Zokor | Facts, Diet, Habitat & Pictures

Zokor | Facts, Diet, Habitat & Pictures

Zokor Overview


The zokor is a small, burrowing rodent known for its subterranean lifestyle. It has a stout, cylindrical body adapted for digging, with short legs and powerful front claws. Their fur is typically brown or gray, providing camouflage in underground tunnels.

Zokors have a small head with tiny eyes and ears, as their subterranean existence doesn't require keen eyesight or hearing. They lack external tails, and their incisors are large, ideal for gnawing through roots and tubers.

Origins And Evolution

The zokor, a burrowing rodent, traces its origins to the evolutionary history of subterranean mammals. Over millions of years, these creatures adapted to life beneath the earth's surface. Zokors belong to the family Spalacidae, which includes other subterranean rodents and are particularly well-suited for tunneling through various soil types.

Their ancestors likely evolved these adaptations as a response to predation and environmental pressures. The evolution of strong claws, sturdy bodies, and specialized dentition for digging allowed them to thrive in underground environments, primarily in Asia.

Behavior and Lifestyle

Zokors are solitary and highly fossorial rodents, meaning they are well-adapted to a burrowing lifestyle. They spend the majority of their lives underground, creating complex tunnel systems that include nesting chambers and storage areas for food.

These rodents are herbivores, primarily feeding on plant roots and tubers, which they locate by digging. Zokors are known for their territorial behavior and tend to defend their burrow systems vigorously.

Zokor Scientific Classification

  • Kingdom: Animalia
  • Phylum: Chordata
  • Class: Mammalia
  • Order: Rodentia
  • Family: Spalacidae
  • Subfamily: Myospalacinae
  • Genus: Myospalax

Zokor Locations

  • China
  • Mongolia
  • Russia
  • Kazakhstan
  • parts of Central Asia

Fast Facts

  • Name: Zokor
  • Scientific Name: Myospalax spp.
  • Habitat: Subterranean Burrows
  • Diet: Herbivorous Digger
  • Physical Features: Stout Rodent
  • Nocturnal: Nighttime Excavator
  • Solitary: Tunnel Dweller
  • Unique Order: Rodentia Family
  • Lifespan: Several Years
  • Conservation Status: Not Evaluated
  • Fun Facts: Excellent Diggers

Physical Characteristics

  • Color: Brown Fur
  • Skin Type: Furry Coat
  • Top Speed: Burrower's Pace
  • Lifespan: Several Years
  • Weight: Stout Rodent
  • Length: Medium Size
  • Age of Sexual Maturity: Breeding Age
  • Age of Weaning: Maternal Care

Zokor FAQs

What is a zokor?

A zokor is a small, burrowing rodent native to Asia, known for its subterranean lifestyle.

Where are zokors found?

Zokors are primarily found in Asia, including regions of China, Mongolia, Russia, and Kazakhstan.

What do zokors eat?

Zokors are herbivores, feeding on plant roots and tubers, which they dig up using their powerful claws.

Are zokors solitary animals?

Yes, zokors are typically solitary, except during the breeding season when they may briefly interact.

Do zokors have any predators?

Predators of zokors may include birds of prey, snakes, and some larger mammals.

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