The Key to a Successful Digital Transition


Our conduct has undergone profound alterations as a result of technological advancements. As a society, we are growing more and more interdependent and savvy. We have come to anticipate instantaneous replies, customized offerings, and even speculative customization.

Companies are under constant pressure to keep up with the market and improve the customer experience by adopting new technology as quickly as possible. Competition comes not just from their old jetties, but also from a slew of next generation competitors that seek to shape their strategies around cutting edge technology, thanks to the convergence of technologies.

Digital transformation, it seems, is more about internal development for the efficiency of operations and activities, the automation of processes, and, eventually, cost savings, despite the external motive for change. While infrastructure upgrades are one kind of transformation tool, the correct solutions may also play a critical part in ensuring a seamless transition.

“Digital transformation drives data driven knowledge, encourages collaborations, delivers a better customer experience and improves organizational agility,” said Dr. Dayang Hanani Abang Ibrahim, deputy digital director of Center of Technical Excellence (CENTEXS).

When it comes to cloud computing, SAP was an early adopter

The cloud service offers a solid backbone for companies making the transition to digital operations. SAP, the market leader in business software, has been at the forefront of digital transformation from the very beginning. However, the company has also made a symbolic shift by migrating its well known programs to the cloud.

“Innovate and transform in the midst of the COVID-19 downturn, and emerge stronger as a smart business,” said Khor Chern Chuen, COO of SAP Southeast Asia.

The key to a successful digital transition is a strong collaboration with technology

In a nutshell, Huawei’s SAP HANA solutions use the SAP HANA platform in conjunction with Huawei’s cutting edge hardware and software acceleration technologies to provide accurate, timely information. also, get a better understanding of the working environment in the corporate world. commerce, commerce, commerce. Production, machine generated data, and event flow can all be analyzed in real time, allowing for access anytime, anywhere, and on any device.

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The cloud has become an integral part of many multinational corporations’ strategies. Many sectors are taking the lead in digital transformation by partnering directly with ICT providers like Huawei while solution providers like SAP investigate new avenues for doing so.

Sunway Group, a Malaysian conglomerate, is a good example of a successful imitator. HUAWEI CLOUD offers a stage service and a container service. Facilitates cloud based automated application orchestration and resource management, boosting cloud resource consumption and efficiency.

In Kevin Khoo’s words, Sunway’s Chief Information Officer, “the cloud is at the heart of our strategy at Sunway, and we hope Huawei will help us take this strategy to the next level.” Huawei Cloud solutions have helped the company increase its efficiency by 30%. As a result of digital transformation, businesses may shorten the time it takes to provide services from days to only minutes.

The CDSG conglomerate in Myanmar agrees that cloud computing is the future of business

When it comes to digital innovation, Asia Pacific is at the forefront of the world. While the shift to digital is happening all throughout the world, it’s clear that Asia is leading the way. Business models, value chains, and consumer communication are all being rethought with the aid of cloud and AI technology.

HUAWEI CLOUD is dedicated to offering the finest services possible to its customers and partners by enlisting the help of local employees located all around the world. Additionally, it establishes a reliable ecosystem with collaborators for mutual achievement. There are currently over 3 million developers and businesses reaping the benefits of the ecosystem’s more than 10,000 consulting partners and 2,000 technology partners.

Given the present economic environment and global uncertainties, it is crucial for businesses to invest their limited resources in adaptable platforms like Cloud Comrade, one of the ecosystem partners.

“Together, HUAWEI CLOUD and Cloud Comrade deliver predictable IT outcomes in an otherwise unpredictable business environment,” Andy Waroma, cofounder of the APAC region’s cloud service provider, made this point clear.

HUAWEI CLOUD and other innovations would continue. It now offers over 190 industry specific solutions and collaborates closely with its technology partners to investigate new avenues for innovation and profit. In a dynamic technological environment.

HUAWEI CLOUD offers a wide variety of services to help businesses accelerate digital transformation and maintain relevance and competitiveness in the face of constant innovation.

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