Faded - Definition, Meaning, Synonyms & Antonyms

Faded - Definition, Meaning, Synonyms & Antonyms

Faded meaning refers to something that has lost its original color, brightness, or vitality, often due to age, wear, or exposure to the elements.

History of the Word Faded

Early Usage

The term faded has roots in Old English and Middle English. It evolved from words like fad, which meant to grow weaker or decline.

Development in Modern English

As English developed over centuries, "faded" became a common word in the English language. It is typically used to describe the loss of color or vibrancy in textiles, photographs, or memories.

Broad Usage

Faded extends to various contexts, including fashion, art, and emotions. It describes the diminished brilliance or intensity of something, whether it's a once-bright color, a popular trend, or a nostalgic memory.

English (Faded As Adjective)


Faded has its origins in Old English and Middle English, evolving to describe the diminishing or weakening of attributes.


Pronounced: /ˈfeɪdɪd/ (FAY-did).

Forms of Faded

Form Category Example
Fair Adjective A fair decision.
Fairer Comparative Degree This solution is fairer.
Fairest Superlative Degree It was the fairest outcome.
Fairly Adverb She played the game fairly.
Fairness Noun The fairness of the process.

Derived Terms

  • Fadedly
  • Fadedness
  • Unfaded
  • Fading
  • Fadeless
  • Fader


  • Spanish: Desvanecido
  • French: Fané
  • German: Verblichen
  • Italian: Sfumato
  • Portuguese: Desbotado
  • Chinese (Simplified): 褪色的 (Tuìsè de)
  • Japanese: 色あせた (Iroaseta)
  • Faded meaning in Hindi: पुराना (Purana)
  • Urdu: مردہ (Murda)
  • Russian: Исчез (Ischez)


  • Dimmed
  • Dull
  • Pale
  • Worn
  • Washed-out


  • Bright
  • Vibrant
  • Intense
  • Lively
  • Fresh

Examples Sentence

  • Her once-vivid artwork has faded with time.
  • The old photograph had a faded, nostalgic charm.
  • The trend's popularity faded quickly.

FAQs (People May Also Ask)

What does faded mean?

Faded describes something that has lost its original color, brightness, or vitality, typically due to age, wear, or exposure.

Can faded be used to describe emotions?

Yes, faded can be used metaphorically to describe emotions or memories that have lost their intensity over time.

What are some common items that can become faded?

Items that can become faded include clothing, photographs, paintings, fabrics, and colors affected by sunlight or time.

Is there a difference between faded and worn?

Yes, worn suggests physical use, while faded typically relates to a loss of color or brightness, often due to exposure.

How is faded used in fashion?

In fashion, faded can describe clothing that intentionally appears aged or has a vintage look, as well as colors that have softened or dimmed with wear.

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