of students are applicants admitted each year due to high competition.


Students are free to choose subjects even on campus. They got certificates and awards after the completion of their degree.

  • Hostel accommodation and facilities also offer to students especially overseas, after registration at Tsinghua University the students can live in the Zijing International Student Apartments, and students may campus accommodate themselves.
  • Dining halls are famous in Beijing for their best service and reasonable price of Tsinghua University


Tsinghua facilitates students for sports and healthy activities like:

  • Gymnasium basketball courts, volleyball courts, and fitness centers for work out.
  • Swimming Pool is open for faculties, students, and dependents
  • Student Community Activity Center yoga room, dance studio, and music


The government of China supported Tsinghua University in its research programs, and funding in science and technology areas with over 20 billion Yuan, and 1400 projects conducted by the university.

Ranking and Reputation

In 2022 U.S. news and world report university ranking is No.1 in China and No.10 in World and Asia Pacific No. 1 and globally 23.

Research Performance

No. 3 among the world’s leading universities in 2021

Subjects Rankings

As of 2021, it ranked bellow

Education 6th
Clinical and Health 7th
Business and Economics 11th
Computer Science 12th
Life Science 13th
Engineering and Technology 17th
Physical Science 18th
Law 37th


  • Electrical Engineering
  • Industrial Engineering
  • Mathematical Sciences
  • Precision Instrument
  • Research
  • Science and Technology
  • Education
  • Life Science
  • Medical College
  • Economic and Management Law
  • Finance


Tsinghua University has traditional and Western-style buildings designated for academic institutes.


Top brands of the world are partners of Tsinghua University and support the editorial team.


Network, learn, explore, challenge. Tsinghua University has conducted summits, webinars, awards, and parties live and digitally with the presence and moral support of alumni, leaders, students, etc.

Key Topics

Research management, internationalization, careers, equity, teaching and learning, leadership, digital transformation chat GPT, etc.


Tsinghua has many resources at the world level with interactive institutions, departments, and legends.


Tsinghua University announces jobs and for recruitment like student admissions talented and expert through print and media, many departments often have vacant positions.


Hiring solutions, student recruitment, branding, consultancy, and insight data.

Notable alumni

The President of China and many famous legends are alumni.

Fees Structure

  • Application Fees
  • Tuition fees
  • Miscellaneous Expenses

Application Fee

Application Fee:               RMB 800

Applicants should fill form the online application system.


  1. The application fee pays online at the time of form submission
  2. An incomplete form without an Application and fee will not be processed.

Tuition Fee

Tuition Fees of Graduate Programs [Unit: RMB Yuan]

Doctor/Master Disciplines/Programs [Specified by Discipline Code] The tuition fee of 2023
Doctor Science, Engineering, Medicine, Integrated Circuit Science and Engineering, Economics, Management 40000 /year
Doctor Philosophy, Laws, Education, Arts, History 32000 /year
Doctor Art 50000 /year
Master Science, Engineering, Medicine 33000 /year
Master Economics, Management 30000 /year
Master Philosophy, Laws, Education, Arts, History 28000 /year
Master Art 45000 /year
Master Master of Finance 198000 /full P
Master Master of Professional Accounting 250600 /full P
Master MBA 368000 / full P
Master EMBA 680000 /full P
Master MPA 288000 /full P
Note For These Joint Graduate Programs please refer to the relevant program brochures for total tuition. For other Joint Graduate Programs, the tuition fees refer to relevant disciplines.

Graduate Programs in English 

School/Dept. Code Name of School/Dept. Graduate Programs in English Tuition Fee of 2023
000 School of Architecture Master 120000 /full P
003 Department of Civil Engineering Master 158000 /full P
004 Department of Hydraulic Engineering Doctoral


40000 /year

33000 /year

005 School of Environment Doctoral


40000 /year

78000 /full P

012 Department of Mechanical Engineering Doctoral 40000 /year
015 School of Vehicle and Mobility Master 78000 /full P
066 School of Law Master 146000 /full P
103 Institute of Education Master 30000 /year
400 School of Medicine Master 33000 /year

Miscellaneous Expenses

Health Insurance: RMB 800/year

Accommodation dues: RMB 80/Day for a single room and RMB 40/Day for a double room.

Financial Aids

Tsinghua offers financial aid to poor students like scholarships and assistantships.

Contact Us

  • Official Website: www.enad.tsinghua.edu.cn
  • Tel:  +86-10-62798170
  • Fax:  +86-10-62770837
  • Email: info@tsinghua.edu.cn
  • Address: Tsinghua University, Haidian District, Beijing, 100084, P. R. China

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FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

How much are tuition fees in China?

In China, public universities’ average tuition fees range between 2,500 and 10,000 USD per academic year.

Does Tsinghua teach in English?

Yes, undergraduate programs are mainly delivered in English and Chinese. Additionally, there are up to 200 courses taught in both English & Chinese.

What is the minimum GPA for Tsinghua?

At Tsinghua University minimum requirement for an Undergraduate GPA or average score is 3.3/4 or B+ or 85/100. Chinese proficiency needs 4 with a score of 195 minimum but in English program is exempted.


Means China Scholarship Council.


Means Chinese Government Scholarship.

How can I get a full scholarship in China?

Chinese Government funded scholarships through CSC & CGS for international students.

How much does it cost to live in Beijing for students?

Living expenses may vary from 2500-3000 RMB per month.

Is education in China cheap?

According to reports students are attracted to study in China because of the cheap fees.

What is the average salary of a Tsinghua graduate?

The average salary is mostly $192k per year.

Can international students work in Beijing?

Yes, but not more than 8 hours per week and not 40 hours per month.

Is it easy to get a job in China after graduation?

After graduation, they can apply for a job visa, for a minimum of 2 years of job experience.

How can I apply for CGS?

Through CGS website

Is Tsinghua University public or private?

It is a public institution.

How many international students are at Tsinghua?

Near about more than 3400 international students in 2021.

What are the eligibilities for Tuition Scholarships?

Read carefully scholarship instructions or visit a website.


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