Miserable – Definition, Meaning, Synonyms & Antonyms

Miserable – Definition, Meaning, Synonyms & Antonyms

Miserable meaning refers to extreme unhappiness, suffering, or discomfort; wretched, pitiable, or deeply unhappy.

History of the Word Miserable

Latin: Miserabilis (Late 15th century)

The word miserable has its origins in the Latin term "miserabilis," which means pitiable or wretched. Latin served as the foundation for many words in Old French and other Romance languages.

Old French: Miserable (Early 15th century)

The word evolved into Old French as miserable with a similar meaning of being deserving of pity or compassion. Old French was the Romance language spoken in France from the 9th century to the 14th century.

Middle English: Miserable (Late 15th century)

As Old French influenced Middle English, 'miserable' found its way into the English language with a similar sense of wretchedness or suffering.

Modern English: Miserable (17th century onwards)

The word continued to be used in its current form in Modern English, maintaining its core meaning of being in a state of unhappiness, discomfort, or distress.

English (Miserable As Adjective)


Miserable comes from the Latin "miserabilis," rooted in "miserari" (to pity or lament).


Pronounced: /ˈmɪzərəbl̩/.

Forms of Miserable

Adjective miserable
Comparative Degree  more miserable
Superlative Degree  most miserable
Adverb miserably
Noun misery

Derived Terms

  • Misery
  • Miserably
  • Miserableness
  • Miser
  • Miserliness
  • Miserabilist
  • Miserere
  • Miserarian


  • Spanish: miserable
  • French: misérable
  • German: elend
  • Italian: miserabile
  • Portuguese: miserável
  • Russian: жалкий (zhalkiy)
  • Chinese (Simplified): 可怜的 (kělián de)
  • Japanese: 惨めな (mijimena)
  • Miserable meaning in Hindi: दुखी (dukhi)
  • Urdu: مصیبت زدہ (musibat zada)


  • Wretched
  • Suffering
  • Unhappy
  • Pitiable
  • Dismal


  • Happy
  • Content
  • Joyful
  • Delighted
  • Pleased

Examples Sentences

  • She felt miserable after the loss.
  • Their living conditions were truly miserable.
  • The rainy, dreary day made her feel miserable.

FAQs (People May Also Ask)

What does miserable mean?

Miserable describes extreme unhappiness, suffering, or discomfort; it denotes wretchedness or deep unhappiness.

Can miserable be used as a noun?

Yes, misery is the noun form, referring to the state of suffering or extreme unhappiness.

What's the adverb form of miserable?

The adverb form is miserably, used to describe how something is done miserably.

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