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Runshaw College

About Runshaw College

Runshaw College is a further education college located in Leyland, Lancashire, England. It offers a wide range of academic and vocational courses for students aged 16 and above. Here is an overview of Runshaw College:

Courses and Programs

Runshaw College provides a variety of educational pathways, including A-levels, vocational courses, apprenticeships, and adult learning programs. A-levels are two-year courses that prepare students for university education, while vocational courses focus on practical skills and job-specific training.


Runshaw College offers a comprehensive selection of A-level subjects across various disciplines, including sciences, humanities, languages, and arts.

Vocational Courses

The college offers vocational courses in areas such as business, health and social care, engineering, performing arts, sports science, and more. These courses are designed to prepare students for specific careers or further study in their chosen fields.


Runshaw College has modern facilities, including classrooms, laboratories, workshops, studios, and specialized spaces for various subjects. These facilities support both academic and practical learning.

Student Support

The college provides academic support services to help students excel in their studies. This may include study skills workshops, tutoring, and guidance for university applications.

Extracurricular Activities

Runshaw College may offer extracurricular activities, clubs, and societies to enhance student’s overall college experience and provide opportunities for social interaction and personal development.

University Progression

The college focuses on preparing students for higher education, and staff members often assist students with university applications, including support with personal statements and interview preparation.


Runshaw College may offer apprenticeship programs in collaboration with local employers, allowing students to combine work experience with vocational training.

Adult Learning

In addition to courses for school leavers, Runshaw College might offer adult learning opportunities, such as part-time courses and professional development programs.


Runshaw College’s main campus is situated in Leyland, Lancashire. The location provides access to both urban and rural environments, offering students a mix of cultural and recreational opportunities.

Runshaw College Data

Total Students:#8,000
Total Faculty Staff:#1984
Number of International Students:#1974
Official Website:
Contact:#01772 642040
Address: Runshaw College Langdale Road Leyland Lancashire PR25 3DQ. 

Popular Major At Runshaw College

A-level Subjects:

  • Mathematics
  • Biology
  • Chemistry
  • Physics
  • English Literature
  • Psychology
  • History
  • Geography
  • Modern Languages (e.g., French, Spanish, German)
  • Business Studies

Vocational Courses:

  • Health and Social Care
  • Business and Management
  • Engineering
  • Performing Arts
  • Sports Science
  • Early Childhood Studies
  • Media Studies

Runshaw College Ranking

Runshaw College Ranking: #5

Campus Life

Academic Focus

Campus life at Runshaw College would revolve around academic pursuits. Students would attend classes, engage in discussions, and participate in various learning activities related to their chosen courses.

Course Selection

Students at Runshaw College can choose from a variety of A-level subjects and vocational courses. The college provides options for students with diverse academic interests and career aspirations.

Class Structure

Class sizes are typically smaller at colleges like Runshaw, allowing for more personalized interactions between students and teachers. This fosters a conducive learning environment.

Student Support

The college would likely offer academic support services such as study skills workshops, tutoring, and resources to help students succeed in their studies.

Extracurricular Activities

While academics are the primary focus, Runshaw College might provide opportunities for students to engage in extracurricular activities, clubs, or societies. These activities can help students build friendships, develop skills, and explore interests outside of their studies.

University Preparation

Runshaw aims to prepare students for university admissions. This could involve guidance on selecting courses, writing effective personal statements, and preparing for university interviews.


The college likely has modern facilities, including classrooms, laboratories, libraries, computer labs, and potentially specialized spaces for subjects like performing arts or sports.

Social Interaction

It offers various spaces where students can socialize and interact. Common areas, study spaces, and campus events facilitate connections among students.

Community Engagement

The college may encourage students to engage with the local community through volunteer work, internships, or other outreach initiatives.

Student Leadership

Students might have opportunities to take on leadership roles in student organizations, clubs, or events.

Support Services

Runshaw College may offer counseling services, career guidance, and other forms of support to help students navigate their educational and personal journeys.

FAQS (Runshaw College)

How do I apply to Runshaw College?

Runshaw College’s application process may vary, but generally, you can apply online through their official website. Application deadlines and requirements may also be available on the website.

What courses does Runshaw College offer?

This college offers a variety of A-level subjects and vocational courses. The specific list of courses offered can usually be found on their website.

How do I choose my courses?

During the application process or orientation, you will likely receive guidance on selecting courses based on your interests, career goals, and academic strengths.

What is the campus like at Runshaw College?

Runshaw College’s campus includes classrooms, laboratories, libraries, and other facilities to support learning. You can visit the college’s website or attend an open day to get a better sense of the campus environment.

Is there student accommodation available?

Colleges often don’t provide on-campus accommodation like universities do.

Are there any scholarships or financial aid options?

Runshaw College may have information about scholarships, bursaries, or financial aid programs that can help support your studies.

How can I get involved in extracurricular activities?

You might find opportunities to join clubs, and societies, or participate in events and activities organized by student groups.

How can I access academic support if needed?

Runshaw college likely provides academic support services, such as tutoring, study skills workshops, and resources to help you succeed in your studies.

How does Runshaw College prepare students for university?

The college may offer guidance on university applications, including assistance with writing personal statements and preparing for admissions interviews.

Can I visit the campus before making a decision?

Runshaw College might offer campus tours or open days that allow you to explore the facilities, meet staff, and learn more about the college.

Are there opportunities for work placements or internships?

Some courses at Runshaw might include work experience or industry placements to provide practical skills and insights.

How do I access library resources and technology?

You will likely receive information about accessing the library, computer labs, and other resources available to students.

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