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Fudan University was founded in 1905 by Ma Xiangbo, SJ, who had resigned from Aurora University. During the Xinhai Revolution in 1911, closed down for one year when the Guangfu Army occupied as headquarters of the college.

A private university was named the Private Fudan University In 1917 and also had a university preparatory school and middle school.


In 1937, Fudan moved to the inland city of Chongqing Chinese capital at that time with Kuomintang after the Japanese Invasion of China. The National Government of the Republic of China held the first meeting of the 5th Conference of the Highest Executive Authority.

Voted to change Fudan University to a public university and Wu Nanxuan as its president. It moved back to Shanghai after the end of World War ll.

1949 to Present

The University lost its National appellation like other universities and became Fudan University, after the founding of the People’s Republic of China in 1949. It was reorganized as the first university by the government in 1952 and modeled on Soviet education.

In 1952, the original departments were changed other at least 10 departments, and also added parts of Aurora University merged into Fudan University. The University was converted to a modern, comprehensive university after the Cultural Revolution in 1970 and the University of Fudan and Shanghai Medical University merged in 2000.



Fudan University comprises 69 departments, 17 full-time schools, 22 disciplines, and 73 bachelor’s degrees authorized to 201 master’s degree programs, and confer Ph.D. degrees. 7 key social science research centers, 6 professional degrees 25 post-doctoral research stations, and 9 national basic science research and training institutes.

Fudan University enrolls over 45000 students including online education and there are 7000 international students. It has a high-level researchers and research faculty of over 2600 teachers, 47 academicians, 1350 associate professors, and professors. The University has many affiliated hospitals such as Huashan Hospital, integrating medical service, research, and medical education.


Former the Reading room of WuWu 1918, Now in 1922 converted into the Fudan University Library. Now it comprises the Liberal Arts Library, the Medical, and the Science Library, with a total floor of 29001 square meters.

The Library’s collection was composed of more than 44600 million articles and copies, including books, bound volumes of newspapers, audio-visual recordings, and journals. The Fudan University Library is divided into the Central Stacks for Foreign Books, and the Documentation and Information Center for Liberal Arts.

Ranking and Reputation

General Rankings

Fudan University's world ranking is to be counted in the top Hundred universities, Five in China. The top ten in Asia according to some of the widely read university rankings in the world.

In 2005, Fudan University 3rd position in China by the THE and QS World University Rankings. Fudan University, by the World Reputation Rankings, is regarded as one of the most reputable Chinese universities where it ranked seventh in Asia and 39th globally.

Subject Area Rankings

Broad Subject Areas of QS World University Rankings 2023:

Broad Subject and Management World Rank
Social Sciences and Management 53
Life Sciences and Medicine 85
Arts and Humanities 80
Engineering and Technology 93

Subject ranking 2023 by THE:

Subject World rank
Social Sciences 25
Life Sciences 42
Arts and Humanities 101
Engineering and Technology 51


Popularity and Selectivity

The undergraduate program is extremely selective by Fudan University. In China, for the last 20 years, Fudan University has been placed consistently among the 3 most selective universities.

Fudan University is one of four universities whose undergraduate programs are the hardest programs for students to get in of National College Entrance Examination.

Graduate Program

Both the Graduate School of Shanghai Medical University and Fudan University were established in 1985 and 1984. The structure of graduate education is formed with disciplines in law, sciences, humanities, medicine, engineering, and management.

International Students

Fudan University was one of the first institutions in China that started enrolling international students in 1950 and since then, Fudan University trained and accepted students from hundreds of countries around the World.

Fudan University Fees Structure

Tuition Fee (Approx) 75000 RMB/Year.


The main campus of Fudan University is the Handan campus located in the Yangpu district and it contains the majority of the departments and schools, This campus is living for fresh undergraduates. Fenglin campus was formerly known as Shanghai Medical University now Fudan University Shanghai Medical University is located in the Xuhui district due to a construction project on campus.

This moved to the old campus and came back in 2017. Handan and Fenglin campuses are reserved for international students as living dormitories for either degree or non-degree programs.

Student Associations

The following four categories of student associations at Fudan University are Practical Societies, Physical Culture Societies, Academic Societies, and Artistic Societies.

Notable Alumni

Fudan University is second to Tsinghua University and Peking University and has a total of 95 academician alumni since 1952 in China. Notable alumni of Fudan University include Yan Fu, Chu Coching, Yu Youren and wang Huning.


Funding is a first-class university identified by the Ministry of Education of China and also a member of the C9 League and a member of the consortium of Academic Stewards for The Scholarship.

A joint platform for education and research in 1995 the Nordic Centre in Shanghai was established by Fudan University with fourteen universities from Finland, Denmark, Sweden, and Norway.


The first campus of FU will be open outside of China in Budapest in 2024. The agreement made by the Hungarian government and 450 billion as a loan would be paid by the state.

Mainly construction would be done by Chinese companies, politicians and education professionals denounced the investment, national security concerns, and higher education.


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FAQs (People Ask Questions)

Does the University teach in English?

The university has started teaching degree programs in English to students around the world.

Does the University accept international students?

It has 7000 international students in every year from all over the countries for study.

Is studying in China expensive?

You can find many programs without tuition fees and the average tuition fee is 2500 to 10,000 in Chinese universities.

Which study is best in China?

Best courses for international students to study in China?

  • Medicine
  • Law
  • Petroleum Engineering
  • MBBS
  • Architecture

How much are Fudan University fees?

Tuition fees are different for local and international students for a minimum local $25000 and for foreigners 1600.

Does Fudan have an application fee?

The application fee for a degree program is 800 RMB and 400 RMB is for degree programs.

What is the top exam in China?

The National College Entrance Examination for Higher Education Exam is commonly known as the Gaokao.

Is it better to study in Japan or China?

The decision to study depends on personal circumstances and individual preferences in both countries Japan and China.

Why study at FU?

The University is counted top four strongest universities in China.

How long is the MBBS course at Fudan University?

MBBS program period is 6 years and taught in English.

How to apply for a scholarship?

You can online apply for a CSC Scholarship and the second way is to study the program at Fudan University.

Where do most Chinese study?

Most Chinese prefer to study in the United States.


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