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emory university

Emory University is a private university in Georgia. It was established in 1836. It was named in honor of John Emory. Its former name was Emory College. Its Motto in Latin is Cor Prudentis Possidebit Scientiam and in English is The wise heart seeks knowledge.

Emory Healthcare system is the most extensive healthcare system in Georgia. It contains 7 hospitals Emory University Hospital and Emory University Hospital Midtown are included. Emory University manages Winship Cancer Institute, Yerkes National Primate Research Center, and many vaccine research centers.

About Emory University

The International Association of National Public Health Institute is headquartered at CU. It is a high-level research university.  In 1995, it was selected as a member of the Association of American Universities which is an association of 65 research universities in Canada and the United States.

National Science Foundation ranked it as # 36 in one of the academic institutions for research and development expenses in the United States. Emory faculty and alumni have 2 Prime Ministers, 11 members of the United States Congress, the United States Speaker of the House, and the United States Supreme Court Justice.

In 2020, it had 32,594 total staff—149,000 alumni with 75 alumni clubs founded in 20 countries. Emory University offers 5 years degree program in Engineering with the cooperation of the Georgia Institute of Technology. The university library system has 3.9 million print and more than 83,000 electronic journals.

Emory University Libraries

  • Robert W. Woodruff Library
  • James S. Guy Chemistry Library
  • Pitts Theology Library
  • Rare Book Library

In 2012, Princeton Review ranked it as # 10 in one of the 10 colleges with the best libraries in the United States. In 1947, Emory contributed acres to the United States Department of Health and Human Services for CDC headquarters.  The federal agency granted almost $600 million, in the financial year of 2021.

Emory University is one of the four National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases institutions. In 2015, Emory and Georgia were granted $8.3 million by NIH to establish a National Exposure Assessment Laboratory.

It is located 38 miles east of the Emory Atlanta campus which is the house of Oxford College of Emory University. In 2021, Emory University enrolled a total of 15,846 students out of which 8,197 were undergraduate students and 7,649 were graduates and professional students.

The Emory Wheel is the student newspaper of Emory University. It not only teaches its students about books but also develops them mentally and physically. I like this university very much because of its system.


  • Bachelor
  • Master
  • PhD

University Information

The University is situated in Atlanta, United States. It has a total of 13,1536 students out of which 2,043 are international students.

Ranking and Rating

Emory University is the top university in the United States. It is ranked # 199 in the QS World University Rankings 2024.

Campus Location

Emory University is located on the Main Campus in Georgia, United States. Many people come here to visit and to get admission.

Students Enrolled

Year Total Number Of Students
2021 15,846
2022 15,909
2023 17,500


It has a total of 2,613 faculty members.

Fee Structure

Year Tuition Fee
2020-2021 $55,486
2021-2022 $56,897
2022-2023    $57,948

Students Hostels

  • Boys Hostels
  • Girls Hostels


  • Faculty of Commerce
  • Faculty of Science
  • Faculty of Arts


  • Reception
  • Place Decided
  • Book Issue
  • Author name for searching books
  • Study


  • Physics Laboratory
  • Chemistry Laboratory
  • Biochemistry Laboratory
  • Nursing Laboratory
  • Computer Laboratory


Dowman Dr 201, Atlanta, 30322 GA, United States.


+1 404-727-6123

Official Website

www. emory. edu

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FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

What GPA is required to get into Emory?

Emory required a GPA of at least 3.78.

What is Emory University best known for?

It is known for:

  • Liberal Arts College
  • Professional Schools
  • Healthcare Systems

Can I get into Emory with 1400 SAT scores?

Emory required its applicants to have SAT scores between 1420 and 1540.

Is Emory private or public?

Emory is a private university in the United States.

How much is Emory’s tuition per year?

In the academic year 2021-2022, Emory’s tuition fee is almost 55,468 USD.

What kind of students does Emory like?

It looks for hardworking, highly motivational, and ambitious students.

What are the top 3 majors at Emory University?

  • Business Administration and Management
  • Biological Sciences
  • Quantitative Economics

Which city is Emory in?

Emory is in Atlanta city.

How much is the Emory University application fee for international students?

Emory University’s application fee for international students is almost $75.

How many international students are at Emory?

The university has almost 2,164 international students.

What is the boy-to-girl ratio at Emory?

The gender distribution consists of 42% male students and 58% female students.

Does Emory University give scholarships to international students?

Yes, it gives merit-based scholarships to international students.

What is the IELTS code for Emory University?</h3>

The IELTS code for Emory University is 5187.

Where are most Emory students from?

Most of the students who live in the United States are from Georgia.

What is Emory’s acceptance rate?

In 2021, the acceptance rate of Emory University is 13.1%.

Can I get into Emory with a 3.2 GPA?

It might be challenging to get into Emory with a 3.2 GPA.

Is Emory expensive?

The total cost is almost $75,594.

How much scholarship does Emory give?

Emory gives a scholarship of annually $2,000 for four years.

What rank is Emory in the world?

It is ranked # 72 in the world.


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