Chalmers University of Technology

Chalmers University of Technology

Chalmers University of Technology is a private institution of higher education in Gothenburg, Sweden. It was established in 1829. The Motto of this university in English is Advance. It is a research-intensive university. It is generally referred to as Chalmers. The nickname of this university is Chalmerists.

History of the Chalmers University of Technology

In 1829, this university was established by the endowment of William Chalmers who was a director of the Swedish East India Company. He donated part of his destiny to the foundation of an Industrial School. Until 1973, this university was run as a private institution when it became the 2nd State Owned Technical University.

In 1994, the government of Sweden modernized Chalmers into a private company possessed by a government-controlled foundation. This university is one of 3 universities in Sweden which are named after a person and the other two being are Karolinska Institute and Linnaeus University.

About Chalmers University of Technology

This university has a prominent International position in Education and research in Engineering for Sustainable Development. Constantly, it has been one of the most well-known and highest-rated universities in Sweden since 2012. Internationally, it is a highly reputable standard university for its excellence in Engineering Education and Research.

It is coordinating with the Graphene Flagship which is the biggest research European Union to bring graphene modernism out of the Lab and into Commercial Applications and leading the expansion of a Swedish Quantum Computer. At this university, anyone can learn to think independently and to meet future goals and challenges with the support of Engineering Methods.

Founder of the Chalmers University of Technology

William Chalmers is the founder of this university.

President of the Chalmers University of Technology

Martin Nilsson Jacobi has been the President and CEO of this university since September 2023. He is the 14th President of this university.

Students at Chalmers University of Technology

In the year 2022, this university enrolled almost 10,595 full-time students. It has 987 Active PhD Students.

Staff at Chalmers University of Technology

This university has almost 3,001 Staff Members, 615 Teachers, and 194 Professors.

Admission Requirements at Chalmers University of Technology

For Undergraduate Admissions:

  • Admission Portal: University Application Portal
  • Application Fees: 900 SEK

General Requirements:

  • Official Academic Transcripts
  • Knowledge of Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics
  • Swedish Proficiency Test Scores
  • Statement of Finances
  • Valid Passport
  • Resume
  • Letter of Motivation

For Graduate Admissions:

  • Admission Portal: Chalmers Application Portal
  • Application Fees: SEK 900

Supporting Documents:

  • Official Transcripts
  • English Proficiency Test Scores
  • Documents of Citizenship
  • Statement of Finances
  • Valid Passport
  • Letter of Recommendation
  • CV
  • Statement of Purpose
  • Portfolio
  • Work Experience (Optional)

Tuition Fees at Chalmers University of Technology

Courses Type

Tuition Fees

Programs at Bachelors Level

SEK 70,0000 per Semester
Programs at Master Level

SEK 140,000 to SEK 190,000 (Total)

Bachelors & Masters Programs in the field of Architecture

SEK 95,000 per Semester

Estimated Living Expenses

Monthly Expenses for Students in Gothenburg are approximately:

  • Accommodation: SEK 3500 to SEK 7000
  • Food: SEK 2500
  • Course Literature: 750 SEK
  • Telephone or Internet: SEK 400
  • Local Travel: SEK 815
  • Clothing Hobby or Leisure: SEK 1400
  • Insurance, Hygiene and others: SEK 1000
  • Total per Month: SEK 10,845 to SEK 13,145

Campuses at Chalmers

This university operates on the Johanneberg and Lindholmen campuses and at Onsala Space Observatory.

Johanneberg Campus

This is a city campus near the center of the city. The Johanneberg Science Park is situated to the South. This campus is surrounded by Green Areas to the West and South but it is also comparatively closely built with options for development in the eastern part of the area that can be executed in the longer term.

The campus is where the partnerships between Industry and the areas of Civil Engineering, Energy, and Materials are opened. You will find the Student Union Building, Main Library, Cafes, Laboratories, Lecture Theatres, Numerous Engineering Programs, and Student Accommodation on this campus.

Lindholmen Campus

It has an attractive location in one of the most open areas very close to the water and entrance to the Port of Gothenburg in the Gothenburg. At this campus, the activities are paying attention to Information and Communication Technology (ICT), Transport, Marine Education, and Marine Technology.

You will find Maritime Simulators of the Chalmers as like Bridge Simulator and engine Room Simulator used in Education and Research here. Also, it has an Information Center and a Small Union Building.

Onsala Space Observatory

It is the Swedish National Center for Radio Astronomy. It is situated in the pretty countryside of Rao which is almost 45km south of Gothenburg.

Several Radio Telescopes are operated there. This center gives researchers data to study Earth and the Rest of the Universe. Also, this center takes part in numerous International Projects.

Rankings of Chalmers


In 2024, this university ranks as # 129th by QS World University Rankings and # 189th by Times Higher Education World University Rankings. It was ranked as # 83rd QS Employability in 2022.

By Science & Engineering:

This university is ranked # 80th by Times Higher Education in Engineering in 2024. In 2022, it was ranked as # 80th by QS Engineering and Technology.

Programs at Chalmers

Master Programs:

  • Architecture
  • Automation & Mechatronics
  • Biotechnology & Chemical Engineering
  • Civil Engineering
  • Computer Engineering
  • Electrical Engineering
  • Industrial Engineering & Management
  • Physics, Mathematics, and Environment
  • Technology & Learning
  • Nordic Five Tech

Departments at Chalmers

This university is organized into 13 departments which are:

  • Department of Electrical Engineering
  • Department of Architecture & Civil Engineering
  • Department of Chemistry & Chemical Engineering
  • Department of Communication and Learning Science
  • Department of Computer Science & Engineering
  • Department of Industrial & Materials Science
  • Department of Mathematical Sciences
  • Department of Mechanics & Maritime Sciences
  • Department of Physics
  • Department of Micro-technology & Nanoscience
  • Department of Space, Earth, and Environment
  • Department of Technology Management and Economics
  • Department of Life Sciences

Research Infrastructure

The Research Infrastructure of this university involves everything from Advanced Real or Virtual Labs to a Large Database, Computer Capacity for large-scale Scale Calculations, and Research Facilities.

  • Chalmers Power Central
  • Chalmers Mass Spectrometry Infrastructure (CMSI)
  • Chalmers AI Research Center, CHAIR
  • Chalmers Materials Analysis Laboratory
  • HSB Living Lab
  • Nanofabrication Laboratory
  • Onsala Space Observatory
  • Chalmers Simulator Center
  • Chalmers Center for Computational Science and Engineering
  • Chemical Imaging Infrastructure
  • Facility for Computational Systems Biology
  • Revere
  • The National Laboratory in Terahertz Characterization


  • Total Revenue: SEK 4,258 Million (University Group)
  • Education Chalmers University of Technology AB: SEK 1,187 Million
  • Research or Doctoral Programs Chalmers University of Technology AB: SEK 2,967 Million


  • IDEA
  • EUA
  • Nordic Five Tech

Contact Us


Chalmersplatsen 4, Goteborg 412 96, Sweden

Phone No:

+46 31 772 10 00

Official Website:

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FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

What is the GPA requirement at this university?

At Chalmers, the minimum GPA requirement is 2.8.

What is the acceptance rate of this university?

The acceptance rate of this university is almost 85%.

What is the ranking of this university in Sweden?

In Sweden, Chalmers is ranked # 337th by Best Global Universities.

What are the core values at this university?

  • Openness
  • Inclusiveness
  • Diversity
  • Respect
  • Quality


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