Magnetized – Definition, Meaning, Synonyms & Antonyms

Magnetized – Definition, Meaning, Synonyms & Antonyms

Magnetized is the past tense of magnetize, meaning to make an object magnetic by aligning its atoms or domains in a magnetic field.

History of the Word Magnetized

Historical Usage

The understanding of magnetism and the process of magnetization dates back to antiquity. The Chinese were among the first to use lodestones for navigational purposes, and the knowledge of magnetic properties gradually spread to other cultures. Over time, people learned how to magnetize iron and other materials to create magnets for various applications.

Modern Usage

In contemporary usage, it describes the state of an object or material that has been exposed to a magnetic field, resulting in its alignment of magnetic domains. This process imparts magnetic properties to the object, allowing it to attract or repel other magnetic materials.

English (Magnetized As Adjective)


Magnetized derives from magnetize, which combines magnet with the suffix "-ize" to indicate the process of creating a magnet.


Pronounced: /ˈmæɡ.nə.taɪzd/.

Forms of Magnetized

Form Example
Noun Magnetization
Adjective Magnetized
Comparative Degree More magnetized
Superlative Degree Most magnetized
Adverb Magnetically

Derived Terms 

  • Magnetization
  • Demagnetize
  • Remagnetize
  • Magnetizer

Translations of Magnetized

  • Spanish: Magnetizado
  • French: Aimanté
  • German: Magnetisiert
  • Italian: Magnetizzato
  • Portuguese: Magnetizado
  • Russian: Намагниченный (Namagnichennyy)
  • Chinese (Simplified): 磁化的 (cí huà de)
  • Japanese: 磁化された (jika sa reta)
  • Magnetized meaning in Hindi: चुंबकीय (chumbakiya)
  • Urdu: مقناطیسی بنایا گیا (maqnatīsī banaaya gaya)


  • Magnetized
  • Magnetic
  • Attracted
  • Charged
  • Polarized


  • Demagnetized
  • Nonmagnetic
  • Repelled
  • Neutral
  • Uncharged

Examples Sentence

  • The metal was magnetized after exposure to a strong magnetic field
  • Magnetized particles in the tape store audio information
  • The compass needle pointed north because it was magnetized.

FAQs (People May Also Ask)

 What does magnetized mean?

Magnetized is the past tense of magnetize, referring to making an object magnetic by aligning its atomic domains in a magnetic field.

How is magnetization achieved?

You can achieve it by exposing a material to a magnetic field, causing its atomic domains to align and exhibit magnetic properties.

What are some common uses of magnetized materials?

They are used in compasses, electric motors, transformers, and data storage devices like magnetic tapes and hard drives.

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