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Daily meaning

Daily meaning refers to something that occurs, is done, or is used every day or regularly, typically related to routine activities.

History of the Word Daily

Ancient Roots

The word daily has its origins in Middle English, tracing back to the Old English word "dæglic" and the Proto-Germanic "daglīkaz." It has been in use for centuries to describe recurring actions or events that happen each day.

Middle English to Modern English

Over time, "dæglic" in Middle English transformed into daily in modern English. This transformation reflects the natural evolution of the language.

Everyday Usage

In contemporary English, daily is a commonly used term to denote things or actions that occur regularly daily, such as daily routine or daily tasks.

English (Daily As Adjective)


Daily originated from Middle English "dæglic," which came from Old English "dæglic" and Proto-Germanic "daglīkaz."


Pronounced: /ˈdeɪli/ (DAY-lee)

Forms of Daily

Part of Speech Form Example
Adjective Daily Reading is a daily habit.
Comparative More Daily Exercising is more daily now.
Superlative Most Daily This routine is the most daily.
Adverb Daily She exercises daily.
Noun Dailiness The dailiness of their routine.

Derived Terms

  • Daily life
  • Daily grind
  • Daily Schedule
  • Daily newspaper
  • Daily planner


  • Spanish: Diario
  • French: Quotidien
  • German: Täglich
  • Italian: Giornaliero
  • Portuguese: Diário
  • Chinese (Simplified): 每日 (Měi rì)
  • Japanese: 毎日 (Mainichi)
  • Hindi: दैनिक (Dainik)
  • Urdu: روزانہ (Rozana)
  • Russian: Ежедневный (Yezhednevnyy)


  • Every day
  • Routine
  • Regular
  • Day-to-day
  • Daily basis


  • Occasional
  • Infrequent
  • Sporadic
  • Irregular
  • Periodic

Examples Sentence

  • She has a daily exercise routine to stay healthy.
  • The newspaper publishes a daily edition with the latest news.
  • His daily commute to work takes about an hour.

FAQs (People May Also Ask)

What does daily mean in English?

Daily refers to something that occurs, is done, or is used every day or regularly, often related to routine activities.

Are there comparative and superlative forms of daily?

Yes, the comparative form is more daily, and the superlative form is most daily.

Can daily be used as a noun?

Yes, daily can also be used as a noun, referring to the state of being daily, known as dailiness.

What's the opposite of daily?

The opposite of daily is occasional, meaning something that happens infrequently or irregularly.

How is daily related to routine or regular?

Daily is often used to describe activities that are part of a routine or occur regularly. It is synonymous with "day-to-day."

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