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Zhang Zedong founded the Wuhan University in 1893 was the Governor of Hanan and Hubei provinces in the late Qing dynasty and belongs to the Zhiqiang Institute of Traditional Chinese.


In 1928, the name of National Wuhan University changed several times before and was the first group in modern China.

Some believe that Its history goes back to 1913 when the college named National Wuchang Higher Normal College was founded and others believe that it was established early after the combination of the Institute of Chemical and the Institute of Minerals.

Ziqiang Institute provided four courses Mathematics, Business, Chinese, and Nature Later courses were enlarged with Engineering and Nature Science added and Chinese was extended to English, German, Russian, Japanese, and French.

Ziqiang Institute moved to Dongchang Kou, Wuchang, and its name changed to Foreign Languages Institute teaching History, Law, Geography, Communication, and Mathematics, This institute's running stopped due to a lack of funding.

Faculties were extended to Education Philosophy, English, Physics, Chemicals, Mathematics and Chinese, Biology, Geography Sociology, and History in 1922. The name of the School again changed to the National Wuchang Normal University in 1923 and National Wuchang University in 1924.

State Council of the People’s Republic of China approved the establishment of Wuhan University with the merger of the former old institution.

Historical Names

  • 1893 Ziqiang Institute
  • 1902 Fanguan Institute
  • 1923 National Wuchang Superior Normal College
  • 1923 National Euchang Normal University
  • 1924 National Wuchang University
  • 1926 National Wuchang Zhingshan University
  • 1928 National Wuhan University
  • 1949 Wuhan University (Original)
  • 2000 Wuhan University (New)


The student body of Wuhan University in 2018, with 19700 master’s degrees and 29400 undergraduate candidates full time, 2500 international students, and 7100 Ph.D. candidates.

Rankings and Reputation

According to the Academic Ranking of World Universities, the THEWUR, CWUR, and the U.S. News and World Report, Wuhan University ranked in the top 200 universities.

  • Ranking in China 9th
  • Ranking in Asia 25th
  • Ranking in World 157th


The Nature Index in 2023 regarding scientific research of Wuhan University in Asia Pacific region No. 14th and in the world 33rd among the global universities. By CWTS Wuhan University's ranking is 22nd in the world and based on scientific publications is 45th.

Schools and Colleges

  • School of Art
  • College of Chinese Language and Literature
  • School of Philosophy
  • School of Chinese Classics
  • School of Law
  • Department of Sociology
  • College of Life Science
  • College of Education
  • School of Medicine
  • Medical Research Institute
  • School of Stomatology
  • School of Health Sciences


Wuhan University has rolling physical features with the beautiful East Lake and the scenic Loujia Hill. It’s a Campus with fragrant flowers everywhere, heavily green and wooded the whole year.

Every spring cherry blossom festival is held and the University is famous especially for its cherry blossom garden. Stylish buildings were designed by F.H. Kales.

F.H. Kales was educated at MIT and was a pioneer in blending Western architectural styles with traditional Chinese elements which is evident in his roof designs. The libraries of the University have a collection of approximately subscriptions to more than 10,000 Chinese and foreign periodicals and 5.4 million volumes.


Wuhan University has established cooperative relations with more than 300 research institutes and universities in over 40 regions and countries.

  • Wuhan University has established Duke Kunshan University in collaboration with Duke University and the city of Kunshan.
  • School of Information Management at Wuhan University signed a cooperation agreement with the Royal School of Library and Information Science in Denmark in 2009.

Art and Culture

  • Campus Supermarket of Cultural Activities
  • Luojia Golden Fall Art Festival
  • Luojia Golden Fall International Cultural Festival
  • Student’s Associations Cultural Festival


WHU has been a world-class institution providing higher education for over a century. The Office of Human Resources is the most important department of the University, managing and planning the future personnel staff recruitment and also offering HR services to all staff and faculty.

Our attributions include creating HR procedures and policies, including employment and recruitment, contract administration promotions, and appointments.

Fees Structure

  • Non-Degree: RMB 8500 to RMB 17000
  • Bachelor: RMB 20000 to RMB 40000/ year
  • Master: RMB 23000 to RMB 50000/ year
  • Doctoral: RMB 30000 to RMB 46000/ year
  • Application Fee: RMB 800
  • Living Expense: RMB 1600 to RMB 2050/ month

WHU’s Leadership

  • Zhang Pingwen, President
  • Song Baoliang, Vice President
  • Li Ziyuan, Vice President
  • Zhou Yezhong, Vice President
  • Tang Qizhu, Vice President
  • Huang Taiyan, Secretary of the Party Committee
  • Zhang Pingwen, Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee
  • CPC Committee of WHU, Executive Committee

Notable Alumni

At least 29 billionaires graduated from Wuhan University, putting it 9th nationally and third place in the South Central China region since 2017.

  • Shen Congwen, a Chinese writer
  • Li Long Lam, Hong Kong Archaeologist
  • Wen Yiduo, a Chinese scholar and poet
  • Su Xuelin, Chinese scholar and author
  • Chi Li, a contemporary Chinese writer
  • Xiaokai Yang, Chinese Australian economist
  • Li Da, a Chinese Marxist philosopher
  • Lei Jun, founder of Xiaomi Tech China’s largest technology companies
  • Karim Massimov, Prime Minister of Kazakhstan
  • Tiare Aguilera Hey, Rapa Nui politician


Administrators of the University had been part of a scandal involving corruption in 2009.


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FAQs (Frequently Ask Questions)

How can I get a scholarship at Wuhan University?

  1. Application Form for Chinese Government Scholarship
  2. Notarized highest diploma

Is Wuhan University a good university?

Wuhan University is considered the hardest among the Global universities and ranks at 150th.

What is the salary of Wuhan University?

The monthly salary of successful candidates will be between $ 16000 to $ 19000 and RMB 100000 to RMB 120000.

Is Wuhan University a public or private university?

Wuhan University is a top public university in China and according to QS World University ranking is 194th.

Which is the main university in China?

Here are the top class Global universities in China

  • Tsinghua University
  • Peking University
  • Shanghai Jiao Tong University
  • Zhejiang University
  • Fudan University
  • Wuhan University

What is Wuhan University known for?

Wuhan University is known for research in fields such as remote sensing, Library and Information Science, Social sciences, hydraulic engineering, and survey engineering and member of Double First Class University.

Why study in Wuhan?

Wuhan University is a center of scientific research and education with a research institute and four scientific and technological development parks.

Which degree is best in China?

Best popular degrees in China are business like marketing, finance, and accounting or IT like computer science, etc.

Is education free in China?

It is free for One to Six years old nationwide Nine year Grade 1 to grade 9 compulsory education policy in China.

Is Wuhan cheap to live in?

Yes, Wuhan is 92% less in Rent and 66% less expensive the New York, and the estimated costs are $ 544 for a single person.

What job is most in demand in China?

Most demanding and stable future jobs in China

  • Doctor
  • Finance
  • Language Trainer
  • Community Manager
  • Teachers
  • Occupation Planners

Is China cheap for students?

Graduate students pay $43000 to $60000 depending on the program.

Is it hard to study in China or Japan?

No, both countries have first-class and excellent famous universities, and Japan and China have also good education systems.

Why China is best for international students?

Many students choose to study in China due to the less expensive than in other countries and for better employment opportunities in many fields.

Who is eligible for the Chinese scholarship?

For a Doctoral degree have a master's degree under the age of 40 years and 45 years for general scholars programs and a master's or associate professor under the age of 50 years for senior scholar programs.


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